Hoka Hopara Vs Keen [Find out where these Sandals Diverse]

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When I think of outdoor activities, Hoka Hopara sandals swipe through my mind for their comfortable long hikes and the Keen for their durability and support for outings.


Though both of the sandals are great for outdoors, they are different in several aspects.

If you wanna know them stay tuned, as I will explain those through this write-out.

Key Differences between Hoka Hopara and Keen Sandals

Though Keen and Hoka Hopara sandals are for their comfortable outdoor service and they do what they are made for. Yet as they are from different brands, the variations in their outlook, design, and stability are pretty obvious.

Now, let’s find out the differences between Hoka Hopara and Keen sandals:


The first thing you will notice about Keen and Hopara sandals is their silhouette. Keen sandals come with several designs and structures, such as adjustable strap sandals with velcros, thong sandals, and enclosed multiple strap sandals.

Also, keen is popular for its sandals with open-toe, enclosed ankle straps, and cutouts. The vibrant color combination also differs from Hopara.

In contrast, Hopara comes with a wider toe box and heel dips on the inner sole for stable wear. They have styles like, enclosed ankle straps and dual-tone heel elevation.

But, Hopara’s color options are limited. They come only in three colors, Blue, Black, and Grey.

Comfort Level

Keen sandals are comfortable with their symbolic Original Fit-Iconic, spacious forefoot area, and roomy feel. Your toes stay protected in these pairs.

Moreover, Keen sandals come with high-rebound foam, athletic cushioning, and a grippy rubber-made outsole for maximum comfort during long hours. Their cord and straps are easy to adjust, and you can wear them easily.

Now, let’s move to Hoka Hopara. These sandals have built-in shoe tongues to protect your metatarsal area and thick padding for the toe to avoid any injury, which you will not find in Keen sandals.

Also, the Quick-lacing system makes Hopara easy to wear and adjusts the fitting according to your comfort.

Furthermore, It’s clear Hoka is comfortable for your feet. But if your feet are a bit smooth, you should know whether Hoka shoes are good for flat feet.

Sole Unit

The sole unit of every piece of footwear is very important. It holds the pressure of your body and provides stability. Hopara’s sole is made with Vibram MegaGrip rubber, ensuring excellent traction even on rocky terrain.

It’s a must for me as I am quite clumsy, and I slipped before I started wearing the Hopara sandals.

The midsole unit has EVA foam that I love about my All Gender Hopara sandals. For long hikes, the combination of outsole and midsole is tremendous.


On the other hand, Keen’s outsole is constructed with non-marking rubber. The midsole is also made with EVA foam, but the outsole of Hoka Hopara is way better than the Keen sandal. 

Upper Unit

The upper unit of Hopara and Keen is different when it comes to their design. The Hoka sandals have a closed toe along with a breathable and durable synthetic upper. The water-resistant feature of its upper help during wet hiking conditions.

Another highlight of Hopara upper is their bungee lacing which makes adjusting your sandal fittings easy peasy.

On the contrary, Keen sandals come with an open-toe design if you are not into closed-toe shoes.  Also, Keen’s sandals are waterproof but not as breathable as the Hoka hiking sandals.

I got the Women’s Newport Retro X  Smoky Bear as a gift and let me be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the outlook at all. But you can’t deny a gift so, I wore them a few times.

I like they also have bungee lacing like Hopara sandals. But I was pretty uncomfortable wearing them as my feet sweat a lot. And Keen’s breathability is not up to the mark.


Stability & Longevity

Keen’s hiking shoes are very well made. You can wear them on any sort of surface, dry or wet. They will last longer. Also, their footbed is contoured to change according to your foot shape to provide stability in every type of movement.

Moreover, the multi-directional lug outsole prevents any kind of slippage.

Now about Hoka Hopara sandals. They are durable without any doubt and all of the models are waterproof with a sturdy outsole for better performance on your terrain journey.

Furthermore, Hoka sandals come with a broad lug pattern with grooving which is responsible for the grip you enjoy on slippery surfaces for stability.

I love that these Hopara outdoor pairs also have inner padding in their rubber toe cap and tiny forefoot cutout that keeps your sandals in place and provides stable wear.

And in case you got your Hoka pairs dirty, you can easily clean your Hoka shoes as they don’t soak water that much.

Hoka Hopara Vs Keen: Pros and Cons

While Hoka Hopara shoes have super breathability and serve well. The contoured footbed of Keen sandals molds according to your feet’s shape. So, both of these footwear have other advantages along with several cons.

It’s time you know them properly.

Let’s check out the strengths and weaknesses of Keen and Hoka Hopara:

Hoka Hopara

  • »Waterproof.
  • »Grippy outsole.
  • »Excellent wet traction.
  • »Dries out quickly.
  • »Ideal for hiking.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Provides strong arch support.
  • »More breathable than Keen.
  • »Not very stylish looking. 
  • »Lacks adjustability.
  • »Not easy to slip on.
  • »Certain models are quite heavy.
  • »Fits tight when worn with socks.


  • »Provides good cushioning.
  • »Highly comfortable.
  • »Durable built.
  • »Excellent wet-surface traction.
  • »Worth the cost.
  • »Supportive.
  • »Quite heavyweight.
  • »Gives blister.
  • »Not suitable for narrow feet.
  • »Less breathable than Hopara.


If you are looking for waterproof and greapy top-performing hiking sandals, Hoka Hopara with their high arch support and comfort will be the ideal pair for you.

And Keen is also a fantastic pair in case you are planning to hike during cold seasons and you will be comfortable in these durable supportive shoes.

Either way, your comfort will not be compromised. So, select yours depending on the features you prefer about Keen and Hoka Hopara.


Can you hike in Keens?

Yes, you can easily hike in Keen sandals because they offer durable yet grippy outsole, a supportive footbed, and toe protection to hike any trails.

Is Hoka Hopara Waterproof?

Yes, Hoka Hopara shoes are waterproof. These are designed with HOKA lens that helps the wearer go through any dry or wet terrain.

Can you wear socks with Keen sandals?

Yes, you can wear socks with your Keen hiking sandals. But rotate your socks during summer for an evenly tanned leg.

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