Puma Suede Vs Puma Clyde: What’s the Main Difference?

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As a buyer, it’s essential to compare the features and benefits of both shoes to make an informed decision.

But it can be quite confusing when the shoes look almost identical, with barely any differences described between them on the official website either.

The same can be said about the Puma Suede and Puma Clyde sneakers; two icons from one brand.puma-suede-vs-clyde

To help out any potential buyer, let’s break down each aspect of these shoes and determine which one is a better fit.

A Quick Overview of the Puma Clyde and Suede

The Puma Suede and Clyde are both classic sneakers with rich histories and devoted followings.

With over 50 years of legacy, the Puma Suede started as Puma Crack. Later, it evolved into Puma Clyde, then into Puma States, and finally into the Puma Suede.

Source: puma.com

The first Puma Clyde shoe was released in 1971 after signing a deal with basketball star Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

Due to this collaboration, this shoe has a low-profile style and is made of suede leather.

Source: puma.com

The Puma Suede claimed its rightful place in the sneaker market in the late 80s, right when the skateboarding subculture started to become popular.

With this newfound influence, Puma focused on making these shoes more versatile, as well as more durable. They started incorporating sturdier midsoles, more compliant uppers, and additional color palettes to appease the target crowd.

Currently, both Clyde OG and Suede Classic XXI sneakers are readily available on Puma’s official website and in retailers.

Feature Comparison between Puma Clyde OG and Puma Suede Classic XXI

As the Puma Suede is an evolved version of the Puma Clyde, the technical aspects of these shoes have some similarities, as well as some distinct dissimilarities.

Let’s do a side-by-side technical comparison between the Puma Clyde OG and Suede Classic to get a better understanding.

AttributesPuma Clyde OGPuma Suede Classic XXI
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
Upper materialFull suede leather(100%)Full suede leather(97.19%)
LiningSynthetic and textile liningSynthetic leather lining
InsoleTextile socklinerTextile sockliner
MidsoleFull rubberFull rubber
OutsoleRubber, Herringbone tread for tractionRubber, Herringbone tread for traction
Break-in periodSlightly shorterSlightly longer
Best forEveryday wear, some light basketballCasual wear, skateboarding, everyday comfort
CostAround $110Around $75

On a side note, check out the differences between the Puma Suede Classic and Suede XXI.

Fundamental Differences Between Puma Suede Classic XXI and Puma Clyde OG

Puma’s sneaker lineups are true testaments of time as the Puma Suede Classic and Clyde OG are still some of the most popular shoes in the market.

After using both of these pairs, I have noticed a few differences between these shoes that should be noted by any potential buyers.

Here are the key differences between the Puma Suede Classic and Clyde OG:

1. Design and Aesthetic

Due to its basketball heritage, the Puma Clyde OG gives a classic hoops vibe and court-trainer look. It has a streamlined silhouette and clean lines to boast a minimalist aesthetic.

There are also a few overlays or embellishments on its upper to add a layer of characteristics to the sneaker.

Its premium suede construction elevates the overall look and feel of the Clyde OG, making it perfect for any outfit to style up or down.

However, it has a two-tone theme and noticeably fewer colorways than the Suede Classic.

Speaking of, the Puma Suede Classic XXI can be described as a minimalist masterpiece.

Its simple and timeless design has made it a wardrobe staple, thanks to the uncluttered lines and more contrasting colorways.

As a result, the Suede Classic is a more versatile fit for casual or occasional use.design-and-aesthetic-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

The in-step opening of the Puma Clyde is also slightly larger than the Suede Classic.

Both shoes have subtle branding, with a small Puma logo on the tongue and heel(only on the Suede Classic). They also have gold foiled and debossed PUMA branding on their vamp.

2. Upper Construction

The Puma Clyde OG has a full suede leather upper for a premium feel and comfort.

It’s a 100% leather construction with fewer panels and stitch details. Such a construction gives this shoe a cleaner and minimalistic look.

On the other hand, Puma decided to mix things up in the Suede Classic and opted for 97.19% leather and 2.81% textile in its upper construction.

It increases the overall durability without sacrificing the classic premium feel these sneakers are known for.

It also contributes to the slight price decrease compared to the Clyde OG.

During my day-to-day wear, I noticed that the Clyde OG felt more comfortable and breathable, mostly due to the relaxed fit of this shoe. But more on that later.

The Suede Classic also has more paneling and stitched details around the toe box and vamp than the Clyde.upper-construction-of-puma-suede-classic-xxi

3. Midsole and Comfort

Both sneakers utilize full-length rubber midsole for a stable yet soft platform.

That being said, the Puma Clyde OG has a softer cushioning than the Suede Classic.

Such a characteristic makes the latter model more suitable for everyday wear. It will also reduce foot fatigue for longer running/walking sessions.

On the flip side, due to Clyde’s focus on court activities, it has a more responsive and firmer midsole than the Suede, which is great for stability and support.

