Why Are Ariat Boots So Expensive? [Hidden Facts Revealed]

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Whether it is horse riding or hiking, Ariat boots are a great choice with their bold gaze.

But due to the high price tag, it is beyond the reach of common people, and the boots are considered a luxury lifestyle accessory. A pair of Ariat boots range from $180 – $600.


You must be wondering why these shoes are so expensive. Well, I’m gonna reveal the facts behind Ariat boots’ hefty price.

So, barring any delay, let’s deep dive.

Why Are Ariat Boots So Costly?

Authentic leather materials blended with innovative technology, sophisticated craftsmanship, proper fit, and attractive designs make the Ariat Boots so pricey. The exquisite quality, along with the time they take to create the boots play a vital role in this price factor.

They make varieties of working, hiking, and riding boots which are more expensive than traditional boots.

Though Ariat has a huge collection of footwear, clothing, bags, belts, and hats, it is most popular for its cowboy-style boots.


There exist several reasons for their high fare. Let me explain them one by one.

Here are the reasons of Ariat boots expensive price:

High-quality and durable materials

Rugged leather is the main ingredient of Ariat boots. Besides this, the manufacturers also make use of 100% full-grain leather, suede, mesh, vulcanized rubber, and neoprene to make the upper coating of the boots. The midsole is prepared with EVA or PU.

According to Ariat, their design director Hollin isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when sourcing the best possible raw materials for Ariat’s diverse collection of boots.

The brand focuses on developing more durable, lightweight, and breathable materials to make expensive boots. The breathable lining of the boots will deliver sufficient airflow to your leg.

Generally, the longevity of Ariat boots is surprising. Depending on the type of usage a pair lasts up to 5 to 10 years. Shoes that last so long will cost more, right?


The footwear production method includes innovative insole, midsole and outsole technologies, which improve the overall features of the Ariat boots.

Here’re the modern technologies Ariat uses:

  • ATS Max
  • ATS
  • HTS
  • 4LR
  • SpiderTEK

Insertion of the Advanced Torque Stability technology (ATS) in the latest boots offers impressive support and stability.

Boots with 4LR technology are highly padded and shock-absorbing. I am thankful to that padded insole for delivering heavenly comfort beneath my feet. And I guess once you put your feet into one of these boots, you’ll feel that too.


Signature design, elegant outlook with classic style – all appear in Ariat boots. You will notice the accurate blending of a classic western look with modern technology in the boots.

It has varieties of toe designs, including square, soft toes, carbon toes, and composite toe designs.


Although most people are addicted to the design of animal-printed boots personally, I don’t like them. Rather, I prefer the elegant Chelsea and cowboy boots with one solid color.


Ariat’s first attempt was to merge comfort and athletic footwear technology in their cavalry athletic boots.

Gradually, they assure comfort and padding with each boots in their collection. The shoes protect the user’s feet from below the knees to the toes.

Regarding comfort, most people ranked the Workhog boots from Ariat in the peak line. These boots feature superior support, comfort, and less fatigue from its ATS Max extra wide shaft. A 90° heel and easier U-turn entry are present in this particular footwear.


The talented shoemakers perform stitching, sole combining, lining, and overall finishing that make Ariat Boots praiseworthy.

To ensure excellent performance, many of the boots undergo almost 150 steps during fabrication. And that’s what makes the Ariat different from others.

Fit & Sizing

As Ariat runs true-to-size, purchasing a perfect size pair will allow the utmost comfort and smooth walking experience.

They will offer a snug fit and enough space for your toe. The area above the ankle to below the knee is perfectly fit.


The zippers or laces in some styles allow customizing the fit according to the user’s preferences.

Ariat also manufactures boots for wide feet. Just check the shoe’s width and buy the one which matches your feet’ size and width.

From the above points, you have already realized that though the price of Ariat boots is high, it is justified. Now let’s turn to the origin of Ariat boots.

Where Are Ariat Boots Made?

The US, Canada, Mexico, and China are the main producers of Ariat boots, but the boots are designed only in the United States. China and Mexico manufacture almost all of the boots except the Two24 version. The US is the main creator of this particular series.

However, the headquarters of this elite Ariat is located in California. The business planners chose China as the biggest manufacturer because of its low-cost labor, taxes, and availability of raw materials.


You must’ve noticed that the Chinese people are far ahead in technology and production in today’s world. It’s not a big deal for them to make top-class footwear.

China depends on machines to make the Ariat boots. Being made in China, the boots’ quality does not deteriorate at all.

But American boots are considered the best because of their handmade production.

What Are The Most Expensive Ariat Boots?

None of this company’s boots are cheap. But the two most expensive boots are Relentless Pro Western Boot and Relentless Winner’s Circle Western Boot. You have to spend $590 for each of them.

Both boots offer intense durability with a combination of rubber and DualPro leather soles. They deserve the highest rating in terms of luxury and support.

Let’s see why you should buy Relentless Pro Western or Winner’s Circle Western boots:

  • Hold leather lining along with Advanced Torque Stability Technology.
  • Pretty attractive and remains at the top of people’s choices. That’s why it stocks out quickly, and bootmakers have to restock it as soon as possible.
  • The materials of both boots are almost similar. They’re the Caiman gator belly foot with full-grain leather.
  • The boots have removable insoles, cross-hatch stitch layout, and shock-absorbent properties.
  • Both of those boots are absolutely gorgeous with great fit and grip.

Relentless Denton Western Boot is in the second position regarding exorbitant price.

This boot sells for $570. The features of this boot are nearly equivalent to the previous two. Only the design is different. For the youth and trend-loving people, it is a wow boot.

If you’re rich enough and want to fulfill your demand for the most expensive Ariat boots, you can simply go for any of these two.

Not only Ariat’s cowboy boots rather other branded cowboy boots are also pricey. To know in detail, check why are Cowboy Boots so expensive.

Can You Use Ariat Boots In the Rain?

Of course, you can use Ariat Boots in the rain. Ariat offers huge collections of waterproof boots. These boots won’t ruin in water, so you can also wear them in the snow apart from using in the rain.

Wexford Brogue, Harper boot, and Moresby Tall are the most popular waterproof boots. The waterproof pro construction of these boots makes them suitable to wear in wet environments.


Furthermore, the outsole Ariat boots are non-slip and provide a good grip.

You don’t have to fear slipping and getting injured in the wet, muddy and uneven terrain. But you must take care of the boots after returning home; otherwise, they will damage.

So, clean and dry the wet boots properly to keep them like new ones.

Wrapping Up!

In the end, I’ll just say that it makes sense to invest a bunch of money in a pair of Ariat boots.

You will get all the favorable features in the boots. So, it’s time to treat yourself to a pair of Ariat boots only if your pocket permits.

Let me know your thoughts regarding this brand by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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