Why Does My Cat Lay On My Shoes? [4 Mind-boggling Reasons]

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Owning a cat is lovely, but it becomes annoying when you can’t find your shoes in a hurry. And the incident is familiar to almost every cat lover.


But did you ever think about why your kitten naps and cuddles your shoes so much?

Okay, after several attacks, I also looked for the reason behind it and came up with some excellent justification.

In this article, I’ll share the hidden facts about cats laying on shoes, ways to reclaim them, and prevent this incident from now on.

Why does My Cat Lay on My Shoes?

Usually, the cat lays on your shoes because she is comfortable with your smell and feels an intimate connection. Kitties also love the warmth and cuddle their owner’s shoe offers in their absence. And if you’re a cat owner, now you get that, right?

Laying on your shoe signifies their love and affection towards you. And cats always share a strong bond with their close ones. Thus, they try to gravitate to the smell and express their passion just like we do for our parents.

Ailurophiles believe that cats understand the intense feelings of humans.

Cats always express their love and fascination by doing such iconic things. Besides, there are some other reasons too. To clarify cats’ obsession with your shoes, I’ve found four primary reasons behind this. Let’s discover them now.

Here are 4 reasons behind cats snooping on your shoes:

1. Similar Smells of the Owner

The smell is the most precise reason behind cats’ attachment to our footwear and other apparel. They remember the aroma of their owner and loved ones.

Everyone has an identical body odor. And when your cats recognize that smell, they find the exact scent from your belongings. And your shoes smell the same as your body.

Moreover, Cats have a sharp sense of smell which is 14 times better than the human nose. Your cats miss the specific odor when you are not around, and they try to find your presence from your accessories.

2. For Warmth

Cats are always searching for warm cozy places while resting. They don’t want to waste their energy on making the site friendly. For that reason, cats always love to sleep on their owners’ shoes and socks.

You must notice that your cat always chooses places such as the keyboard chair, your bed, and the pillow you’ve recently used.

However, some shoes offer extra warmth for luxury materials like suede, leather, and EVA soles. For example, if we talk about our UGGs, their warm attributes make them exceptional for snowy places. And that type of warm your cat is hooked on. So, it’s a valid reason behind your cat’s obsession with your shoes.

Sometimes, Uggs can be so warm that your feet get prone to sweat by wearing uggs. Your cat finds the sweaty-salty smell and gets more attracted!

3. Mark Their Territory

Surprisingly, cats and dogs are both territorial. We all know dogs set their territory by peeing on that place! It helps them to mark and proclaim their area.

Contrary, cats have scent glands on their head and paws. They rub their surrounding elements, like furniture, mats, pillows, etcetera, to mark their zone.

So, when you notice your cat rubbing against them constantly, it’s obvious that they consider your shoes their property.

And they feel more stable and safe on that specific equipment.

4. In Search of Comforts

Last but not least, pets tend to lean towards the comfort that your shoes offer. Not only does your cat use your boots to express affection, but they also love cozy places immensely.

And the belonging of their familiar smell offers a safe passage and endearing feelings for them.

I know it’s pretty shocking, but if you ever move anywhere without cats, you must ensure a relaxing spot where your cat finds your smell.

Also, your shoelaces provide extra fun for your cats. They often love to get busy playing with them!

These are the main reasons why your cute kitty lays on your shoes. It’s kinda cute and adorable, right?

But with such sweetness, your pet can bring some annoying attributes. They can make dirt and leave their stool inside of your shoes. Besides, the smell of their pee is not that pleasant.

However, sometimes you can get bad smells from your shoes that smell like cat pee. Is your kitten peeing on your shoes? You will find the precise answer and solution to eliminate that smell if go through my other content.

How Do I Keep My Cats Away from My Shoes?

There is no effective system that helps your cat away from your boots. The kittens feel safe and familiar with their owner’s belongings. They also love your sweaty and salty aroma.

However, If you are afraid of tearing the threads and scratches, you should keep your kitties away from your boots. There is no guarantee, but you can apply some ideas to prevent the hijack.

Here are some ways to keep your cats away from your shoes:


You can easily distract and keep your cat busy with toys. Offer them some interesting playing instruments, and change them regularly. You must attract them by providing some enjoyable sport.

Anyways, never give the old shoe for chewing and playing with because they can’t differentiate between old and new ones. Thus, the habit grows, and eventually, your pet will end up loving shoes for playing. And you’ll have to provide them with nothing but shoes!

Deny Access

Store your shoes in a safe place where your cat can’t get easy access.

After reaching home, you must place your kicks in a secure place before the kitty sees them. Restraining access is much easier than changing their cuddling habit.

On an additional note, when you welcome your guest, secure their boots in your safe closet. Otherwise, your naughty kitten will start playing with them too.


Usually, we don’t offer enough toys for our pets, which is why our kittens play with every available stuff.

Contrary, if you provide enough toys for her and play with her regularly, you will receive a good result. You can, however, distract them by offering something you don’t use but still smells like you.

On top of that, you can make a cozy home for them with your old accessories.

And these are simple but effective methods to draw your cats away from your expensive shoes. Apply any of them to save your shoes from scratches.

How to Reclaim The Stolen shoes?

After sharing the reasons, and distracting them, maybe the last question roaming in your mind is how to reclaim your shoes when they are already gone.

Okay, let me show you some unusual but fruitful ways to recover your shoes from your playful pet.

Here’s how to regain your sandal from your kittens:

  1. Use plastic bin bags to restore your shoes to block the spreading of aroma.
  2. To change the direction of your cats from your shoes, utilize some old clothes that still smell like you.
  3. When your cats play with your shoes, distract them with a laser or with their favorite toys.
  4. You can apply some fragrance or citrus oil to remove your body odor from your shoe.
  5. When you try all of them but don’t rescue your shoes from the wicked cat, grab them and snatch them. Please be careful cats may scratch you with their sharp nails.

These are the best ways to regain your gear from the little one. But its effectiveness varies on how intellectual your cats are. I always apply the no.3 or 4, which distracts my kitty well.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, your cats lay on your shoes because it’s the most expressive sign of showing love and affection towards their owner.

I hope, you already gathered the precise and authentic information behind your cat’s obsession with your shoes from this article. And for any type of shoe-related questions, you can ask me through the comment box.

Till then, take care of your kitten!

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