Puma Suede Vs Adidas Gazelle: Clash of Classic Sneakers

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The realm of sneakers is filled with numerous iconic designs, and the prominent ones are from Puma and Adidas.

The Adidas Gazelle is instantly recognizable with a unique T-toe construction and slimmer silhouette. And the Puma Suede offers the best value with a timeless appeal.

But when it comes to picking the best classic, which one should you go for?puma-suede-vs-adidas-gazelle

Well, let’s find out who wears the crown of the coolest classic.

Overview of Adidas Gazelle and Puma Suede

The story of Puma and Adidas dates back to 1948 and 1949 when the Dassler brothers (Rudolf Dassler and Adi Dassler) came into shoe manufacturing and revolutionized the industry forever.

In 1948, Rudolf Dassler established Ruda, which was then introduced as Puma. Adi Dassler established Adidas in 1949, which was named after him.

The rest is history. Adidas and Puma are now the most prominent names in the shoe world.

The Gazelle and Suede line from Adidas and Puma are the best classic sneakers that are still dominating the industry with their perpetual design and appeal.

Adidas Gazelle

Adidas launched the Gazelle sneaker in 1966 for indoor sports, but soon, it captivated a broad audience with its sleek design and versatility.

The minimalist aesthetic, three stripes branding, T-toe cap, and clean leather upper of Gazelle is instantly recognizable.

The Adidas Gazelle shoe soon became rocking casual streetwear that is highly versatile and effortlessly blends with any style, surpassing the origin of indoor sport.

Though it is not a max cushion shoe, it still offers a comfortable fit utilizing the supportive midsole and soft upper.

Adidas has introduced numerous versions of this shoe that represent various cultures.

Moreover, this shoe is available in bold and eye-catching colorways without changing the classic Gazelle design, which makes it easily identifiable.

Puma Suede

Puma is the king of classic sneakers, and the Suede shoe is the crown with its timeless appeal.

Puma Suede is the footwear legend that was born in 1968 and changed sneaker history forever with its minimalist design, full suede upper, clean aesthetics, and signature Puma Formstrip branding.

This shoe is also instantly distinguishable, like the Adidas Gazelle.

Throughout decades, this shoe was worn by numerous athletes, musicians, and celebrities, and that made it a cultural symbol of style surpassing its sports origin.

This historical sneaker offers the best comfortable fit, and the premium materials ensure superb durability and longevity.

Attribute Comparison of Puma Suede and Adidas Gazelle

Both shoes are timeless classics that millions of sneakerheads and shoe enthusiasts still praise.

Though both shoes share several similar characteristics, there are also multiple differences due to the distinct brand origin and the build materials.

Consider the subsequent attribute comparison table to understand the features and characteristics of the Puma Suede and Adidas Gazelle.

AttributePuma SuedeAdidas Gazelle
HeritageReleased in 1968 as the Puma CrackIntroduced in the early '60s as a training shoe
DesignSleek, minimal, timelessSleek, understated, iconic T-toe cap
UpperFull suedeLeather and suede
BreathabilityVery lowSlightly better
Lining100% TextileLeather and textile
Closure SystemFull lace closureLace-up closure
TongueSuede (classic), leather and textile optionsLeather and textile
MidsoleSoft rubber midsoleFirm rubber midsole
ComfortLittle cushion and supportLess comfy
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
OutsoleGum rubber outsoleRubber outsole with microcell pattern
TractionLess tractionModerate traction
PriceAround $75Around $100
Best forCasual wear, streetwear, skateboardingCasual wear, everyday sneakers, light skateboarding

Primary Difference between Puma Suede and Adidas Gazelle

The Suede and Gazelle are the most popular sneakers from Puma and Adidas. Both shoes are widely known for their timeless styles and versatility.

While both shoes feature several similarities, they also differ in multiple aspects.

To align with your style preferences and outfits, I have tested both sneakers and compared them based on design, comfort, technologies, and performance.

Following are the key differences between the Puma Suede and the Adidas Gazelle.

1. Design and Style

With iconic designs, the Puma Suede and Adidas Gazelle have transcended trends and time, but some aspects set them apart.

