Adidas Superstar vs Samba [Find the Ultimate Winner in 2024]

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Choosing between the iconic Adidas Superstar and Adidas Samba can be a tough decision.

Likewise, are you also torn between those two Adidas beasts?

Just stick with this article!


As someone who has spent years in the sneaker industry and has personally worn both styles extensively, I gained a thorough understanding of their comparable features through my varied experiences with them.

And, to help you find the better one, here, I’ll provide you with all the differences between Adidas Samba and Superstar.

Let’s get to it then!

A Brief History of Adidas Samba and Superstar

The Adidas Superstar was first introduced in 1969 as a basketball shoe, featuring the iconic rubber shell toe and three stripes branding.

The shoe gained popularity in the 1980s as a staple of hip-hop fashion and has since become a classic sneaker that transcends time and trends.

The Samba, on the other hand, was initially designed in 1950 as a soccer shoe. The shoe’s low profile and gum rubber outsole were perfect for indoor soccer, and it quickly became a favorite among soccer players.

However, just like the superstars, it also gained popularity outside the soccer field and became a casual shoe choice for many people, including celebrities like Bella Hadid.

How Do Adidas Superstar and Samba Compare?

Being the two most sought-after sports sneakers of Adidas, both Samba and Superstar, share some similarities in their features. However, there are noticeable differences in the materials used, design, price, and fitting of each model that set them apart from each other. how-do-adidas-superstar-and-samba-compare

So, let’s check out all the major differences between Adidas Superstar and Samba:

1. Material and Design

Despite being from the same mother company, Adidas Samba, and Superstar differ in their material and construction.

Adidas Superstar features a grain-leather upper with their signature rubber shell toe design.

While wearing this iconic pair, I found the leather only gets better with each wear. And with their shell-toe design, I could walk through crowds without the fear of getting stomped on. shell-toe

Conversely, Adidas Sambas feature a variety of materials for different styles. For example, they use Kangaroo leather for classic models and synthetic leather for vegan models.

Unlike the Superstars, the Samba features a distinctive toe cap made of suede, which makes up for its durability.

However, I found the Superstar’s leather upper a bit stiffer and less breathable than the Samba’s suede and leather combo.

2. Flexibility and Traction of Outsole

The Superstar’s outsole is made of a durable rubber material that provides excellent traction on different surfaces. I found their soles more flexible while playing basketball. Plus, with the flat sole and closed lacing system, Adidas Superstars are very good for skating.

Meanwhile, the Samba has a gum rubber outsole that is also durable and offers good grip but may not be as slip-resistant as the Superstars.

3. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, I’ll put Adidas Superstar before the Samba sneakers.

Although both shoes are designed with the same EVA insoles, yet they differ in their cushioning. The Superstar features Ortholite insoles with extra padding around the ankle and tongue. And its arch support is better than the Samba.

While wearing them, I found Sambas a bit heavier than my Superstar pair. Where the Superstar sneaker weighs only 6 oz, the Samba weighs 11 oz.

So if you prefer comfortable and lightweight sneakers for casual wear, go with the Adidas Superstar.

4. Size and Fit

Depending on the model, Adidas can run big, small, or true to size.

However, when it comes to the sizing of Adidas Superstar, it will fit perfectly to your true size. For me, they fit comfortably in my usual US size 11. And with the roomy fit, this pair also fits well to wide feet as well.

However, due to the narrow cut of the Sambas, they run a bit narrow. So for a perfect fit, you may need to size up with them. For me, going with the size 11.5 with Samba fit me perfectly.

Also, due to their narrow toe design, this sneaker won’t be a good choice if you have wide feet.

5. Durability

Both shoes are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. The Superstar’s genuine full-grain leather upper with a shell toe is particularly durable and can withstand frequent use. superstar

Meanwhile, the Sambas are comparatively less durable, although my pair of Sambas was in good condition for years.

However, they feature suede and synthetic leather uppers, which can show signs of wear and tear over time.

6. Price

Whether it’s Adidas Stan Smith or Superstar, or the Sambas, all Adidas shoes are quite expensive.

Typically, a pair of Superstars costs more than a pair of Sambas. You can buy Adidas Sambas in a price range of $50 to $120. But the overall price range for Superstar is $75 to $135.

So, if you are looking for a versatile Adidas sneaker at an affordable price, try going with the Samba.

7. Intend of Purpose

Lastly, the two Adidas sneakers differ in their purpose of design.

The iconic Samba shoes were designed for playing indoor soccer. But Adidas released their Superstar sneaker model specifically for playing basketball.

So, they come with features specifically required for better performance in their intended sport.

Overall, both shoes have their fair share of similarities and differences in features. But to know more about their offerings, consider reading about their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Samba and Superstar

No matter it’s Samba or Superstar, to find out the better one you must have a thorough knowledge of what benefits and limitations they have.

So, for a better understanding, let’s find out the pros and cons of these classic Adidas shoes.

Adidas Superstar

  • »Full grain leather upper.
  • »Very durable.
  • »Extremely lightweight.
  • »Provides a roomier fit.
  • »Suitable for wide feet.
  • »Good cushioning and arch support.
  • »Incredibly flexible outsole.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Don’t offer vegan versions.
  • »Minimalistic design.
  • »Less breathable.

Adidas Samba

  • »Versatile design.
  • »Affordable.
  • »Outsole offers good traction.
  • »Wide range of colors and styles.
  • »Offers vegan sneakers.
  • »Gives a narrow fit.
  • »Not suitable for wide feet.
  • »Less cushioning.
  • »Less durable.

Which One Should You Choose Between Adidas Samba and Superstar?

When it comes to picking one between the Superstar and Samba, I would say choose according to your taste.

If you want a durable leather sneaker with good cushioning and support, look no further than the Superstar. This is a great pair to wear on casual occasions. And with their cool designs, the shoes go well with any outfit.

However, if you are more into versatile yet affordable sports shoes, the Sambas might be a better choice for you. Some of their styles include signature crests of football clubs on their tongue.

So if you wanna show affection to your favorite FC with your sporty look, go with the stylish Sambas.

Bottom Line

Over the year, the classic designs and quality materials of Adidas shoes have remained consistent, making them timeless choices in the sneaker world. The Superstar and Sambas are no exception to that.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect one, hopefully, this article will help you till its end. So, without any hesitation, carefully choose your next statement Adidas pair.

For any more queries about casual sports shoes, leave a comment here!

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