Puma Suede Classic XXI Vs Suede Classic: A-Z Comparison

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The legacy of the Puma Suede Classic resonates as one of the most iconic sneakers. Athletes, musicians, and activists have embraced it since its inaugural appearance in 1968.

Fast forward to 2021, and Puma introduces a revamped rendition – the Puma Suede Classic XXI, promising a contemporary and enhanced experience.

I’ll weave in my experiences in this exploration, comparing and contrasting these two renditions.puma-suede-classic-vs-xxi

From design nuances to performance subtleties and cultural echoes, let’s navigate the legacy and evolution of these legendary sneakers.

Overview of Puma Suede Classic and Suede Classic XXI

The Puma Suede Classic and Suede Classic XXI are both renowned sneakers with a profound influence on fashion and streetwear.

However, a common question is – whether the two models are identical or not?

No, the Suede Classic XXI and Suede Classic from Puma are different. The original Puma Suede Classic, released in 1968, is a renowned streetwear and casual fashion sneaker. In 2021, Puma introduced the Suede Classic XXI as a newer addition to its lineup.

Let’s check the Evolution of the Puma Suede.

Born in 1968, the Puma Suede transcends its footwear status to become a cultural icon. Initially nearly named the Puma Crack, its enduring design became synonymous with revolution and style.

From Tommie Smith’s historic protest to Clyde Frazier’s signature shoe, the Suede has marked milestones in sports and street fashion over the decades.overview-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

The Puma Suede Classic 21, originating in 1968, boasts over 50 years of timeless style, worn by icons like Tommy Smith and Rihanna.

Available in almost 16 colors, its soft premium suede upper, flat cushioned bottom, and versatile design make it a staple for every wardrobe.

The Suede Classic’s durability, stemming from its history as a running, skateboarding, and casual shoe, ensures it withstands the test of time. It is priced at $75 and offers a perfect blend of heritage, quality, and affordability.

I hope that with this simple overview, the confusion is clear. Puma continues producing the Suede Classic, maintaining the enduring design crafted nearly five decades ago.

The infinity of this iconic silhouette attests to its timeless appeal.

Furthermore, the choice of materials remains consistent, upholding the quality that has characterized the Suede Classic throughout its impressive legacy.

Puma’s commitment preserves the Suede Classic’s essence, allowing enthusiasts to embrace its timeless charm confidently. It symbolizes enduring style, transcending trends.

I have outlined the differences between the original Suede and the 21st iteration in the following sections.

Feature Comparison of Puma Suede Classic Vs XXI

The Puma Suede Classic and Suede Classic XXI are iconic sneakers that have impacted the fashion world. While they share similarities in their overall design and heritage, the two models have some notable differences.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of each shoe in the following comparison table:

FeaturePuma Suede ClassicPuma Suede Classic XXI
Release Year19682021
DesignMinimalist, low-cut profile, clean linesSlightly thicker lines, padded collar, and tongue, some models with extra laces
Upper MaterialsPremium suede throughoutMay use a different grade of suede, some synthetic accents
MidsoleSoft RubberSoft Rubber
OutsoleRubber for durabilityGum Rubber for durability
SocklinerNone100% Textile Comfort sockliner
ComfortFlexible and adaptableSlightly more padded for enhanced comfort
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
PriceAround $65Around $75
ColorwaysClassic options like black, white, and red16 different colorways
Lining100% Textile100% Textile
FormstripYes, Suede with perforated detailingYes, Suede with perforated detailing
LacesSingle pair of flat lacesMay include additional or contrasting laces
BrandingSubdued, gold foil Puma logo on tongue and heelMore prominent branding with raised or printed logos
Final ThoughtsIconic ClassicModern Upgrade

As you see even the Classic Suede 21 comes to market after half a century it still keeps the classic design from its origin. Also, they still have so many similarities.

Now, let’s start with the primary differences between the Puma Suede Classic and Suede Classic XXI.

Primary Differences between Puma Suede Classic XXI and Suede Classic

Puma has always been known for its timeless designs, and the Suede is a testament to its expertise. As a stalwart in Puma’s streetwear collection, these sneakers blend sport-inspired elements with an urban flair.

Both embody the legacy of a sneaker transcending generations, but each offers a unique experience.

The Classic, a timeless masterpiece forged in the crucible of history, whispers stories of decades past. The XXI, its contemporary descendant, carries the torch while injecting a touch of modern swagger.