The Suede is the heart of the Puma streetwear collection.

Surpassing the sport-inspiration, it also features an urban design pattern, making it highly versatile and suitable for various outfits.

The iconic Puma stripes are visible throughout the entire sneaker, and the additional laces offer customization to cope with any outfit.

On the other hand, the Gazelle is widely known for its retro design, sleek profile, and stylish look.

Its iconic sporty silhouette remains untouched till now.

Throughout decades, Adidas Gazelle has collaborated with numerous musicians, artists, and fashion icons. It carries the cultural heritage and timeless style year after year.

Both shoes effortlessly blend with my casual outfits.

The classic T-toe of the Gazelle added an elegant touch to the shoe and became my first choice from childhood.

In terms of design, the Adidas Gazelle even outshines the Adidas Stan Smith due to the slimmer outline.

In summary, I prefer the timeless appeal and T-toe construction of the Adidas Gazelle over the Puma Suede.design-and-style-of-adidas-gazelle

2. Upper Construction

For the upper construction of the Suede, Puma utilizes a full suede upper that is attached to the sole with leather or textile stitching.

This suede upper features a soft, luxurious feel while keeping a vintage aesthetic.

The full lace closure and padded tongue offer a secure and cozy fit. The Suede features a full leather or textile lining that provides a comfortable and luxurious feel.

The iconic Puma stripes are visible in the middle, tongue, and heel sections, making it instantly noticeable from all angles.

Besides, there are some perforations across the overlays, which assist in breathability.

Like the Suede, the Gazelle features similar suede materials for the upper construction. However, depending on the model, Adidas often utilizes pure leather for the upper.

Blending the lace-up closure and a leather or textile tongue, the upper ensures a snug fit.

It has a cemented construction, meaning the upper is attached to the sole using glue instead of stitching.

The Adidas Gazelle features a T-toe construction that is instantly recognizable. This additional leather assists in breathability, making it more breathable than the suede upper of Puma.

Adidas chooses leather or textiles for the lining, depending on the model.

The iconic three Adidas stripes are visible on both sides, and the Adidas trefoil logo is observable on the tongue and heel, making it instantly perceptible from all sides.

Both shoes’ upper contractions are sturdy and well-constructed. However, the T-toe construction of the Gazelle outshines the Puma Suede with its appearance, breathability, and durability.upper-construction-of-adidas-gazelle

3. Midsole and Comfort

The midsole of the Puma Suede is made of soft rubber. For some versions, Puma also utilizes a classic EVA foam that offers basic cushioning and support.

On the other hand, the midsole of the Adidas Gazelle consists of pure rubber that offers excellent impact absorption.

During my test, both shoes were comfortable and suitable for general wear. Unfortunately, the Puma Suede lacks the comfort for long walks or intense activities.

While the midsole of the Suede is thicker, the Gazelle has a thinner midsole.

The thicker midsole of Puma Suede enhances comfort and provides better shock absorption. Conversely, the thinner midsole of the Adidas Gazelle is lightweight and more suitable for extended wear.

Surprisingly, the removable EVA insole of the Suede is more comfortable than the 4.3mm thick removable insole of Gazelle.

Remember, you can’t expect the comfort of a premium cushioned shoe from these shoes.

In short, Gazelle offers slightly better support and flexibility than the Suede, making it preferable for everyday activities.midsole-and-comfort-of-adidas-gazelle

4. Outsole and Traction

Though both shoes feature a standard rubber outsole, there are some divergences.

For instance, the outsole of the Suede has squared and crossed layout patterns that can cope with various surfaces and prevent slipping.

On the other hand, the outsole pattern of Gazelle is hexagonal (diamond pattern). This unique shape is more capable of handling wet surfaces.

But what about the durability?

Due to the similar rubber sole, the longevity is almost identical, and you can easily run 400 miles without severely damaging the outsole.

Adidas Gazelle is taking the lead in this section due to the superior traction.outsole-and-traction-of-adidas-gazelle

5. Peak Performance

These are classic sneakers that won’t deliver performance like other high-performance shoes.

