Why Does My Dog Cuddle My Shoes? [Logical Reasons Unveiled]

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Whether you arrive home from work or wake up from sleep, often notice that your beloved doggy is cuddling in your shoes.


It may seem normal on the first days. But when this incident continues for months, you wonder why the pet is behaving like this.

Being a researcher and dog owner at the same time, I’ve identified some valid facts about this issue.

Stay tuned & know about it!

Why Does My Dog Cuddle My Shoes?

It’s your adoring scent, why you often see the pooch cuddling in your shoes. They feel secure while surrounded by the owner’s smell. Besides, the puppy’s inherent nature, rights to master’s accessories, and the cozy interior of shoes encourage them to nestle in the footwear.

Do you have any idea how much passionate dogs are about their owner’s clothing?

They put in their best effort just to grab the shoes. There’s also a record that, the doggy went out of control and accidentally dropped the shoe rack over himself while pulling down the pairs.

Now, you must have realized dogs’ obsession with their lord’s footwear. So, it’s necessary to elaborately discuss the reasons behind this rage.

Here are 5 reasons why dogs snuggle shoes:

1. Owner’s Smell

As an elegant person, you will never desire to sniff a little bit of smelly footwear, even if it’s your used shoe. But surprisingly, your dogs will.

Dog’s smelling sense is pretty strong. You might have noticed that your dogs make the shoe-cuddling approach while you’re away from home. Because the sandals hold their users’ scent. And dogs do feel comfort, affection, and safety in that smelled shoes.

That’s why they nuzzle the shoes and sometimes try to stay on them instead of the fluffy crate. For the same reason, cats also lay on the shoes.

On top of that, leather shoes release a natural odor. Some dogs are very fond of this organic aroma. As a result, they are so attached to footwear.

2. Shoe as a Comfy Pillow

Dogs are often seen sleeping with your padded shoes, especially the comfortable Keds or fuzzy uggs. Because shoes are small and perfect pillow for a nap.

So, most of the time, dogs pick your shoes from the cabinet. Then sleep with her head propped up and scatter the remaining sets around.

During shivering cold seasons, fidos insert their feet into the shoe’s interior. By doing this, they wanna obtain warmth and cushion at the same time.

3. Sickness Issue

Just like a human prefers safety, love, and coziness during her pregnancy time, a dog is no exception to this. So, a common behavior of doggies is to cuddle the shoes when they are pregnant.

During this time, they search for a cozy space with extra padding. And the smell of shoes also helps them to feel the presence of their owner.

The motherly instincts provoke them to hold the shoes close to their chest and treat the pairs as their upcoming child.

Considering all of these matters, your shoe is a secure home for your beloved preggy fido.

4. Knickkanck Item

Puppies get a lot of pleasure while playing with colorful shoes. A wide range of bright colorways attracts and entertains them. Apart from this, puppies with new teeth enjoy chewing shoes. Even the adult ones, do the same to release stress.

5. Hoarder Habit

Some dogs always collect a stack of items around them. Cuddling your shoes and making a bunch with those pairs is a regular act of them. They stuff not only shoes but also other things and bury them around. This happens due to the Hoarding nature of dogs.

According to the trainers of the American Kennel Club, This instinctive behavior originated during the time when their ancestors did not have regular meals appearing magically, at least twice a day.

So, are you worried about your pet?

Actually, it’s not a major concern until these habits reach an unbearable limit. But when your doggy makes the room messy with shoes and starts to chew and tear them, you must take the necessary steps to prevent them from continuing these practices.

So, let’s jump to the next segment and see some tips on how to stop dogs from chewing shoes.

How to Stop Dogs from Chewing Shoes?

You will be happy if your dearest pupster embraces your shoes. But when it bites your expensive Nike sneakers or colorful crocs, definitely you will be frustrated. So, let’s follow some ways to settle your shoes in good condition and harbor innocent dogs at the same time.

Here are some actions to deter dogs from chewing shoes:

  • Put your shoes inside the locked cabinet and safely preserve the keys. Thus, dogs won’t get easy access to footwear. Make sure to use a wall-fixed cabinet so that dogs do not get injured while searching for shoes in there.
  • If your shoes remain in the open rack, spritz Chewing Deterrents on them. It contains Deionized Water, Citric Acid, and Bittering Agent. It is safe for dogs and won’t create any stains.


  • Provide your dogs with alternative chew toys. You can set aside a particular pair for your pet. He/she will play with that piece.
  • Spend time with your adorable doggies. Go to the nearest park or street with them and play for some time. This will release stress and minimize the dog’s chewing habit.
  • Take your pet to a trainer and teach some discipline so that it pauses shoe biting.
  • If the shoe-chewing habit turns into an abnormality, make an appointment with a veterinarian and abide by his prescribes rules to terminate the issue.

Just like me, you’re equally concerned about your stylish shoes, tidy home appearance, and pets. So, it’s best if you conserve your shoes with care and give separate pairs to the dogs. By doing this, you and your pet both will be satisfied!

Bottom Line

If you’re in a rush and unable to find the preferred shoes – you will be definitely disturbed. But when you discover the shoes are in your dog’s lap, you won’t be able to react because of her naive face.

They just love to cuddle their master’s shoe as it gives them pleasure.

So, unless an intolerable situation creates, leave it as it is!

Are any further queries hovering in mind? Just leave your thoughts in the comment section and get logical replies.

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