Allbirds vs Ultraboost [Honest Review Based On Years of Use]

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While searching for elite quality running shoes or a go-anywhere sneaker, you must have noticed Ultraboost and Allbirds in the list.


Though they’re not equally popular, yet comparable to each other due to sustainability, comfort, and other features. Owning both shoes for years, I’m aware of their advantages, shortcomings, and subtle differences.

Hence, I’m gonna differentiate these two so that you can easily pick one pair between Allbirds and Ultraboost.

Let’s jump into the details!

Allbirds Vs Ultraboost: 5 Major Differences

At your first look at Allbirds and Ultraboost, you will notice the most common disparity between them. And it’s nothing other than the design of individuals.

The premium athletic footwear has Adidas’ signature 3 stripes logo and bold appearance. On the contrary, Allbirds have a smooth textured simple design.

You cannot make the right decision about buying any shoe based on the design alone.

There are more things to consider which are discussed below:

1. Price

Generally, the best-selling footwear of both brands retails for almost identical bucks. But if you investigate the price range, you will get to know that Ultraboost is more pricey than its competitor.

The price range of Allbirds is limited between $40- $160. Whereas Ultraboost sells for 80$-$210, though, Adidas doesn’t cost much to make their shoes.

Do you have any idea why it claims more dollars? Is it just for Adidas’ immense popularity or any exclusive facility?

Well, all the queries will be answered in the subsequent sections with valid explanations.

2. Popularity 

When it comes to popularity, Ultraboost is multiple steps ahead. This famous style has a vast portion of clients across the local market and overseas because it

– belongs to the World’s second-largest sports apparel company.
– holds a good reputation for years.
– follows celebrity endorsement based marketing tactics.
– enriched with a favorable technology & range of variations.

In May 2015 American rapper Kanye West rocked the performance for the first time in a pair of Ultraboost Triple White.


Soon after that event, a sudden explosion in Adidas Ultraboost’s popularity took place and the business profit gets doubled.

You might be wondering how single celebrity wear can make a huge success. Actually, it’s not only associated with a renowned face but also with Ultraboost’s personalized features.

Allbirds started the journey in the footwear industry right after Ultraboost.

In 2016, two ex-New Zealand soccer player Tim Brown, and Joey Zwillinger launched Allbirds. They focused on simple design, sustainable materials, and excellent policies to promote their products.

According to the researched data, Allbirds spent around 0.5 million US dollars a month on marketing and public relations in 2016.


Along with this, Allbirds continuously uploaded their latest product photographs on Instagram, advertised on social media, and left no stone unturned to make their footwear familiar.

The outcome of this strategy was satisfying. Allbirds became a favorite choice among Hollywood icons such as Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Mila Kunis, and most importantly within worldwide consumers.

However, Allbirds could not reach close to Ultraboost in terms of popularity. And you shouldn’t expect something like this.

Because Ultraboost is one of the premium lines of Adidas’, which is rich in history and serving people for ages. Contrarily, Allbirds is a recent brand.

3. Comfort

To talk about comfort, we must focus on the materials and internal building of each shoe.

Allbirds have shock-absorbing cushioned soles for decent comfort. The insole, heel lining, and upper are made of Merino wool which brings about a comfy feel.

On my everyday go-to Tree Dasher Relay’s seamless one-piece upper, memory foam midsole and moderately padded heel collar lock provides super comfort.

This set is so lightweight that whenever I step on the street wearing it, I feel like I’m walking on clouds.


Now let’s see how it feels pairing up with Ultraboost. The textile and PRIMEKNIT upper of this shoe gives a sock-like fit. Adidas has taken comfort to the top level by inserting the light BOOST midsole in this particular style.

According to Adidas, BOOST technology includes five worth mentioning benefits, such as:

  • Energy Return.
  • Soft and responsive cushioning.
  • Suitable for any temperature (Sun, Rain, Wind, Snow).
  • Durability.
  • Flexibility.

Considering all of these positive sides, Ultraboost always remains among the first choices of passionate runners.