Both shoes feature some cushioning, support for casual walking and general movement, and decent traction on dry surfaces.

Combining all these characteristics, the Suede and Gazelle shoes are excellent for everyday wear, light exercise, walking, and casual wear.

However, some recent Puma Suede models offer decent performance. For instance, the Puma Suede XXI performs better than the Puma Suede Classic.

Though these shoes do not excel in high performance, they still offer a good balance of support, flexibility, and cushioning, making them perfect for various workouts.

6. Fit and Sizing

In the context of fit and sizing, both shoes are true to size.

Let’s talk about the Puma Suede fits first. While buying PUMA Suedes, you don’t need to size up or down, thanks to its true-to-size fit.

However, the narrow profile of the Suede is not suitable for wide feet.

So, if you’ve wide feet or like a roomier fit, you should consider sizing up a half-size.

If you’re between sizes, the Suede can often feel so tight. In such scenarios, you should go one size up.

Similar to the Suede, the Gazelle also features a narrow profile. So, go half a size up if you’ve wide feet.fit-and-sizing-of-adidas-gazelle

Unless you have wide feet or severe foot condition, choose your regular size for both shoes.

7. Price and Value

Usually, the Puma Suede is priced from $70-80, while the price point of the Adidas Gazelle is around $80-$120.

For some collective models, the price can vary.

The average price of Gazelle shoes is a little high due to the more premium materials and collaborations.

Regarding the price and value ratio, the price of both sneakers is justifiable.

Pros & Cons of Puma Suede and Adidas Gazelle

Considering the advantages and drawbacks of both sneakers is essential before making a purchasing decision.

It will assist in picking the most appropriate shoe based on your preference and style. So, consider the subsequent strengths and disadvantages of Suede and Gazelle before concluding.

Puma Suede

  • »Timeless classic style.
  • »Exceptionally versatile.
  • »More lightweight.
  • »Wide range of color options.
  • »Customization feature.
  • »Comfortable fit.
  • »Best bang for the buck.
  • »Durable materials.
  • »Limited breathability.
  • »Limited arch support.
  • »Less traction on wet surfaces.

Adidas Gazelle

  • »Timeless, stylish, retro design.
  • »Wide range of colors and styles.
  • »Signature T-toe.
  • »Highly versatile.
  • »Premium quality materials.
  • »Secure and comfortable fit.
  • »Extremely durable build.
  • »More breathable than Puma Suede.
  • »Slightly narrow fit.
  • »Pricier than Suede.
  • »Limited cushioning.

Puma Suede vs Adidas Gazelle: Which One is the Ultimate Pick?

When it comes to picking the ultimate winner, it highly depends on your personal style preference.

However, with a T-toe upper construction, the Adidas Gazelle offers a unique appearance, making it preferable for maximal breathability and durability.

In addition, the Puma Suede offers a perfect balance of flexibility and cushioning, and it is ideal for various workouts and training.

So, go with the Adidas Gazelle if you prefer an exponential range of colorways that blend with any outfit.

Conversely, pick the Puma Suede if you’re on a tight budget and still want the best classic sneakers for extended periods of wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Puma Suede a good shoe?

The Puma Suede is a durable, comfortable, and versatile sneaker, which is Puma’s most iconic sneaker. Undoubtedly, this is a good quality shoe for the price and design. Moreover, its timeless design will never go out of style.

Are Adidas Gazelles real suede?

Yes, Adidas Gazelles are made from suede. The Gazelles were the first shoes where Adidas utilized genuine suede instead of leather or canvas. This suede is more flexible and lighter than leather without sacrificing foot protection.

Is the Adidas Gazelle comfortable?

The Adidas Gazelle shoes are adequately comfortable, but you cannot expect the comfort of a max-cushioned shoe. This shoe is not built for long-distance walks or runs. However, you can use a padded insole for extended wearings.

Is Puma Suede waterproof?

No, the regular Puma Suedes aren’t waterproof and can easily get damaged due to water. Fortunately, there is a GTX version of Suedes, Puma Suede VTG GTX. This model features a waterproof design to keep your feet dry.

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