Air Max 90 Vs 270 [Side By Side Comparison of Features]

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The Nike Air Max series is the most popular launch ever, and we have seen various models, such as Air Max 270 and 90. These are on the list of sneakerheads for their outstanding features and performance.


In this article, I will clarify where these two sneakers differ and what I have experienced so far.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Short Overview of Air Max 90 and 270

Between Air Max 90 and 270, the model 90 was launched first in 1990. It’s the remodeled version of Air Max 1.

This pair has a bold appearance with the iconic Air technology. Though Air Max 90 is an old model, people are still crazy because of its durability and comfort as a running shoe with its bold retro looks.


Meanwhile, Air Max 270 is a recent addition to the Air Max family. In 2018 this version hit the market. As a lifestyle shoe, this pair quickly became a hot cake.

The AM 270 is inspired by Air Max 180 and also features the sock liner of AM93 and a 270-degree cushion.


With the combination of those two popular models, the Air Max 270 became the ultimate all-day sneaker.

What Are the Differences Between Nike Air Max 270 and 90?

Regarding the Nike Air Max series, you will get the best quality shoes along with Nike’s latest technology. Though both AM 90 and 270 are comfortable, durable and come with many designs, they still vary from each other.

Here are the differences in features among Air Max 270 and 90:


The first notable difference between Air Max 270 and 90 is their materials. In both shoes, you will find something new and unique.

Air Max 90 shoes are made of:

  • Rubber waffle sole.
  • Patent and regular leather.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Full-length foam insoles.
  • Large Air Max units in the heel area.

On the other hand, AM 270 shoe is made with materials such as:

  • Multi-layered mesh upper.
  • Dual-density foam outsole.
  • Woven and synthetic fabric.
  • Stretchy interior.
  • Foam midsole.
  • Air-cushioned heels.

So, you clearly got the idea about the materials of these two AM shoes. Before investing in any model, make sure you know if Air Max shoes are non-slip.

Comfort Level

Another differentiating factor between the two shoes is comfort. As the materials of AM90 and AM270 are pretty different, it’s evident that they have their own comfort level.

Here, Air Max 270 wins the comfort game.

I own both these sneakers, and the mesh upper of my 270 shoes gives a relaxed feel. And with those air-cushioned heels, I am comfortable throughout the day.


However Air Max 90 is also a comfy pair, but this model is mainly designed for running and training. The structure is firm, which feels less comfy compared to AM 270.

If you plan to buy Nike Air Max for running, try on each pair and see which suits you better.


Now let’s talk about the durability. From my experience, Nike AM270 is pretty durable. I have been using them for two years, and they are still going strong.

Due to the mesh uppers, this sneaker bends as my feet move, and the firm Air units are holding up very well so far.

On the other hand, my friend says his Air Max 90 isn’t holding up that well. His pair is wearing off, and the Air pockets are popping too. But I still haven’t encountered any of these issues though I got mine before him.

So, it’s clear that the durability varies depending on how you use it.


Air Max 270 ranges from $160 to $99.7 for adults, where little kids’ shoes cost around $110, and big kids’ shoes cost $130.

Meanwhile, you will find that AM 90 sneakers are pretty pricy, and the price point varies from one design to another. For example, a pair of Adapt Auto Max costs 313. 97 dollars. Depending on the model, the price ranges from $313 to $107.

But the prices of big kids’ shoes are lower (around 100 dollars), and the kids’ section is below $100.

Another notable thing is not only Air Max 90 but most Air Max shoes are expensive, to begin with, due to their material and other latest technology.


Nike Air Max 270 sneakers fit true to size. I am a US 8.5, and the same shoe size fits me like a glove. And as I love sung fit, I had no other issues.

However, your feet’s size matters because my friend has wide feet, and he had to buy half size bigger pair than his actual size for a perfect fit.

Going half a size smaller will do the job if your feet are more petite.

Generally, the AM 90 shoes won’t give you any size-related issues, as these shoes have accurate sizing unless you have wide or tiny feet. The best solution is to try them on before your purchase practically.

Variety and Availability

When it comes to variety, Air Max 90 has more options (58 models) than AM270 (16 models). So, if you want to try different colors and designs, AM90 is your jam.

Moreover, you will find these shoes on Nike’s official website, including Amazon and other retailing sites, without any issues. They are available everywhere.

Air Max 90 Vs 270: Pros and Cons

Nike Air Max series shoes are popular mainly for their quality, materials, and versatility. Still, there are many advantages and disadvantages among the models.

Let’s find out the benefits and cons of AM 270 and 90:

Air Max 90

  • »Various colors.
  • »Many designs are available.
  • »True to size.
  • »Comfortable interior.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Not so suitable for wide feet.
  • »Less comfortable than AM 270.

Air Max 270

  • »Durable.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »True to size.
  • »Few available designs.
  • »Less color options.

Which Air Max Should You Get?

If you notice clearly, the Air Max 270 is very comfortable and lasts long. Another plus point for this pair is their reasonable price point.

The main drawback is that 270 doesn’t come in many varieties and colors.

On the other hand, Air Max 90 has more designs for you to choose from, and for running and other outgoing activities, these provide enough comfort.

The higher price is something you have to keep in mind before buying. As I have tried both, I lean towards AM 270, considering every feature.

If you want to invest in Air Max 90, check out whether it fits your criteria properly.


Are Air Max 270 comfortable?

Yes, AM 270 is super comfortable because of its lightweight design, large air cushion, and rubber outsoles.

Are Air Max 90 still in style?

Yes, Nike Air Max shoes are still in style, and customers love these classic-looking runners till today.

Are Air Max 270 true to size?

Air Max 270 shoes are true to size and fit perfectly. If you have wider feet, you must go half size up to achieve your accurate fit.

Parting Thoughts

Nike has ensured the best quality materials, technology, and performance throughout their Air Max series. And you will see that resemblance in Air Max 270 and 90 shoes.

If you are looking for an all in all pair, go for Air Max 270. And Air Max 90 is a perfect pair for outgoing activities like running.

These are all the detailed information about AM 90 and AM270, which will help you to select your ideal Nike shoe. For more queries, comment below.

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