Are Vans Waterproof? [Know If Vans are Good in Wet Season]

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Vans are such wonderful sneakers, and you wanna wear them everywhere throughout the years, right?

But are they suitable enough to serve you on every surface? Yes, I’m talking about the waterproof feature of Vans.


Read till the end to know whether Vans can cover the wet season and do any good on the watery surface.

Are Vans Waterproof?

No, Vans are not waterproof. Rubber, nylon, and vinyl are used to make waterproof shoes, whereas Van’s upper body is generally made with canvas/suede material. In fact, no Vans shoes are waterproof, except the MTE line.

Before going into the details, let me clear you the differences between waterproof and water-resistant.

You might think that both waterproof & water-resistant terms are the same, but they don’t. Water-resistant shoes protect water from getting in at a certain level, and waterproofing indicates full protection from water.

However, Vans are not waterproof, but for consumer demand and to make vans shoes more versatile, recently the company has started making Vans water resistant.

These shoes can’t protect your feet from heavy rainfall. For example. Water-resistant shoes are like water-resistant sunscreen; this type of sunscreen can deal with sweating, but after swimming, you must reapply sunscreen for protection. It works the same for water-resistant shoes.

However, you can try waterproof footwear like Cowboy boots. Also applying a few neat tricks you can make your vans waterproof too so read along to know the way.

Can You Wear Vans in The Rain?

You can wear Vans in the rain while your Vans’ upper is waterproofed properly. Or, if it’s drizzling and your shaded destination is close to you, you can consider them wearing. Vans shoes can give you that level of protection. And also, Vans are pretty non-slip shoes, so they can protect you from slipping as well.

The soles of Vans, however, are made with rubber, so you can walk on wet surfaces without destroying the base. But be aware of going out with Vans shoes in the heavy wet season. Even just avoid Vans’ water-resistant shoe models during stormy weather.

Which Vans Models are Waterproof?

Though Vans are not waterproof, the company came out with some water-resistant shoes, thinking for Vans lovers who desire wearing vans in all seasons.

Being a user for the last 7 years, I have tried their different lines and colors. Even I have worn them a couple of times in rainy and stormy weather. After the first time wearing vans on a rainy day, I realized that I have to make them waterproof for using it in the wet season. Later, vans understand our emotions and they decided to release water-resistant lines.

Vans MTE line is dedicated to those who don’t wanna skip wearing Vans even in heavy snow. This special skate line shoe is so cool that can be merged with any outfit and offers high protection to your feet.

SK8-HiMTE is a famous Vans MTE line shoe. The company created this high-top shoe with water-repellent materials with a touch of classic Vans.

They claimed that Vans SK8-HiMTE is an all-weather shoe. They use HydroGuard Wrap for proper moister management to provide warmth during winter so that you don’t need to worry about snow.


This HydroGuard Wrap is made with very breathable material that gives comfort. The material also lets fresh air circulate and prevents odor. And thus, Vans solved my biggest issue with stink.

Vans SK8-HiMTE linage is specially made for dipping your legs in snow. It has many color variations so that you can choose your preferred one.

For those who wanna enjoy wearing Vans all year, give this a shot.

How to Make Your Vans Waterproof?

Owning a Vans shoe, you might wonder if there’s any way to make your Vans waterproof. Well, officially, there’s none. But you can modify your sneakers slightly to turn them waterproof.

As Vans are made of different types of material, canvas, suede, and leather, I am providing waterproofing ideas for every one of them.

Here are the steps to make Vans waterproof:

Step 1: Clean Your Vans

Cleaning is the first step to waterproofing any shoe. Clean your sneakers with soap solution, and carefully rub them with a brush. Make sure that all specks of dirt are removed properly.

Step 2: Dry Them Out

After cleaning, let your shoes dry properly. The drying period depends on your surroundings’ humidity level or weather conditions. In normal weather (15-20 degree Celsius), shoes usually take 24 hours to dry out. But you can use a hair dryer to reduce the drying period.

[Note: Don’t use a hair dryer on suede vans, it may destroy your shoe quality.]

Step 3: Apply Waterproofer

Spraying Waterproofing spray on shoes is the final step of turning your Vans waterproof.

Put the shoe on a plain surface and use the waterproof spray all over the upper portion thoroughly.

There are so many waterproof sprays available in the market, but their material might destroy your canvas shoe. I use the Vans’ Water & Stain Shield spray, specially made for Vans shoes. Use it on shoes without worrying about ruining the canvas.

Note: Apply the waterproofing spray from a safe distance from the shoe (20 cm – 30 cm)

Follow the methods below to waterproof your suede and leather sneakers:

For suede, you have to ensure that your waterproofing spray is suede or leather friendly; otherwise, the spray will destroy the suede’s softness.

You might add one extra step for suede shoes after drying. Use a suede brush for restoring the softness, and then apply the spray.

Final dry – After using the waterproofing spray, let them dry for 24 hours. If you feel your shoe isn’t waterproof enough, you can reapply the spray. Make sure to give enough time to dry them again.

After completing all the steps, your shoe is ready to wear on a monsoon or snowy day. Depending on your usage, re-apply the spray after a few weeks or a month.

Anyway, if you own shoes other than Vans you still can manually make them non-slip. Read our guide on how to make shoes non-slip and apply them to enjoy the maximum out of a shoe!


Being a sneaker head, you must own at least a pair of Vans in your closet. Although they blend with any outfit very easily, the weather might be a big concern that prevents you from wearing them.

In this article, I have described how you can make your Vans waterproof. So buy any Vans, make it waterproof, style it with confidence, and get out to enjoy the weather.

For any further queries, leave a comment below.

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