Adidas Samba Vs Busenitz [In-Depth Feature Comparison 2024]

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A suitable pair of Adidas shoes can fulfill your all shoe cravings.

But the battle begins when you wanna choose one gear between Samba & Busenitz. Maybe you’re also stuck between these duos, right?


As a die-hard fan of Adidas, I used both shoes vigorously. In this writing piece, I’ll provide all the experienced facts with distinguishable variations of both Adidas.

Let’s dive in!

Overview Comparison Table of Samba & Busenitz

Before getting into the in-depth feature compassion of Adidas Busenitz & Samba, it’s obvious to know their backgrounds. This heritage and legacy will provide a complete overview of both beasts.

So, let’s know the comparison table between Samba & Busenitz:

ConcernAdidas SambaAdidas Busenitz
PurposeSpecially designed for Soccer.Known as a skate shoe.
Released YearInitially released in 1949.Start on August 2007.
LifetimeAlmost 75 years, and still is a sensation.Complete 15 years successfully.
CollaborationThis soccer pair was manufactured for the team Trefoil Roster.All-time skate player Dennis Busentiz.

Comparison Between Adidas Busenitz and Samba

Samba & Busenitz are the most popular lines of Adidas. And both shoes offer outstanding features, yet they carry different attributes. Because the samba is specially introduced as an indoor soccer shoe, while the Busenitz is famous for skateboarding.

Let’s take a look and know the variation of Samba & Busenitz:

1. Material

The timeless samba silhouette produces with a leather upper and suede lining. The smooth leather and suede combination offers a classic streetwear look that blends with every outfit.

However, Adidas also includes vegan shoes in the same line, and they manufacture their vegan shoes with synthetic leather.

If you talk about the Busenitz, they only use suede leather to make their iconic skate pair. The suede leather is stiff compared to smooth or synthetic leather. And the rigid material can easily handle your hectic skateboarding.

2. Insole

Adidas Samba comes with a cushioned footbed, along with the EVA insole. The EVA material offers the limitless bouncy feature that is crucial in the soccer game.

Besides, Busenitz also includes the same insole without the cushioned footbed. Because in skating, you don’t need that much bounciness, which is crucial in soccer.

3. Outsole

Adidas Busenitz incorporates Durable rubber for making their outsole. This outsole mainly works for grip and helps in boosting up speed.


Conversely, the Samba shoe outsole is manufactured with sturdy rubber material. And the stiff rubber conforms to traction at a time, offering a firm grip on the soccer field.

4. Price

Usually, Adidas follows a cost margin to make their shoes, for this reason, the pricing of their shoes doesn’t differ more. You also find a little pricing difference in both Busenitz and Samba pairs. Adidas samba charges $5 to $20 higher than the Busenitz.

  • Adidas Busenitz shoes ask for $85 to $100 per pair.
  • The Samba charges $90 to $120 per shoe.

Maximum shoes of these lines come within the mentioned price. Sometimes the price can differ only because of the retailer’s store.

5. Durability

If you want to buy a durable pair for your skating, Busenitz offers a remarkable lifetime. The durable rubber outsole and rugged suede upper of the Busenitz pair make them comfortably supportive.

Trust me; I never thought my Busenitz Pro Shoes will last for years.

Surprisingly, this shoe supports me for more than years without any massive maintenance.

Though the Busenitz comes with a good lifespan, it didn’t compete with the longevity that the Samba pair offer. You can easily use the top-grain leather upper-constructed shoes for years.

Moreover, the sturdy materials of Samba shoes make them durable after heavy use and practice.

6. Size & Fittings

Both Adidas shoes run true to size. But if you have wide feet, Samba is inappropriate for you. We all know football shoes tend to be narrow. It doesn’t mean you can not wear Samba pair, but try not to use them for long hours.

On the other hand, the Busenitz fits perfectly, when you have normal or narrow feet. If you have broad feet, buy half or one size up for perfect fitting.

As you know, both shoes offer narrow fittings, when you choose one pair from these duos for your wide feet, just pick half or one size up according to your desired fittings. Otherwise, it will offer blisters.

7. Weight & Performance

If you want a lightweight pair, then just go and pick the Samba. After using such sturdy materials, the shoes offer a feathery weight.

  • Adidas Samba contains only 6oz (0.23 kg) per shoe.
  • The Busenitz carries 14.8oz (0.56 kg) per shoe, which is more than double of the Samba shoe.


So, if you want heavy grip and traction, then you can blindly go with the Busenitz pair.

Performance-wise, both Samba & Busenitz are outstanding in their own place.

Adidas Busenitz offers stability, while the samba presents a bouncy feel. Both shoes snugly fit with your standard feet, and it’s mandatory to push up your performance. Plus, these features also decrease injury chances.

That’s all. These are the descriptive feature comparison that I feel in my pairs.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Samba and Busenitz

After knowing their feature, you already have an assumption of Samba & Busenitz. For a clear conception that will aid you in your decision-making situation, I will describe their advantages and drawbacks.

Let’s find out the Pros & Cons of Samba and Busenitz:

Adidas Samba

  • »Contains a very minimal weight.
  • »Full leather upper offer an elegant look.
  • »Unimaginable durability.
  • »Vegan options for nature-friendly people.
  • »Little higher price than the Busenitz pair.

Adidas Busenitz

  • »The suede upper conforms to the traditional appearance.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Offer a long-lasting lifespan.
  • »Provide an outstanding grip and traction.
  • »Weighty compared to Samba.


Adidas Busenitz and Samba are the best gear in their own line. But if you want me to choose one pair between these two, I will go with the Samba.

The noticeable features of samba shoes that attract me most, are their lightweight and durability. The price is a little high compared to the other one, but the offerings justify the price.

Besides, the leather upper also provides a presentable outlook for every occasion.

Furthermore, when you want a pair of specially designed skate shoes, Busenitz is best. The grip and texture that this beast offers are mind-bowling. For their heavy and durable sole, you will find a stable step during skating. Plus, this shoe asks for a minimum charge.

So, according to your requirement, you can select any of them, both gems are reliable.

Look Before You Go

After reading this thoroughly experienced writing content about Adidas Samba & Busenitz you already know their features and advantages with their drawbacks.

I hope you have already chosen your pair, but if you’re still stuck between them, go ahead and grab both of them. Share with me about your experience with these Adidas via the comment box.

Till then, happy shopping!

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