Here are the differences between the Puma Suede Classic XXI and the Suede Classic:

1. Design Philosophy

The Puma Suede Classic and Suede Classic XXI feature a timeless low-top silhouette united by their classic design elements.

The sneakers feature a suede upper with the signature Puma Formstrip overlay and a gold PUMA Suede callout, honoring the brand’s iconic style.

Minimalist elegance defines the Classic, boasting uncluttered lines and a low-cut profile for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Now, the XXI takes this iconic silhouette and infuses subtle modern touches. It introduces a hint of padding in the collar and tongue, a more prominent logo presence, and, occasionally, playful extra laces.

These thoughtful adjustments cater to those who cherish heritage with a dash of contemporary flair.

Notably, the Suede Classic XXI elevates comfort with features like synthetic leather lining, a comfort sockliner, and additional laces for customization.design-philosophy-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

These enhancements contribute to its appeal, making it a comfortable and stylish choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity.

However, if you like a minimalist look with the same silhouette then you can check the comparison Puma Suede vs Clyde.

2. Color Palette

The XXI embraces a wider spectrum, sporting vibrant and trendy hues for those who seek to express their individuality through their sneakers. You can find around 16 colorways for the Suede Classic 21.

Meanwhile, the original Suede Classic sticks to the core colorways – black, white, red – reminiscent of its past and appealing to purists.

Though the Suede Classic 21 is the recent iteration of the Classic Suede, it still keeps the design intact. It just adds some modern touches to make it more appealing.

3. Upper Materials

One notable difference between the Puma Suede Classic XXI and the Puma Suede Classic is their upper materials. Both feature a suede upper, known for its soft and fuzzy texture akin to leather.

The Classic boasts premium suede throughout, offering a luxurious feel and a connection to its original essence.

The XXI may use a slightly different grade of suede, sometimes incorporating synthetic accents.

However, it compensates with the padding, catering to those who prioritize comfort alongside the classic look.

I prefer the full suede upper of the Puma Suede Classic XXI because it feels more comfortable and luxurious on my feet. It also looks more elegant and stylish, especially in the black and red.upper-materials-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

4. Sole Construction

Both the Puma Suede Classic XXI and Puma Suede Classic boast a reliable rubber midsole and outsole for durability and grip on various terrains.

However, my personal experience reveals a notable distinction—the Puma Suede Classic XXI features a slightly thicker and more cushioned sole than the Puma Suede Classic.

This nuanced difference translates into a heightened comfort and stability sensation underfoot.

Moreover, the textured and patterned outsole of the Puma Suede Classic XXI adds an extra layer of appeal, making it my preferred choice for an all-around pleasant walking experience.

I like the sole construction of the Puma Suede Classic XXI better than the Puma Suede Classic because it feels more comfortable and stable on my feet.

5. Comfort and Cushioning

Regarding comfort and cushioning, the Puma Suede Classic XXI takes the lead. In my experience, both models feature a robust rubber midsole and outsole for durability and traction.comfort-and-cushioning-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

However, the Puma Suede Classic XXI goes the extra mile with its dedicated comfort sockliner. This added feature, lacking in the Puma Suede Classic, brings instant step-in cushioning and support, making my walks noticeably more comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall, the Puma Suede Classic 21 has enhanced cushioning, and the sockliner provides extra comfort.

6. Performance Evaluation

In terms of performance, both the Puma Suede Classic and Puma Suede Classic XXI exhibit similarities.

Their shared foundation lies in a durable, flexible rubber sole, ensuring reliable grip across various terrains.

However, the Puma Suede Classic XXI introduces enhancements for enhanced comfort and stability. Notably, its synthetic leather lining prevents undesirable stretching and loss of shape.

Elevating the experience, the Puma Suede Classic XXI boasts a comfort sockliner, delivering immediate step-in cushioning and support. Conversely, the Puma Suede Classic, equipped with neither a sockliner nor the same synthetic lining, may be prone to wear quicker and tear.

The Puma Suede Classic XXI stands out for its superior comfort and design, providing an unmatched performance experience.performance-evaluation-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

7. Size and Fit

The Suede Classic XXI and Suede Classic both are true to size.

However, as they are classic sneakers both of them have a somewhat narrower fit. And if you have a wider foot then you will encounter that more.

