Is 6pm Legit? [Customers Reviews & Rating Compiled]

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Wanna buy a branded pair from yet confused about their mixed reviews? Also, need an authentic answer regarding their legality before placing an order.


Well, I’ll help you to clear your confusion and my first buying experience by using the 6pm website back in 2018.

In this article, you’ll find all answers to their legitimacy and reliability, along with some strong justification that I compiled with customers’ feedback.

Read along!

Is 6pm Legit or Scam? is not a scam, it’s a fully legit website. This retail market is renowned for its noticeable legit and reliable factors for a long 25 years. Furthermore, 6pm is the trustworthy name when trust is the main component of online platforms.

Confirming customers’ feedback, got 3.61 rating stars from 474 reviews. Most customers are satisfied with their services. This rating star is compiled reviews of their service, quality, and values.


According to the last 12 months, they got 56.5% positive reviews. And recently, 6pm ranked 11th among all the General Apparel sites.

Moreover, the website won the customer choice award in 2021.

If you take my example, I love them for their vast brand collection. Usually, other websites only cover gigantic brands, whereas 6PM resells affordable shoes and attire too. For me, is the single name of authenticity.

Factors That Make 6pm Legit is exceptional for its remarkable offerings and policies. After vigorous research and observation, I found 4 major key components of 6PMs legitimacy.

Here are the 4 factors that make 6pm legit: Never Sale Fake Products

The most common problem in online platforms, they sell fake or B-Grade products. However, this website never sells dupe products.

I know sometimes they sell old versions, discontinued shoes, and clearance merchandise, but they are not fake. Those are the previously stocked apparel or shoes. Each of the shoes is original, like Zappos.

And that’s very obvious because 6pm is owned by

Zappos also sifted the discontinued products to 6pm. And the website sells the old pairs with some attractive discount, yet they never sell any defective or factory second products.

Furthermore, if you are searching for a used shoe that charges a minimum price, you must check another website, GOAT. Goat is a safe website that sells used branded shoes along with brand-new pairs.

6pm Offer a Return Policy

The return policy is one of the crucial policies when we wish to buy shoes online without any trial. Luckily, 6pm also includes this option in their customer service offerings.

But the procedure of return is quite tricky and pricey. Because 6pm only offers a return policy, but never claims a free return policy.


So, customers have to pay the return shipping cost. To return the buying product, you should complete the whole procedure within 30 days of purchasing date.

Return policy is obvious when the shoe doesn’t fit your feet perfectly. So, Simply, you can reduce the chances of improper fittings by measuring your shoe size accurately.

No Hidden Terms & Conditions

While the other disloyal website tends to hide their condition, which is the key component of deceiving the customer.

Luckily, 6PM never hides any terms and conditions, you can check its policies with one click. It is like a transparent glass wall, so, you can see clearly their practices and offerings.

On top of that, in their exclusive “Terms & Conditions” section, they explained their contribution and limitations.

6PM Offer an Open Complaint Section

Five years back when I search their website and feedback, found an open complaint section, and that was shocking!


After purchasing shoes from 6PM, now I know why they are so bold and strong. Because they are clear about their strength and weakness with their customer.

Surprisingly, they reply individually to every complaint. And 6pm got an A+ from BBB (Better Business Bureau), for their clear concept & courage.

So, you can use the 6pm app to buy anything without hesitation. Beware of illegitimate platforms like Shiekh shoes.

What Makes 6PM Reliable

After legitimacy, reliability is the major sector that makes 6pm extraordinary.

Being a shoe enthusiast and using several specific websites, I have a clear concept of their products and pricing. Now I’ll share the factors along with their offered sales and delivery policies.

Let’s check out the 5 main factors that make 6pm reliable:

6PM Products

It’s a complete package of all branded apparel and accessories. Because you’ll find all the needed products on one website. offers a vast collection of men, women, and kids’ shoes, including other attire options. So, you can order Adidas, Nike, and Puma at a time by using one platform.

Also, they never compromise their product quality, accompanying their lucrative offerings.

6pm Pricing

How can we miss their affordable pricing option when we are discussing their major reliable factors?

Well, they always offer some discounts and appealing pricing. Many of their customers love them for their minimal pricing of shoes.

Moreover, they not only store international branded products but also store some local banded accessories. For instance, if you check their website vigorously, you should find their clothes starting price is $20 and the highest is $300.

Consequently, you can order any shoes within your minimum to maximum budget.

One-Day Sales at 6pm

One-day sales are the early morning sale of These sales work like a treasure trove for those who wanna purchase the maximum goods within a short budget.

Hence, if you like something in the one-day sale, you have to place your order before stock out.

Additionally, sometimes in their clearance section, they offer up to 90% discount on their shoes.


6PM Shipping Policy

6pm offers a limited shipping policy. As a US retailer brand, they’re only shipping for their US and their territory customer.

For each shipping, you have to pay at least $3.95 to $50. If your product delivery cost crosses 50 bucks, the extra charge will be free. The brand usually takes 4 to 5 working days to deliver the products.

However, If you are in a rush then you must ask for fast delivery which takes only 2 days. And that fast delivery charges a minimum of $9.99.

Proprietorship of 6PM

After all the discussion, maybe you want to know the actual owner of 6pm. And it’s quite an obvious question for those who want to purchase products from them.

Okay, in one word, you can say is owned by Amazon. Amazon is not a direct owner of 6pm, yet Amazon owns Zappos directly. As I have already mentioned, 6pm is the sub-brand of Zappos.

By hook or by Crook, Amazon holds the proprietorship of 6PM.

Amazon is the most renowned website for its reliability, and 6pm also maintains authenticity like its parent company.

General FAQs

Does 6pm have a physical outlet?

Recently, In Shepherdsville, K.Y, 6pm opened its very first retail store. And you can place an order from their store.

Does 6pm sell knockoffs?

No, 6pm never sells knockoffs or factory second products. 6PM is an authorized, authentic website where you can find all types of apparel products.

Does work?

Naturally, it works as other e-commerce website works. You can place an order, and they deliver your product within 4 to 5 days after payment clearance.

Parting Thoughts

As I have said, is one of the most legit websites. So, without any hesitation, you can buy your desired outfit from them.

I hope, you already found your asking answer about their authenticity along with some strong justification for reliability.

Let me know your take in the comment section after buying your desired pair from 6pm website.

Till then, happy shopping!

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