Are Swedish Hasbeens Comfortable [Customers’ Feedback]

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Getting bored with wearing the same identical shoes for years and wanna try something new and classy, then Swedish Hasbeens are the name.

The combination of wooden base and leather upper make them Santa in your Christmas. But before investing, you want to know the comfort and feature they offer, right?

Well, in this article you’ll find the precise answer that I gathered from customers’ reviews and feedback. I also added some important facts that I discover in my Hasbeens.are-swedish-hasbeens-comfortable

Let’s begin!

Are Swedish Hasbeens Comfortable?

Swedish Hasbeens shoes are mainly manufactured with wood and leather. The wood is, however, different from other shoe insole items, yet they are comfortable and stable enough. Initially, you find them a little stiff and hard that want the extra effort to bend.

But ultimately you find your required comfort after the break-in period.

And that wooden clogs compliments you in every season, from chilly ice to hot summer days.

After wearing and comparing them with other shoes, I found them comfortable moderately. And discover 3 major feature that makes SH shoes enjoyable.

Here are 3 major features that make Hasbeens more pleasant & comfortable:

Stylish Looks

When a shoe is designed especially for women, then style becomes the main and staple feature in that pair.

Swedish Hasbeens are stylishly conforming to their innovative appearance. The wooden bottom sole creates a bold look, while the full-grained leather offers a fancy glance at a time.

The combination is like soft cone ice cream, where the soft leather gives you the ultimate cozy feel and the lug wooden sole gives you stability.

On top of that, it’s completely fine if you wish to jazz up your Hasbeens shoes without wearing socks.image-1

No-sock shoes provide a trendy eye-catchy look that is perfect for summer.

Conversely, it also creates a bold vintage look when you wear socks with your SH pair. The Swedish shoes are quite identical to mules, so you can wear socks with grace like mules.

Both looks are quite presentable and create different bold appearances for your desired occasions.

Anti-Slip Feature

The uncommon and exceptional material of Swedish H. is wood. And the lug sole provided in-build anti-slip features, whereas the synthetic sole has slippery tendencies.

That anti-slip feature makes the pair ideal for icy, slippery areas.image-2

Additionally, You can spritz some waterproof shoe spray before hitting the road on the snow. If you search, You can find some authentic waterproofing sprays in the mentioned content.

Easy to Maintain

The maintenance procedure for Swedish Hasbeens boots are quite easier than the other leather boots.

All you need is a sip of olive oil to condition them because the shoe leather is healthy and natural on its own. The brand never dyes its leather or any polish on its wooden bottom.

So, there is no need to take extra care of your S. Hasbeens.

Unfortunately, due to their natural hues, the color faded after ages, and you need to condition them with a proper waxing process.image-3Before preservation, you can apply the leather wax process on your new shoes to enlarge the natural hues. That process makes the leather upper last longer.

According to user feedback, these are the major 3 features that make them classy and comfy compared to others.

Yet they have some drawbacks, that they are not comfortable on the first day. They offer cozy feelings after the break-in period when the wood base mold with your feet properly.

Are Swedish Hasbeens True-To-Size?

When we discuss comfort, the most asked question is how the shoe fits with your feet. Conforming to Zappos customer reviews, most users find it to run narrower than their offered size.image-5

Hasbeens are mainly a European-based women’s brand, they follow EU size schemes. They only manufacture 7 (35-42) sizes and there are no half-size facilities.

I used to wear 6 US size but in Swedish Hasbeens the EU 37 size really fits well on my feet. And one of my friends wears SH 38 size which is 1 ½ size bigger than her actual size because she wears 6.5 with wide feet.

So, try to pick one size larger than your measured size. You should measure your shoe size properly by applying some easy steps. The below chart will help you find your desired size.

Swedish Hasbeens complete associated size chart


Do Swedish Hasbeens Stretch Out?

The Swedish clogs are quite stiff and narrower, even after 15 months of wearing they still offer a snug fit. It takes more time to stretch properly, and the time depends on how often you wear the pair. The wooden sole doesn’t tend to stretch out, and that also holds the leather back.

Furthermore, we all know that natural full-grain leathers need more time to become soft and stretch, after fully stretching they adjust your feet like a glove.

If you still feel stiff after wearing a couple of years and that stiffness feels uncomfortable, you can use the shoe stretcher for an easy break-in.

In one word, the Hasbeens pair stretch out, but that stretchy procedure is too much lengthy. We all know hard-earned things are more precious. So, don’t get mad, you will get the ultimate comfort.

Are Hasbens Worth The Money?

Swedish Hasbeens are one of the most paid shoes in my closet. My first pair of the brand is Swedish Hasbeens Husband clog, which officially charges $260. Luckily, I bought them spending 170 bucks, which is huge for me in my student life.image-6But their comfort and trendy looks took my heart away. And after half a decade last year, I bought Hasbeens Slip On Booties for $420 dollar.image-7

I agree they are quite pricey, but I can’t ignore the attractive look and the comfort they offer. I found Hasbeens worth every single penny for their top-notch feature and durability, including their different appearance.

So, if you have enough budget, buy an SH pair without any hesitation.

Look Before Heading Out

Swedish Hasbeens create a huge craze among fashionistas. But they become ideal shoes after finding they are comfortable.

I hope after reading this specific piece, now you know their other splendid feature along with the cozy feel. So, without any delay, grab your chosen pair.

Share with me, through the comment box, which model you pick and how they support you in your trendy lifestyle.

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