4. Performance

After testing Ultraboost and Allbirds for some specific tasks, I realized that Ultraboost is good for running. Compared to Allbirds, it is more eligible for short and long distances of heavy running.

And that’s because of the interior cushioning, lightweight nature, and most importantly linear energy-pushing BOOST midsole.

The Continental™ Rubber outsole delivers excellent traction during racing, regular walking, and traveling, no matter whether the surface is wet or dry.


Allbirds is also good for running, but not the best one like Adidas. First of all, I think its outlook is more casual, which is fine as streetwear or for long travels. But it doesn’t look like a professional running or training shoe.

Tree Dasher 2 is proclaimed to run thousands of miles with 90+ runners over a nine-month testing period. And I also perceived that they are running friendly, pretty arch supportive, and lateral supportive. But in comparison with Ultraboost racing wear, Allbirds is lagging behind.

Otherwise, both are equally worthy as casual wear or regular go-to sneakers.

5. Fit

Previously, I mentioned that Ultraboost offers a socklike snug fit, which is one of the main demands of runners. This type of fit helps to elevate the smooth running experience without causing any discomfort.

But people with wide feet are often dissatisfied with this sort of fit. They feel the narrowness and struggle with the unfit issue.

Half sizes shoes are available in Ultraboost. And it’s recommended to go for the adjacent bigger size if you’re in between sizes.

On the other hand, Merino woolen Allbirds seem tight at initial wear and I felt my invested money has gone in vain. But after a few weeks, the material stretched around a quarter inch. And I felt relieved immediately after obtaining the proper fit.

Pros & Cons of Ultraboost & Allbirds

Although Allbirds and Ultraboost are packed with plenty of user-friendly attributes, they have some downsides also. Let’s have a look at that stuff to divert your preference toward only one brand.

Adidas Ultraboost

  • »Super Comfortable.
  • »Lightweight & responsive.
  • »Numerous color options.
  • »Perfect for running.
  • »Outstanding traction.
  • »Snug fit.
  • »Durable.
  • »Breathable.
  • »Expensive.
  • »White pairs tend to turn yellow.


  • »Highly Cushioned & Contoured Footbed.
  • »Moderate Arch Support.
  • »Long Lasting.
  • »Affordable.
  • »Soothing colors look great with casual outfits.
  • »True to size.
  • »Standard choice for walking.
  • »Half sizes are unavailable.
  • »Slightly Unstable.

Which Should You Get Between Ultraboost & Allbirds?

Ultraboost is somewhat aggressive and more performance-oriented. I found them quite supportive in running mile after mile. During this time, the feathery-weighted energy booster was the most impressive part for me.

Its immense popularity, comfortable fit, and reliable functionalities inspire me to recommend the shoe for runners and trainers. So if you’re looking for high-performance shoes, go for Ultraboost without a second thought.

Contrarily, you can make a purchase from Allbirds for an amateur and short period of racing.

Also, it’s a great selection for exploring the city around you. I would definitely recommend this shoe for your daily morning walk, attending university class lectures, or any unofficial get-together.

Additionally, if you want you can get some affordable alternatives to Allbirds. which will definitely save you some bucks.


Is Allbirds Owned by Adidas?

No, Allbirds is not owned by Adidas. It has only made a collaboration with the world’s second sportswear company and introduced the ‘Adizero x Allbirds’ sneaker.

Are Allbirds Really Worth It?

Definitely, Allbirds are worth its price. Sustainable shoe materials and a lot of advantages come within reasonable bucks. So it is a great deal for sneaker enthusiasts.

Who is the Target Audience of Allbirds?

The main audience of Allbirds is young fashionistas worldwide, who wanna roam around styling with something exclusive.


You must have already found out which brand is better for you between Ultraboost and Allbirds. While one is more focused on performance and technology, the other is headed toward comfort and sustainability.

More thoughts on Ultraboost & Allbirds? Just leave them in the comments below.

Catch you later!

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