Are Feiyue Shoes Comfortable? Know Before Purchasing [2024]

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Feiyue – this Chinese word denotes Flying Forward. Likewise the name, Feiyue promotes the dual elevation of body & mind.

Comfort and style are the two key features of Feiyue that made them popular among the common people.


Being satisfied with the versatility and price tag, I bought a couple of footwear from Feiyue and wore them for years. And after spending such a long time on these shoes, I have the answer to the burning question, “Are Feiyue Shoes Comfortable?

So, if you want to know whether Feiyue shoes are really comfortable or how much comfy they are, read ahead till the end. I’m gonna show you the real picture!

So, let’s get started!

Are Feiyue Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, they provide sufficient comfort to the wearer. But while doing intense activities, you won’t get the utmost comfort in these shoes that premium running and advanced-level athletic shoes usually offer.

Here I’m gonna discuss the sole materials, upper, and fit in brief. Then, you’ll realize how comfy Feiyue shoes are.


In Feiyue, you will get polished and arch-supported soles and become a true fan of them.

Leather and suede made soles are common in these branded shoes.

Moreover, the manufacturers recently inserted developed and removable EVA in the insole. This foamy layer is quite supportive for the bottom of the feet.

You won’t have to face any embarrassing or irritating situations because the soles are odor-resistant, and the EVA material is highly durable.

The combination of breathable upper and smell-resistant soles made the shoes preferable among trainers, athletic persons and individuals whose feet often sweat.

You will get low and mid-top designs in the bucket of Feiyue.

Mid-top configurations are really effective for the safety of the heel and ankle area.

Additionally, the shoes are easy to clean and dry because of their removable insole.


The shoes will ensure adequate airflow with a breathable upper. Your feet will be wrapped with a smooth canvas or leather upper in those.

Whether it is leather or canvas in the upper, all of them are waterproof. And the upper is flexible enough to provide easy access to your feet.


Fit matters a lot to feel the shoe’s comfort level. Feiyue shoes will assure you of a snug fit.

Due to the flexibility of the upper fabric and the interior design, your feet will get an exact space. You can also make the fit more proper with the nylon laces.


If the shoes were too loose or tight, they would be unable to wear them in training or athletic activities.

Moreover, the inappropriate fit will act as a barrier to comfort.

Feiyue shoes, in that case, successfully fulfilled the fitting requirement to give you the utmost comfort!


Feiyue shoes are not hard to break in. You just have to invest a maximum of 1 week as a break-in period.

During this time, make a regular walk of around 30-45 minutes with these shoes. You can wear or skip socks at that time; it won’t make a big difference.

Considering the abovementioned features, you might have already realized whether Feiyus are comfy.

Now, it’s time to highlight the cases where Feiyue shoes are good.

So, continue reading.

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What Are Feiyue Shoes Good For?

Feiyue shoes are mostly famous for their comfort and versatility. They’re also effective for some specific training purposes.

You can wear them while weightlifting in the gym or running for a short time.

However, here are the phases where Feiyue shoes are suited:

  • Feiyue shoes are Good for Walking.

With the comfortable and responsive footbed, snug fit and gum rubber outsole, Feiyue are appropriate for short and long-duration walks. You can also use them in hiking without any doubt.

  • Provide Stability & Good for Traction

The rubber outsole of Feiyue provides good grip and traction on most surfaces. They will also prevent you from sudden slipping and assure maximum traction tread.

So, there is no need to worry about stability with Feiyue.

  • Snug Fitting Feiyue Shoes are Good for exercising.

If you’re conscious about health and participate in physical activities like jogging, skipping rope workouts, and casual cycling, Feiyue is a good choice. They are quite suitable for light physical exercises.

The Chinese people mainly used to wear these shoes for Kungfu.

You can also wear these shoes to the gym. However, it’s suitable only for simple workouts like rotational jacks, burpees, pullups, and flutter kicks.

Try to avoid wearing Feiyue shoes during heavy running and athletic workouts.

  • Good to wear for long hours

A large portion of people looks for shoes that can be worn all day long.

Feiyue is constructed in such a way that you can wear them for a long time.

They’re super reliable with the insertion of EVA materials.

If you have to stay long in your office, classes or shop, you can wear the footwear of Feiyue without any hesitation.

  • Feiyue Shoes are Good for Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis

Usually, a large number of people with flat feet condition wear Birkenstocks sandles.

But when it comes to the phase of choosing shoes or sneakers, they become confused because there are so many options available in the market.

Here comes Feiyue! Their structure is proper for people with flat feet. The forefoot, footbed, heel cup, and heel drop are well-suited for them.

Do you know what the main thing people with plantar fasciitis prefer in a shoe is?

It is the arch support, and you’ll definitely get this feature in Feiyue shoes. The overall configuration is quite useful in relieving the risk factors of plantar fasciitis.

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Do Feiyue Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Feiyue shoes are true to size. They don’t run big or small. The shoemakers tried to ensure a little space for the wearer’s toes, as the shoes are mostly used for training purposes.

I had the experience of wearing Ivory Feiyue LO 1920 and BRUCE LEE 1920 FE LO.  The reason for choosing these pairs is the elegant and unique look.

The latter features a woven tongue and a “Lee Little Dragon” embroidery patch on the rear quarter.

I was quite comfortable with the roomy space because I could wiggle my toes freely.

You can also wear them with socks. While with Feiyue, you don’t need to worry even a bit about having blisters and aches.

These shoes do not come in half sizes. You can settle for the next size without a doubt. If you wear 7.5, buy size 8. It’ll fit you just fine.

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Are Feiyue Barefoot Shoes?

Feiyue shoes are barefoot or minimalist shoes. It is also known as zero drop shoe, as the heel to toe maintains a similar height. Due to this structure, they gained immense popularity among the trainers.

You might have noticed the thickness of the sole. It’s so small that sometimes you might feel like you are barefoot!

However, do you know about the benefits of a barefoot shoe?

As the sole is thin, your feet will almost remain in touch with the hard surface.

Gradually, your feet will be stronger than earlier. The Kungfu trainees are focused on making their feet and body strong. That’s why they rely on barefoot shoes like Feiyue.

Though Feiyue is a minimalist shoe, it doesn’t lack padding.

Podiatrists often recommend these shoes because they can improve blood circulation and the overall state of the foot’s ligament.

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Are Feiyue Good For Running?

Being zero drop and moderately cushioned, Feiyue shoes are unsuitable for professional and long-duration running.

I’ve already provided the necessary info about these shoes’ sole, upper, materials and cushioning. So, you might already know why skipping them while running is better.


Moreover, you’ll get injuries and rashes if you wear them during frequent running.

Features like extra cushioning, a padded collar, a carbon plate for energy return, and a chunky midsole are necessary in a running shoe. But you’re not gonna get these advantages in Feiyue.

So, it’s unwise to depend on Feiyues for running.

Wrapping Up

Considering the price range and advantages, these shoes are quite good.

You have to spend only 25 to 45 dollars to get the footwear of Feiyue. They are perfect for a regular walk, going to the gym, and keeping up with the trend.

And my experience with Feiyues was excellent!

Do let me know about yours. And if you have any queries regarding footwear, leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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