Allbirds Vs Nike [What’s the Difference Between These Shoes]

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Since childhood, Nike has been the only brand for me. But recently, I learned about an eco-friendly comfy shoe, Allbirds, and I am pretty into it.


While using these two shoes, I noticed they are different in outlook and features.

In this write-out, I will elaborate on the differences I have felt so far and the advantages of Nike and Allbirds.

So, tag along.

A Short Overview of Allbirds and Nike

Nike shoes are on the market because they have earned their place. Since 1964 till today, they have been on the bucket list of most sneakerheads.

Walking, hiking, skateboarding, or in my case, running, Nike has countless models. Nike Pegasus is my favorite pair for running. There is no doubt that Nike is one step ahead when it comes to using the latest technology.

With Nike, everyday running is easy and less stressful. I have been using Nike Pegasus 40 Premium for a year.

And I love the neutral support, responsiveness, and improved comfort in the sensitive foot areas and the arch support these pastel beauties provide.

In terms of comfort, Allbirds claim they are the comfiest of all. The most eye catchy fact about this new brand is using eco-friendly materials to make its running and casual shoes.


Allbirds manufacturers use Merino wool to make the uppers of their shoes, which is super breathable and flexible. They flex along with my every movement.

Moreover, sustainability made this brand so popular so quickly.

Differences Between Nike and Allbirds Shoes

Popular brands like Allbirds and Nike have their own morals and values. This is what makes them stand out. So, it’s evident; their shoes will differ in materials, comfort level, price, etc. And you must know each factor of difference to make an informed purchase.

Here are the differences between Nike and Allbirds shoes:


Materials are vital factors when it comes to Allbirds and Nike. Allbirds shoes are made from natural and sustainable materials. The key material is Merino wool.

These shoes are also made of recycled plastic bottles and eucalyptus tree fibers, ensuring you are comfortable in your shoes.

Because of the unusual ingredients, My Tree Runners are soft, cushiony, and breathable.


On the other hand, Nike shoes are also famous worldwide because of their top-quality materials, such as Flyknit, a lightweight upper material, bouncy rubber sole, react foam, leather, and Zoom Air.

All these make Nike sneakers wearable for any situation. I got my Pegasus 40 Premium for running, but I also wear them as a casual pair.


Nike shoes are known for the comfort they provide. They use breathable mesh fabric for their uppers and cushioning in the heel area, which gives stability and support.

Even if you have foot issues like heel disorder or Achilles tendonitis, Nike shoes are the ones you need.

You will find more underfoot cushioning in running shoes, reducing impacts when your feet hit the road. The combination of all these features makes Nike shoes super comfortable and responsive.

Moreover, buying running shoes with seven eyelets will be comfier than the six-eyelet Nike shoe models.

However, Allbirds shoes are not lagging in terms of comfort. But their comfy feels come from different materials. Let’s dig deeper.

Allbird’s midsole has memory foam which is so soft that you can wear them out of the box. They don’t need any break-in time. Also, the iconic Merino wool in the insoles gives a cloud-like feeling.

The eco-friendly outsole gives me proper support and traction while running.

Additionally, if you are into Allbirds and want to try on similar pairs, check out the alternative of Allbirds shoes to get a clear idea.


If you look closely, the difference in the design of Allbirds and Nike shoes will be more visible to you.

The manufacturers of Allbirds kept in mind sustainability and comfort while designing. That’s why these shoes, like my favorite Allbirds Tree Runners, are designed with Merino wool, castor bean oil, and recycled cardboard and bottles.

So, these shoes have a simple and classic outlook. Nothing too bold. Likewise my brother is a fan of the Men’s Superlight Trainers.


On the other hand, Nike shoes are designed to provide the best performance possible. The Nike shoe’s design is more sporty and traditional, with features like Zoom Air, React foam, and Flyknit.

But Nike shoes are narrow. So, if you have wide feet, your options are limited.

However, Nike also has a custom design option which is still not available in Allbirds. Just spend a few more bucks, and they will customize your preferable sneaker.

Popularity and Target Customers

Among sneaker lovers, athletes, and youngsters, the popularity of Nike shoes is skyrocketing. This brand targets all types of customers.

They have several models for men, women, kids, and babies in different categories, such as casual wear, running shoes, hiking shoes, and so on.

Nike’s open and transparent marketing makes them so hyped still today.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Allbirds is due to their sustainable and environment-friendly materials and the comfort they provide for long hours. Allbirds is all about making comfy shoes for those who are conscious of the environment and are eager to try new shoe styles.

Additionally, 51% of its customers are female, and the rest, 49%, are male. So it’s evident that Allbirds is more popular among ladies.


Nike shoes are expensive because of their high-quality materials, versatile use, and craftsmanship. But it doesn’t mean all the models are highly-priced. They also have budget-friendly pairs.

Nike shoes and sandals range from 220 dollars to 16 dollars. The price varies according to the design and feature.

On the contrary, Allbirds men’s and women’s shoes cost $100 to $154. So, you can clearly see that Nike is way more expensive than Allbirds sneakers.

Pros and Cons: Allbirds Vs Nike

International brands like Nike have various models designed for specific fields. These shoes focus on certain features.

Meanwhile, though Allbirds is a new brand, their shoes are also very qualityful and have many advantages. You need to know about these shoes ins and out to buy your ideal pair.

Let’s check out the pros and drawbacks of Allbirds and Nike shoes:


  • »Breathable.
  • »Moisture-wicking.
  • »Super comfortable.
  • »Temperature regulating.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Not waterproof.
  • »Half sizes are not available for every model.
  • »The toebox deflates.
  • »Not ideal for heavy workouts.
  • »Lack of sole thread.


  • »Versatile.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Proper arch support.
  • »High-quality materials.
  • »Long-lasting.
  • »Most popular shoes are less available.
  • »Comparatively high price range.
  • »Snug fitted.


Selecting a pair of shoes mainly depends on your needs. What type of service you are looking for changes your shoe preference.

If you want durable, long-lasting, and traditional sneakers with a lot of variety and designs, Nike is the perfect brand. And if you are eager, you can customize your color and designs.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a comfortable, environment-friendly, and stylish shoe, Allbirds shoes will be your best friend.

So, select one or buy one from each brand and wear them according to  your need. Either way, you are going to enjoy your shoes to the fullest.


Are Allbirds really worth it?

Yes, Allbirds shoes are worth it. According to the brand’s policy, you can try them for 30 days and change them if you are unsure, made these shoes more interesting.

Is Allbirds owned by Adidas?

No, Allbirds is not owned by Adidas, but since 2020 they have been in a partnership.

Why is Allbirds special?

Allbirds shoes are special because of their eco-friendly Merino wool, low-density foam, and extremely comfortable feeling added with simple and basic looks.

Final Words

Nike is one of the most popular shoe brands known among sneakerheads, models, and celebrities because of its inventions, traditional design, and technology.

Allbirds shoes are getting their limelight due to their environment-friendly material choice and comforting feel.

From this context, you have learned all the features that differentiate these two brands.

If you have additional questions, comment below.

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