The Clyde also has a slightly wider platform than the competitor, which enhances the overall stability of the shoe even further.midsole-and-comfort-of-puma-clyde-og

It’s definitely a more suitable option for neutral runners or overpronators.

4. Outsole and Durability

To be honest, there’s not much difference between the outsole quality of these shoes.

Both Puma sneakers have quality craftsmanship in their outsole construction.

Durable rubber can be found in both shoes, which can easily cover over 300-400 miles of walking. They also have herringbone tread patterns for excellent grip and traction on various surfaces.

5. Fit and Sizing

Both shoes are low-top sneakers with true-to-size fit. They also have half-size options to accommodate any foot shape.

And that’s not all!

Since Walt Fraizer wanted a bit less weight and a different shape in his footwear, the Clyde OG has a slightly narrower profile and more pointed toe cap than the Suede Classic.

Nonetheless, both shoes are quite narrow for wider foot shapes.

So I’d suggest going for a half size up for both sneakers if you have a wider forefoot or want a more relaxed feel in the midfoot area.


The Suede Classic XXI has a slightly longer tongue than the Clyde OG. It also has more padding than the latter to provide more midfoot comfort and snug fit.tongue-of-suede-classic-xxi

Conversely, since these sneakers are a bit narrow, some might not like this constricting feel, especially for everyday walking.


Both shoes have a traditional full lace closure system with 6-eyelets. They also feature an additional eyelet in the midfoot for a secure heel lockdown fit.

I didn’t notice any loose lacing during my gym workouts for either brand’s offerings.

Heel and Collar

There’s barely any difference in collar padding between these shoes.

However, during high-performance activities, the Clyde has a snugger heel that feels more secure than the Suede Classic’s heel counter.

TraitsPuma Clyde OGPuma Suede Classic
FitTrue to size, Slightly narrowTrue to size, Snug fit
SizingGo half a size up for wider feet or a more comfortable fitGo half a size up for wider feet or looser fit
HeelFits snug and secureMay experience heel slippage

6. Weight Distribution

The Puma Clyde is slightly lighter(0.2 ounces) than the Suede Classic.

The weight difference is barely noticeable during everyday wear, so neither shoe has any advantage in this regard.

But that’s not all!

The slightly thicker midsole of the OG Clyde can distribute weight more evenly across its build. This offers better stability and support, especially for heel strikers.

In the meantime, the Classic Suede concentrates its weight more in the forefoot and midfoot area, potentially offering greater mobility for sports or activities.weight-distribution-of-suede-classic-xxi

7. Price and Value Proposition

The Puma Clyde OG is around $30 more expensive than the Suede Classic XXI.

The Clyde has a more premium feel and better outdoor performance than the Suede. But the Suede also has a slightly more comfortable fit and almost identical construction than the Clyde.

So it’s harder to pick a winner for value proposition as each shoe excels in its own regard.

Whether the extra $30 is worth spending for Clyde OG depends entirely on your preferences and needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Puma Suede Classic XXI and Puma Clyde OG

Despite both sneakers being a fashion statement, each shoe has its particular advantages and disadvantages for daily wearing due to the slight variances in their construction.

These distinct benefits and drawbacks of each sneaker can help you make a better purchase decision.

Hence, let’s review the pros and cons of the Puma Suede XXI Classic and Puma Clyde OG:

Puma Suede Classics XXI

  • »Iconic style for versatile wearing.
  • »More durable.
  • »Wider variety of colors and styles to choose from.
  • »Costs less.
  • »Slightly narrower midfoot build.
  • »Less supportive.

Puma Clyde OG

  • »Similar iconic style to the Suede but with a more basketball-oriented look.
  • »More supportive.
  • »More comfortable and breathable.
  • »Responsive enough for daily jogging.
  • »Less versatile.
  • »More expensive.

Puma Suede Classic XXI Vs Clyde OG: Which Is More Suitable For You?

If you’re looking for a versatile Puma sneaker that also radiates a fashion statement with a rich history, the Clyde OG is a better pick than the Suede Classic XXI. Despite being a refined and cheaper version of the Clyde, the Suede lacked performance versatility and stylistic appeal.

However, for around $30 less, the Suede Classic offers an almost identical feel while being slightly more durable and comfortable.

That being said, the Clyde OG can be easily recommended to the masses as it has more support and better fit for its intended use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Puma Suede get wet?

No. Puma Suede can not get wet as the suede upper can quickly absorb the water and show water stains. If not dried out quickly, it can cause breakups in the upper construction over time.

Are Puma Suede and Clyde the same shoe?

No. Puma Suede and Puma Clyde are two different shoes. However, the Puma Suede is an evolved version of the Puma Clyde.

Is Puma Clyde good for skating?

Yes. The Puma Clyde can be a decent option for skating, but it’s not the best choice out there. The Puma Suede is a more ideal choice in this regard.

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