Adidas Gazelle vs Superstar [Performance Tested & Reviewed]

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Having trouble while making a decision between Adidas Gazelle & Superstar?

It happens because these timeless sets have striking outlooks and are promoted by many influencers and artists.


For your convenience, I’ll highlight the differences between these pinnacles and share the thoughts that I’ve gained after using them for months.

So, let’s get started with the overview of Adidas Gazelle & Superstar!

A Brief Overview of Adidas Superstar & Gazelle

Superstar is known as the Game Changer of Adidas. The shell toe design arrived in 1970. The low-top basketball sneaker is a perfect blend of street and athletic wear. Built with rubber outsole and leather upper, providing an outstanding look with excellent grip.

Whether you go to the basketball court, skateboard, athletic field, or any kind of casual sphere, this coveted item can be your all-time companion.

Now, let’s focus on another top-selling apparel Adidas Gazelle. This lineage is mostly famous for its cutting-edge performance.

The first suede-made Adidas sneaker Gazelle was released in 1966 for the soccer field. Later, different shades of the sneakers appeared, focusing on different purposes. For instance, Gazelle Blue for training and Red for handball.

Gradually many other versions of Gazelle have been launched. And those styles spread beyond hip-hop icons to young British legions.

Apart from the release time, there are more distinctions between these two enduring legacy of Adidas. Let’s see those!

What Are the Differences Between Gazelle & Superstar?

The first Gazelle was for soccer, and the first Superstar was for basketball. But it doesn’t mean that the sneakers’ functionalities are only limited to this field. Rather they’re reigning in the sportswear platform and as a lifestyle staple with some subtle dissimilarities.

Let’s see how Adidas Gazelles & Superstar differ:


Depending on size and model varieties, Superstar’s price range deviates between $50 to $330. However, most of its durable Men’s and Women’s Original editions come for $100 to $140.

Wondering about the most expensive Superstar, which demands $330?

Actually, it’s the exclusive Superstar Y3. The Japanese traditional stitching technique ‘Sashiko’ has been implemented in this pair.

But the unique thing that I have found in this precious set is – the hanging threads, which are left intentionally near the 3 stripes, eyestay, and midsole.


Y-3 Gazelles’ price is also the same as the Y-3 Superstar. However, the collaborative versions of Gazelles with Gucci demand a huge stack of money($850).

Affordable Gazelles are also available. The starting price of youth originals is $80, while the adults’ Gazelles selling starts from $100.

In brief, regular Superstar and Gazelles retail for almost identical price tags. But the maximum price differs due to Gazelle and Gucci’s collaboration.


Superstar’s material is different from Gazelles. The manufacturers make use of synthetic leather for the Superstar.

However, there is exception, such as Superstar Y3. Its upper is fabricated with suede & nubuck. The core material (leather) has also been used in this set. You will get the leather and canvas lining on it.

On the contrary, the shoemakers fabricate Gazelle’s upper with suede. Nubuck is also used in some styles. Although suede upper wraps feet with comfort and raise a luxurious feel, it minimizes the breathability of shoes.

Additionally, the maintenance of suede shoes is somewhat tough. For instance, you can’t use shoe polish on suede shoes.


To examine the performance of each sneaker, I’ve got them tested on different surfaces.

Adidas Superstar and Gazelle both provide similar traction with their rubber outsole during skating. Though the outsole pattern is different for each shoe. While Superstar has a herringbone pattern, Gazelles comes with a random or diamond pattern on its exterior sole.


Then I checked the grip on the basketball court and concrete street. I was pretty satisfied with Superstar and Gazelle’s decent grip on those grounds.

But Superstars’ comfort and arch support seemed more flourishing to me. The cushioned interior easily gets contoured with the feet, whether your feet have high arches or no arches. So, I will consign the winning trophy to Superstar instead of Gazelles in this phase.

Size & Fit

Adidas shoe sizing varies according to the models. Big, small, and also true to size sneakers are available in Adidas.

