Amalfi Leather Vs Oiled Leather Birkenstock [Facts Analyzed]

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Birkenstock always includes a variety of leather products to make their versatile strappy sandals.

But the toughest battle begins when you have to choose one leather slipper of Birkenstock between Amalfi & Oiled leather. Because both items offer top-notch features with splendid outlooks.


In this article, you will find all the differences and offerings of both types of leather that I personally perceived after using those Birks pairs.

So, let’s find out!

Comparison Between Oiled Leather and Amalfi Leather

Oiled leather and Amalfi leather both have their fan base because both of them have their own nature and feature. Now, I’ll describe the features that make them exceptional from others.

Let’s move out and know the offerings of Oiled and Amalfi leather Birkenstock:


Birkenstock Oiled leather offers a shiny outer surface that achieved by intense nourishing treatment. After this treatment, the leather becomes strong, and it contains 15% of oil content in every portion.

In contrast, Amalfi is a well-balanced fusion of waxes and oils. This semi-aniline leather offers an elegant heritage look with its natural attributes of the hide.

The wax coat not only preserves the leather but also reduces deformation chances.

Usually, Amalfi leather contains only 0.9 mm to 1.1 mm thickness, which is minimal compared to oiled leather. Because the general thickness of oiled leather is 2.8 mm to 3.2 mm. oiled-leather-thickness


Amalfi leather is the softest and most polished leather that I have ever used. In this leather you won’t find any visible scratches or texture, it feels butter smooth.

The matte finish evenly colored Amalfi leather offers a semi-formal look with an eye catchy appearance.

On the other hand, oiled leather is stiff and harsh in nature. But this leather is famous for its durability and robust feature. You will find some scratch-like texture on the oiled leather Birkenstock pair.

For these uneven characteristics, the original oiled leather is distinguishable from the other leather.


Though, every Birkenstock pairs are comparatively more expensive than the other slippers.

The starting price of oiled leather Birkenstock is $120 which is the average range of Birks slippers. But the maximum charging cost of oiled leather Birkenstock is approximately $240 and that is a huge amount.

Contrary, the Amalfi leather Birkenstock comes in a medium price range, that is $140 to $155. You will find all the Amalfi variety within this price range.


Because of the oily content in the oiled leather, they are less difficult to clean and maintain. The oily touches prevent water damage like stains, and squeaking. On top of that, Experts also found them as the easiest leather type that doesn’t ask for maintenance.

When you talk about Amalfi leather, they need more concern while you take care of them. The natural color of this leather can detract from the water. So, you should use more precautions when you clean your Amalfi leather sandals.


When we discuss comfort, Amalfi comes first in all the categories of Birkenstock.  Because you receive the ultimate comfort from the first use.

Amalfi’s sandals don’t ask for any specific time duration for break-in, they are like ready to go pair after unboxing them.

Conversely, oiled leather pairs require at least 2 to 3 weeks to break in and make your Birkenstock comfortable. After completing the break-in period, you will get the ultimate comfort.

Otherwise, your oiled leather Birkenstock can hurt your inner arch, which is the initial stage of severe injuries.

These are the main characteristics and nature-wise differences between both full-grain leathers, that I personally found in my pairs.

Pros & Cons of Amalfi Leather and Oiled Leather

Both oiled and Amalfi leather are in the top grain leather category that Birkenstock uses in their exclusive pairs. And both leather offer some outstanding features with some minimal drawbacks.

So, let’s check out the pros and cons of Amalfi and Oiled leather:

Oiled Leather

  • »Strong & Durable.
  • »Shiny appearance.
  • »Easy maintenance.
  • »Water-resistant.
  • »Sturdy & stiff.
  • »Need more time to break in.
  • »Little more pricey.

Amalfi Leather

  • »Shiny appearance.
  • »Best for a semi-formal outfit.
  • »Affordable price range.
  • »Comfortable from the first use.
  • »Smooth & soft.
  • »Need more time for cleaning.
  • »Never offer any water-resistant feature.

Which One Suits You Better?

Nature-wise, Oiled leather shoes are stronger and long-lasting compared to Amalfi. This thick leather offer an oily touch with a harsh leather texture. The unique texture provides a heritage look and easily blends with every outfit.

Moreover, the oily content makes this leather exclusive with a water-resistant feature, and you can clean them within a minute. oiled-birkenstock

So, if you want a robust pair, and budget doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and buy an oiled leather Birks pair without any hesitation.

However, Amalfi leather is famous for its shiny appearance, which offers a bold semi-formal look. The soft and smooth material provides the ultimate comfort from the very first day.

Additionally, this top-grain leather charges less amount compared to the oiled one. Personally, I adore my Amalfi Arizona most for its presentable outlook with an affordable budget. amalfi-birkenstock

So, if you are more concerned about the presentation than the durability, then grab an Amalfi leather Birkenstock pair before stock out.

Parting Thoughts

Both Oiled and Amalfi leather are comes with a unique appearance along with their top-notch quality features.

After reading this content, Now you have enough knowledge of Amalfi and oiled leather and their offerings. I hope you already choose your desired pair that fulfill your requirements generously.

Let me know, through the below box, which one you pick and how it works for you.

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