Why Glue Pennies to Shoes? [Reasons Behind Parents Doing it]

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Have you ever noticed shoes with pennies? The shoes that are making noises like tap tap taps.

Yeah, you heard me right!


Whether you observed it or not it’s an amazing idea of making sounds that tap dancers’ shoes make. In addition to this, the concept has several surprising facts that I am about to reveal.

Keep reading the article until the end to discover all those facts!

Why Do Parents Glue Pennies to Shoes?

Tap dancing shoes are expensive even so, they’re not regular using shoes. Your kid probably wears it for a couple of days and then forgets about it. There the shoe made of pennies comes, as the perfect yet cheapest alternative to tap shoes!

However, gluing pennies on shoes was first performed by a mother to make tap shoes for her child. This idea saved her from spending extra money on buying shoes. Nowadays, sticking pennies in the outsole of shoes acts like a waggish noise maker and also a unique homemade craft toy within budget.

Initially, I thought gluing pennies to shoes is used by parents to keep their children safe and from getting lost. But it was not the actual truth. The actual scenario is –

Once a mom was looking for a pair of tap dance shoes for her loving child. But tap shoes are literally more expensive than other casual footwear.

Any guesses about how she solved the problem?

She made a homemade tap shoe for her child, just by attaching some pennies to the bottom of the child’s casual shoes.

That’s where the trend started to walk around. You can’t even imagine how popular this cool trend is among children. They loved it for making funny sounds through the shoes.

Though the glue pennies method started to create alternative tap shoes without wasting money, currently parents are gluing pennies to kids’ shoes for many purposes.

Here are the facts for sticking pennies on shoes:

To Make a Tap Shoe

As I mentioned, the glue pennies trend started as a knock-off to tap dancing shoes.

If you notice your kid is interested in tap dancing or just playing those steps on his/her own, embed some pennies on the bottom of the footwear and bring a smile to her/his face.

Though a pair of authentic tap dance shoes look weird on a casual day, these glued pennies shoes can be used for both dancing and everyday wear.

Moreover, you can remove the coins anytime. This task is cost-effective and easy to do.

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Funny Noise Maker

Kids love to play with entertaining noises. Sometimes they create funny noises to cheer up the games subconsciously. The glued penny shoe doubles their happiness with the tapping sounds.

Moreover, some children prefer to be quiet often. This is sometimes a concern for parents. If you are one of those, add pennies to the exterior sole. Your child will turn out to be a playful one!

Wearing these shoes, your toddler can move anywhere inside and around the house. And you can easily track him wherever he goes with those shoes by listening to that sound.

For Saving Money

The coins on the footwear can be used as backup money. If your kids are outside and need some extra money to buy a cheap toy, they can use the pennies attached to the shoe.

Although it’s not much, it can be used in urgent cases!

To Make Fidget Toys

The fidget toy can remove boredom and take the attention of any kid. Make your own toys at home just by adding coins to your shoes. The sounds of these pence are not so loud. So it won’t create unbearable sounds like drums.

The procedure of gluing coins to the shoes is as simple as memorizing the alphabet. Let’s move ahead and know how to do it.

How to Glue Pennies to The Bottom of The Shoe?

Making a glued penny shoe is a super easy method. All you need is good-quality glue, a pair of shoes, and some pennies to attach.

Here is the way of preparing a glue penny shoe:

  • Take the shoes which you want to make the penny shoes.
  • Glue the pennies in a zigzag or on your preferred pattern at the bottom of those shoes.
  • Leave it for half an hour so that the pennies stick well.

That’s it! It won’t waste extra money and time and you will get homemade tap shoes. Just try to avoid some wrongdoing at the time of gluing the pennies.

Here are the things to avoid at the time of gluing:


Avoid duct tape or any other tape to attach the pennies. This won’t hold the coins for longer. Besides, tapes are not as sticky as glues. So it will be removed shortly after attaching.

Too Much Glue

Do not use an excessive amount of glue for fixing the pennies on the shoes. If you use excessive glue to paste the coins, they will come away in a short time for not fitting properly with the flat surface of the shoes.

Numerous Coins

Too many coins enhance shoe weight. Consequently, the shoe will be uncomfortable and heavy for toddlers. The number of pennies depends on the shoe’s size and its bottom surface. Almost 3-5 coins are enough for a child’s shoe.

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Can I Attach Pennies to The Bottom Of Any Shoe?

You can attach pennies to the bottom of any flat shoes. As the coins are hard and metallic, there is no chance of bending. And coins can stick very well to the plane surface of the shoes. So, you can add any coin to the sole of any shoe as long as they don’t have a curved back surface.


Nowadays, adults are also curious about fixing pennies to the outer sole of their regular walking shoes. Even brides also insert coins on their wedding shoes.

Can you guess why?

Well, ‘A penny on your shoe’ is a term used to symbolize the bride and groom’s good luck. Actually, putting a sixpence(British coin) in the bride’s shoe is a tradition of British marriage. Mostly the father of the bride puts a coin in her shoe to perform this ritual.

According to their belief, it’s the symbol of bringing wealth and prosperity to their new life which has been followed for a long time.


However, people also have negative views regarding the insertion of coins in the footgear. They say glued pennies shoes increase the slipping risk and coin defacement is a punishable offense in some other countries, including Australia.

Do You Put Pennies in Penny Loafers?

The penny loafers were designed to bear pennies in them to make an emergency phone call.

Isn’t it interesting?

Before the invention of ATMs or debit cards, phone calls cost only 2 cents. People used phone booths to make a call as early as the 1930s. So the designer decided to come up with penny loafers in which people can keep one cent in each.


As the phone booth technology changed, the penny loafer began to fade away. But many people still wear penny loafers to hold that tradition. You can do the same!

Wrapping Up

Though glue penny shoes were created to convert regular shoes into tap dancing shoes, currently people wear them with different intentions. It is enjoyable for both kids and adults.

However, some people think the embedding of coins with shoes is a completely lame idea. What’s your opinion?

Let me know about that through the comments. Also do not hesitate to knock in the comment section for additional queries.

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