Gazelles and Superstar both fall under Adidas’ true-to-size sneaker category. The length is kinda identical.


But the difference lies in Superstar’s width. It has a slightly roomier shell toe box. As a result, Superstar Originals are also known as half-size bigger sneakers.

This wider toe box really helps wide feet owners. But if your feet structure is normal and you prefer a snug fit, size down in case of Adidas Superstars. But stick with the actual size for the iconic Gazelles.

Besides, Adidas offers free size exchanges for 30 days with a free return service. So, if you face any difficulties while getting the right size and preferred color, get help from the free return or exchange policy.


In terms of iridescent colors, the streetwear staple Gazelles have more collections. Wearing these bright-colored trendy sneakers will definitely provide you with a vibrant appearance.

But when it comes to color variations Gazelles have limitations. Only 7 to 14 shades are available for each Gazelle design.

On the other hand, you will get a wide range of vintage tones for Superstars. Most styles have 32 color variations, including eye-catching shades such as craft orange, violet fusion, shadow red, and so on. Along with this, Superstar has 20 special editions under four series.



Could you guess the longevity of Adidas Gazelle & Superstar?
Because you already know the principal materials of these versatile wears.

You got it right! Superstar is more durable than Gazelle due to its synthetic leather. You don’t need to bother much about the cleaning and maintenance of Superstar. It easily lasts up to 3 years even after mid to heavy use on workouts.

Contrarily, Gazelles’s suede is delicate and requires frequent cleaning and care. Otherwise, it may tear apart and fades out soon.

Stepping outside with this suede-crafted sneaker is a big concern, especially in the rainy season. Because you should immediately go through some drying process after the suede shoe gets wet.

Else, your brand new Gazelle will become useless within months instead of lasting up to years.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Superstar & Gazelle


  • »Fits perfectly.
  • »Adequate traction.
  • »Comfortable & fashionable.
  • »Mid-budget versatile sneaker.
  • »Slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • »Prepared from high-quality suede & nubuck.
  • »Sometime outsole squeaks.
  • »Needs regular cleaning.
  • »Minimal arch support.
  • »Zero breathability.


  • »Breathable.
  • »Numerous options.
  • »Grippy outsole.
  • »Durable and comfy.
  • »Comes in a mid-budget range.
  • »Well cushioned & arch supportive.
  • »Spacious toe area with protective rounded shell.
  • »Initially feels stiff.
  • »Half size big.
  • »Sometimes leather creases.

Adidas Gazelle vs Superstar: Which is Better?

Adidas Gazelles and Superstar both are winners considering some specific factors. So which one is better for you also depends on your preferences and personal demands. Yet I’m gonna notify direct suggestions based on some criteria.

Add Gazelle to your shopping cart if you’re:

– Passionate about suede.
– Looking for smart casual wear.
– In search of a soccer sneaker.
– Eager to do frequent care.
– Ready to accept little arch support and ventilation.

Otherwise, shop for a pair of Adidas Superstar if you:

– Are enthusiastic about variations.
– Love to wear artificial leather sneakers.
– Expect fine breathability.
– Can deal with the initial rigidity of the leather.

No matter which shoe you choose between Gazelle and Superstar, you will get almost similar functionalities and traction for the equivalent cost.


Are Adidas Gazelles Good for Running?

Gazelle isn’t an ideal suit for running due to its lowest arch support. But you can rely on this footwear for weightlifting and gymnastics.

What Are Adidas Gazelles Used for?

Gazelles are used for several training purposes and gaming, like handball and soccer.

Why Are Adidas Superstar Shoes So Popular?

Superstar is immensely popular for its celebrity endorsements and cool outlook. The 80’s Original became well-known after the hip hop gang RUN D.M.C. performed on stage wearing Adidas Superstar.

Final Thoughts

Now, it’s time to pay for your desired Adidas sneaker. Without further delay, grab your impressive pair and explore the skate land, soccer field, or the busy streets of your city.

Wanna hear about any other foot gears from us? If so, just leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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