Nike Vs Adidas Golf Shoes [Comparison of Key Features]

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While golfing, besides the outfit, your sportswear is very important to maintain your balance during the game. Nike and Adidas always followed up in designing the best golf shoes.


So, deciding which brand is better is challenging.

In this write-out, I will make the tough decision easy for you by comparing the features of Adidas and Nike sneakers.

Keep reading until the end.

Key Differences Between Adidas and Nike Golf Shoes

Regarding making good quality shoes, Adidas and Nike are hard to beat. From casual to sportswear, such as golf shoes, the quality is there.  However, there are many dissimilarities between these two popular brands.

Let’s find out the differences between Nike and Adidas golf shoes:


Comfort is a must when you are wearing a shoe for 18 rounds. It puts a lot of pressure on the padding and cushioning under your feet. Nike and Adidas both have their cushioning system to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Adidas Boost as well as LightStrike technology provide ultimate support for your underfoot in shoes like the Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoes.


On the other hand, Nike uses air units for both bounce and cushioning for your every step. The Air Zoom Technology provides the right amount of comfort for long hours during golfing.

Both of these brands ensure comfort but in their own specific Individual way. Not only golf shoes, but Nike’s running shoes are also different from Adidas’s.


Another major factor you need to consider before buying your golf shoe is the price. Comparing  Adidas  ZG21 which costs around $73.47 is cheaper than Nike’s 129 dollars Air Max Golf Washed Teal Running Shoes.

That can be a reason why Russians love Adidas don’t you think?

My brother’s favorite pair is the Adidas Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes.

He loves the solid colors and simplicity of this comfy shoe. And with $110 it’s a decent pair.


Though Nike golf sneakers are highly priced, golfers choose them according to their preferences. My brother’s next Nike target is the Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20.



While Adidas golf pairs come with six spikes on a Thintech TPU outsole, Nike has a set of piston spikes placed beneath the Zoom Air grip. These piston spikes work and provide better energy return during movements.

And the six spikes of Adidas maximize your grip and ensures getting the right shot.


Despite these differences, some similar technologies exist, such as cushioning under different names. So which pair you will enjoy varies according to your choice.

Pros and Cons of Nike & Adidas Golf Sneakers

There is no pair of shoes without advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for popular high-end brands like Adidas and Nike. Their golf sneakers are promising, yet not 100% perfect.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Nike and Adidas golf shoes:

Adidas Golf Shoes

  • »Comfortable.
  • »Low price.
  • »Thintech TPU outsole.
  • »Long-lasting.
  • »Provide good traction and mobility.
  • »Suitable for dry golfing.
  • »Not completely waterproof.

Nike Golf Shoes

  • »Long-lasting.
  • »Grippy.
  • »Waterproof.
  • »Responsive.
  • »Snug fit.
  • »True to size.
  • »Lacks durability.
  • »Higher price range.
  • »Less breathable.
  • »Takes time to clean.

Nike Vs Adidas Golf Shoes: Which is Better?

Adidas and Nike produce excellent quality golf shoes. Both of these brands have their specific unique features, which make their shoes withstand others.


Adidas is an excellent choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly, good-quality golf shoe. On the other hand, for a better grip and cushioning, while moving, Nike golf shoes can be your ideal pair.

Whichever sneaker you choose, you need to think about the performance, grip, mobility, cushioning, and last but not least, the price.

The best solution is to try on Adidas and Nike shoes and decide which one you want to pick for your next golf practice. But for me, Adidas is the better choice.

If you are interested in other sports like skateboarding, find out whether you can skate in Adidas Superstar.


Are Adidas Golf shoes true to size?

Yes, Adidas golfing shoes are true to size. However, the sizing may vary depending on which model you are choosing.

What pro golfers wear Adidas?

When it comes to Adidas, pro golfers like Tyrrell Hatton, Dustin Johnson, Daniel Berger, Xander Schauffele, Jessica Korda, Joaquin Niemann, and so many others wear them.

Does Air Jordan make golf shoes?

Yes, Air Jordan makes golf shoes named The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf which have five different color options. You can buy this pair from Adidas’s official website.

What kind of shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods wears FootJoy golf shoes for more stability and better performance.

Parting Thoughts

Adidas and Nike have been on the market for ages for their newest innovations and quality shoes that they launch yearly. In golfing sector, it’s no different.

You will find different comfort levels, pricing, and performance from Nike and Adidas golf shoes. And you can choose according to your need.

These informations are enough to clear your concept and select your ideal golf shoe.

Thanks for keeping up.

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