How To Polish Tan Leather Shoes : Easiest Procedure [2024]

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Does the mirror-like shine of your tan leather shoes have got dull?

Are you in search of the easiest ways of polishing tan leather shoes?

If yes, then my friend, you have opened the correct article. Because here, I have unveiled all the tips and tricks to achieve a lustrous and polished pair of tan leather shoes.

Polishing tan leather shoes is a bit of a tricky process. Therefore, to get the best result of polishing, you must do it correctly with the proper applicator and shoe cream.

So keep reading to discover the quick and easy methods of polishing tan leather shoes and add a definite wow factor to your overall

How To Polish Tan Leather Shoes The Correct Way?

A polished shoe not only adds that extra shine to the shoes but also speaks a lot about your personality and fashion. Whether you attend meetings, go to school, or even go for a casual hangout, polished shoes are necessary.

There are various kinds of shoes made with multiple fabrics. So the process of polishing them also varies. For instance, you can’t use black shoe polish on a tan leather shoe. Lack of knowledge about polishing shoes can either damage the shoe fabric or even ruin them completely.

Therefore, it is essential to know the correct technique and right choice of equipment to get the best outcome of shoe polishing.

Now let’s come to the main point. How to polish tan leather shoes the right way? Polishing tan leather shoes is a very easy process only if you do it correctly.

So let’s learn the easy yet useful method of polishing tan leather shoes:

Things you will need:

  • Shoe Brush
  • Tan Shoe Polish
  • Clean Cloth
  • Protector Spray

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Step 1: Cleaning the shoesclean-the-shoes

The most important step of polishing shoes is to clean them first. You definitely don’t want to polish your shoes with all the puddle and mud you have a walkthrough.

So start the polishing process by taking off the shoelaces if your shoes have any.

Pack the shoes with a newspaper or a shoe tree; it will keep the shoes stable and make your polishing much more effortless.

Now with the help of a shoe brush, light-handedly brush off the excess dirt particles. Be very gentle while brushing, or else the nap of the shoe’s fabric may get ruined. If you don’t have any shoe brush, you can also use a toothbrush, but make sure the bristles are soft enough.

Take a clean cloth and wipe off all the mud and dirt. If your shoes are heavily dirty, you can use a leather cleaner to remove all the dirt and debris.

Cleaning the shoes before polishing is an essential step, so do not miss this step. Ensure there are no dirt particles left, or else it may scratch your shoes while rubbing the polish on the shoes.

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Step 2: Apply the polish

It’s time to polish the shoes. Purchase a good-quality brown shoe polish from any shoe store. The polish has to be of top-notch quality because low-quality shoe polish can make the shoes very dry and eventually crack them.

While buying the polish, make sure you choose the right shade for your shoes.

Use a clean damp cloth to apply the polish. Wrap the fabric around your two fingers and take a small amount of brown shoe polish and gently rub the polish into the shoes in a small circular motion. As you are using your fingers tips, make sure to cover the corner of the shoes with the polish to get an even shine.

While rubbing the polish on the shoes, make sure to smear them in a consistent direction. This will prevent any uneven lines or patches.

Now keep the polish sit in the shoes for 5 minutes to let the leather absorb all the cream polish’s goodness.

Step 3: Brush the shoes

It’s time to work the cream on the shoes and give an excellent gloss to them. With a horsehair brush, brush the entire shoe in a to and fro motion. The harder you buff the shoes, the more the leather will get warm and let the shoe cream work better and makes the shoe very shiny.

Buff the shoes until there is no residue of shoe cream.

Take a clean cloth and buff the shoes gently to get that extra shine.

Now let the shoes sit until its completely dry.

Wash the shoelaces separately with mild detergent and dry them.

Re-lace the shoes and you are good to wear them.

How To Polish Leather Shoes Without Shoe Polish?

Polishing shoes without any shoe cream sounds a bit weird, right. But yes, you can polish your shoes with your household items. These techniques are rather a quick solution for polishing shoes and are not recommended to use frequently.

Below are the quick hacks that you can follow to polish your shoes without any shoe cream:polish-leather-shoes-without-shoe-polish

  • Apply a small amount of vegetable oil on a clean cloth and rub the shoes to get a nice sheen.
  • To moisturize the shoes and add a sheer gloss to them, buff a little petroleum jelly on the shoe’s surface.

These methods give instant results but don’t last for a long time. Make sure to do a patch test before applying any oil or petroleum entirely on the shoes. In some cases, the shoes get stained due to the oil.

How To Take Proper Care Of Tan Leather Shoes?

Taking care and cleaning the shoes is as important as polishing them. Proper maintenance of a pair of shoes increases its lifetime and makes them look brand new after several months of wearing.

Here are the tricks that you should do to take care of tan leather shoes:

  • Clean the shoes: After each wear, wipe your shoes with a clean cloth; this will remove the excess dirt and dust and also prevents the build of dirt particles in the shoes.
  • Polish the shoes: Try to polish your shoes once every month. Choose a high-quality shoe cream and follow my above instruction on how to polish tan leather shoes and polish your shoes. Polishing not only shines your shoes but also prevents the leather from being soaked in moisture. Also, polishing increases the longevity of the shoes.
  • Condition the shoes: To keep your tan leather shoes smooth and prevent drying out, conditioning them is necessary. Condition your shoes once a month with a leather conditioner; this will moisturize the shoes and nourishes the fibers.
  • Waterproof the shoes: The suppleness of leather shoes often gets damaged when they are exposed to water. To prevent this, use a good waterproofing spray on your leather shoes. It will protect the shoes from water as well as will keep your feet dry.

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It’s time to say bye-bye to the cobbler and save your few bucks. Because my guide on polishing tan leather shoes will make you master in polishing. Now that you know all the steps to polish tan leather shoes, so why wait? Take out all your unpolished shoes and add life to them.

If you have any queries regarding shoe polishing, feel free to comment.

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