How To Stretch Suede Shoes : Quickest & Effective Ways [2024]

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Tight-fitted shoes not only make you feel uncomfortable but also destroy your posture and thus your personality.

If you landed on this article, you are probably trying to find out the easiest and simplest ways to stretch suede shoes.

Stretching is a mind-blowing technique to make small-sized shoes fit perfectly. And stretching suede shoes is a straightforward process only if you do it correctly.

Continue reading the article because I have explained the stretching method in detail so that you don’t face any difficulties while stretching your suede shoes. So why wait? Take out all your tight-fitted suede shoes from the shoe rack and make it wearable.ways-to-stretch-suede-shoes

Can You Stretch Suede Shoes?

Yes, you can stretch suede shoes. Suede is stretchable and can form it in the shape of your foot. But the outcome of stretching suede totally depends on your right technique to do it.

There are many ways by which you can stretch your suede shoes, among which shoe stretch spray and shoe stretcher work great. However, stretching depends upon the type of suede used in the shoes and how it is made. So before stretching, ask the salesman whether your suede shoes are stretchable or not.

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Easy Methods To Stretch Suede Shoes

Method 1: Use Shoe Stretch Spray

There are various brands of shoe stretch sprays that are mainly designed for suede shoes. It is always recommended to use stretch sprays made explicitly for suede; however, you can also use some leather sprays.


There are two types of shoe stretch sprays.

  1. Alcohol-based
  2. Conditioner-based.

For suede shoes, it is best to use alcohol-based stretch sprays. Because it softens the suede fabric and ensures the shoe is stretched evenly. Also, shoe stretch sprays are very reasonably priced, so you can easily afford it.

Before you jump into the stretching process, make sure to check the instructions of the sprays. Because some sprays are made to use only on the exterior of the shoes, and others are made to use inside the shoes.

Here are the steps that you should follow to stretch suede shoes with a shoe stretch spray:

  1. Spray the inside of the shoes evenly. If the sprays don’t reach the shoes’ corners, you can take a clean cloth or use your fingertip to coat the solution thoroughly. Make sure to use a good quality shoe stretch spray to stretch the shoes evenly and don’t ruin the fabric.
  2. Wear the shoes with a thick pair of socks and either walk around or just sit. It is necessary to wear socks and walk because movement enlarges the suede fabric. If you do the stretching process correctly, you will notice your shoes start to expand and mold it to your feet after an hour.
  3. Redo the spraying process if you feel there is no change in the shoe size. Keep repeating the process until you think there is enough space to walk comfortably. A successful stretching will expand your suede shoes 1/4 to 1/2 to a size.

However, repeatedly spraying can damage the shoe’s material. So make sure to read the spray’s instructions on whether you can use it on shoes several times or not.

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Method 2: Use Shoe Stretcher

There are various types of shoe stretchers. Some are designed to enlarge the leg of the boot; some are made to expand the area of the foot, and others are for widening and lengthening. You can take an expert’s help to choose a shoe stretcher according to which part of the shoes you want to stretch. To get the best result, use a shoe stretch spray that is suede friendly along with the shoe stretcher.

Here are the steps of expanding suede shoes with a shoe stretcher:

  1. Spray the solution evenly to the interior of the shoes. Push the stretcher inside the shoes and rotate the handle clockwise. The stretcher should fit tightly into the shoes.
  2. After the stretcher fits tightly into the shoes, again, rotate the handle 3-4 times. A little pressure will be needed to turn the handle.
  3. The stretching process can take about 24 to 48 hours. After these certain hours, take off the shoe stretcher from the shoes by turning it anticlockwise.

If you are not satisfied with the stretching, you can repeat the process until you achieve your desired result.

DIY Hacks To Stretch Suede Shoes

DIY tricks to stretch suede shoes are more of a shortcut or quick fix; the result is not long-lasting. And I will recommend you do the shortcut tricks with utmost precaution.

Method 1: Use Hair-Dryer

Sounds unnatural but yes, you can stretch your suede shoes with a hair-dryer. Heat can make the suede shoes stretch to a certain bit, but excessive heat can burn your shoes and cause discoloration. So be very cautious while using the dryer.


Here are the steps of using a hair-dryer to enlarge suede shoes:

  1. Insert a shoe stretcher inside the shoes or wear the shoes with a thick pair of socks.
  2. Keep the hair-dryer in low heat, and the dryer should be a minimum of 6 inches away from the shoes.
  3. Move the hair-dryer rapidly all over the shoes for 30 seconds. Make sure not to hold the hair-dryer in one place for a long time; otherwise, you will burn your shoes.
  4. Repeat the process with the other shoe, and if you find your shoe gets too dry or starts cracking, then immediately stop using the hair-dryer.   

Method 2: Use Newspaper To Stretch Suede Shoes

  1. Take a pair of your old sock and crumple some newspaper into a ball and fill it inside the socks. Occupy the socks with the newspaper so that it should be tight when you insert them in the shoe.
  2. Spray your shoes with a shoe stretch spray and put the sock filled with newspaper inside the shoes. Packing the newspaper inside the socks ensures that the newspaper’s ink doesn’t stain the shoes.
  3. Wait for 6 to 8 hours so that the stretching process can take place. After that, take out the sock, and you are suitable to wear shoes.

Do not expect this newspaper technique to make your shoes a size larger instead. It will make your shoes a tad bit loose.

Method 3: Keep Your Suede Shoes In The Freezer

If you are not confident enough to use heat on your shoes, then the freezer method is for you. In this method, there is no risk of burning shoes, and to an extent, the result is good.

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Here are the steps of stretching your suede shoes by keeping them in the freezer:

  1. Take thick and good quality plastic bags to avoid leakage and fill them with water.
  2. Place the water bags inside the shoes and put them in a plastic bag. Keep the shoes in the freezer for 24 hours. The stretching process will start as soon the water freezes, and when water freezes it expands.
  3. After 24 hours, take out the shoes from the freezer. Once the

shoes come to room temperature, wear them, and check whether they have stretched or not.

If you are not okay with the stretching, repeat the same process once again.

Dos And Don’ts

  • Do not keep the shoe stretcher inside your shoes for too long. Rather than doing good, it will tear your shoes.
  • While using heat on the suede shoes, make sure you do not hold the heat in one place for too long. Excess heat can cause the suede to dry and crack.
  • If your shoes are made from real suede, it is better not to use any heat or freeze them.
  • Shoes that have thick soles don’t stretch well. In that case, take help from professionals.
  • Do not use a shoe stretcher on narrow shoes. Stretching narrow shoes can cause the suede to tear up from the sole.
  • Suede is quite expensive, and if you are not sure whether you can do the stretching process correctly, then take help from professional footwear experts. Professionals know it better where and how to stretch your suede shoes.


How long does it take to stretch suede shoes?

It depends on which method of stretching you are using. Suppose, if you are using a shoe stretcher to stretch your suede shoes, it can take up to 24 to 48 hours to stretch.

Can you stretch shoes to a full size?

Stretching doesn’t do a miracle to your shoes. Do not expect that stretching will expand your shoes to a full size large. However, if you do the stretching methods properly, your shoes will stretch about ¼ to ½ to an extent.


Suede shoes always add an extra charm to your outfit, so let’s not make any delay. Take out all your small-sized suede shoes and start stretching them to your feet size with the help of this article and rock the floor.

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