I normally use the regular size, but my elder brother always has to take a size up for the wider feet.

Overall the shoe fits perfectly. Both of the models require some break-in period, and after that, they will support your foot without compromise.

I like the fit of the Puma Suede Classic XXI, it has a snuggly toe box and comfortable heel counter.

8. Target Audience

The Puma Suede Classic and Suede Classic XXI appeal to unique target populations, reflecting their diverse cultural influence.target-audience-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

The original Suede Classic, with over 50 years of history, appeals to many populations.

It appeals to collectors, culture enthusiasts, and those interested in the sneaker’s cultural impact, including skateboarders and hip-hop fans.

In comparison, the Suede Classic XXI, the most recent incarnation, caters to a more contemporary demographic. It appeals to those who value modern design updates and advanced technology that improve comfort and performance.

Which includes those who love new takes on old aesthetics that represent the progression of street culture and fashion.

While both models appeal to a wide range of audiences, the Suede Classic XXI focuses on nostalgia and innovation to appeal to a more current and fashion-conscious audience.

9. Price

The Suede Classic model, known for its original and more accessible design, usually comes at a more budget-friendly price of approximately $65.

On the other hand, the XXI model, featuring modern upgrades in materials and functions, often carries a slightly higher cost, typically around $75.

Nonetheless, if you prefer premium material shoes with a similar history to Suede, you can check the Adidas Gazelle and Suede comparison.

Ultimately, for price, the winner is The Puma Suede Classic, as it comes at e cheaper tag However, with just an extra $10 you can get the better Suede Classic 21.

Pros and Cons of Puma Suede Classic XXI and Suede Classic

The Puma Suede Classic and XXI stand at the confluence of timeless tradition and current swagger, each with its personality.

But, before you lace up, let’s take a look behind the hood and expose the strengths and limitations of each so that you may make your triumphant Suede debut.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of Puma Suede Classic 21 and Suede Classic:

Puma Suede Classic XXI

  • »Enhanced comfort with extra padding.
  • »A wider range of color choices.
  • »Playful personalization options with extra laces.
  • »Modernized take on the classic silhouette.
  • »Added sockliner enhances comfort.
  • »Higher price tag compared to the Classic.
  • »It may not be authentic enough for purists.

Puma Suede Classic

  • »Classic, timeless design.
  • »Premium suede material.
  • »Affordable price point.
  • »Uncluttered sneaker experience.
  • »Limited comfort, may not be ideal for all-day wear.
  • »Fewer color options.

Puma Suede Classic XXI Vs Suede Classic: Which is the Best Pick for You?

Celebrating more than 50 years of cultural impact, the Suede Classic is the pinnacle of ageless style thanks to its timeless design and historical relevance. For those who want a touch of nostalgia mixed with authenticity, the Original Suede Classic is a great option.

The Suede Classic XXI is the embodiment of progress, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technologies with the timeless design of its predecessor.

The remarkable Suede Classic 21 sneaker represents the next chapter in the storied history of the Suede Classic, pushing the boundaries of style and functionality to new heights.

The Suede Classic XXI is the ultimate choice for those seeking a modernized interpretation of a classic silhouette. Every aspect of this sneaker has been meticulously crafted to enhance comfort and elevate your everyday style.


What is Puma Suede Classic XXI?

The Puma Suede Classic XXI is the latest iteration of the iconic Suede Classic model. It features updated design elements and modern enhancements while still retaining the timeless appeal of the original.

How do Puma Suede Classics fit?

Puma Suede Classics generally fit true to size. It is recommended to refer to the brand’s sizing chart or try them on for the best fit, as individual preferences may vary.

What is the difference between the Puma Suede and the PUMA Clyde?

The main difference between the Puma Suede and the PUMA Clyde lies in their design details. While both sneakers share a similar silhouette, the PUMA Clyde features a more minimalistic and streamlined aesthetic compared to the Suede.

Should you size up or down in Puma Suede Classic XXI?

It is advisable to go true to size or consider sizing up slightly if you have wider feet when purchasing the Puma Suede Classic XXI. That will help ensure a comfortable fit, especially if you prefer a little extra room in your sneakers.

Does Puma Suede stretch out?

Like many suede shoes, the Puma Suede may stretch out slightly over time with regular wear for its plush materials. However, it is always recommended to choose the correct size initially to avoid excessive stretching or discomfort.

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