Gypsy Jazz Vs Hey Dudes [Head-to-Head Comparison]

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Two months ago, when I was roaming in the shoe market, I saw a boat shoe named Gypsy Jazz, which was pretty similar to my Hey Dudes. And the merchant asks for only $20.


After wearing both of them, I prepared a compiled feature analysis of their mismatches, benefits, and drawbacks.

So if you want to pick one pair between these duos, this article will help you for sure.

Without further ado, scroll down!

Short Overview of Gypsy Jazz and Hey Dudes

Before getting into their feature variations, it’s obvious to know their thoughts behind making this type of exceptional shoe for regular wear.

Let’s know the short overview of gypsy jazz & hey dudes:

Gypsy Jazz shoes were initially produced for famous jazz musicians in the early 1920s. The musicians need a pair that ensures comfort with lightweight features. But after that, the shoes became famous for their colorful and cozy attributes.

After a century, in 2008, the American hand-made Hey Dude brands arrived in the shoe field with similar outlooks. And this brand was inspired by a Western comedy series named Hey Dude. It’s gained instant popularity for its services and eco-friendly aspects. 

Variations Between Hey Dudes & Gypsy Jazz

When it’s come to comfortable shoes like Hey Dude and Gypsy Jazz, it’s tough to pick one without knowing their detailed feature variations.

Here I’ll describe the function comparison of Hey Dude & Gypsy Jazz, so let’s check this out:

Cushioning & Support

Hey Dude & Gypsy Jazz, both shoes offer different levels of comfort depending on their materials.

In terms of cushioning, gypsy jazz is the most preferable due to ultra-padded footbeds and noticeable arch support. They are also perfect for day-long activities. cushioning-and-support

Contrary, Hey Dudes are featured with thin and lighter sole, which is specially designed for those who have special foot conditions like bunions. They are perfect for indoor use because the shoe doesn’t offer enough arch support like Gypsy Jazz. 

Size & Fit

Gypsy Jazz and Hey Dude run neither big nor small; both run true to size.

However, Fitting-wise, both shoes show different nature, whereas Hey Dude offers snug fitting, and Gypsy Jazz offer relaxed fitting. Because the Hey Dude shoes are featured with a narrow toe box.

Besides, the brand doesn’t have any wide line, so if you have wide feet, you need to buy a size larger hey dudes for perfect fittings.

Conversely, Gypsy jazz comes with a wider toe box and roomy space, where you will find enough space to wiggle your forefoot. And that feature makes them appropriate for wide feet people.

So, if you have broad feet, Gypsy Jazz is more suitable than Hey Dude. Also, the brand presents a narrow size line with the wide one. 

Midsole Comparison

Regarding midsole, Hey Dude and Gypsy Jazz shoes are different.

Hey Dudes use EVA and rubber to make their comfortable midsole, whereas Gypsy Jazz uses the cork with EVA sole. Cork midsoles enhance the shoe’s lifespan but can’t confirm the ultimate comfort.

Contrary, the combination of Rubber and EVA gives shoes maximum flexibility. So, if you want instant comfort, grab the Hey Dudes without hesitation.


Comparing Price

Both shoes, Hey Dude and Gypsy Jazz carry different price aspects.

Because as I have said before, Gypsy Jazz has enormous budget-friendly models, which start at only $20 per pair. But, some of their customized models are charged more than $600 per shoe.

On the other side, Hey Dude has a moderate price range, which starts at $59.95 to a maximum of $110. However, the brand presents an alluring sales campaign where you can find their expensive pairs at a lower price. 

Manufacturing Materials

Hey Dudes are well known for their eco-friendly raw materials. Mainly, the brand uses recycled leather, rubber, and fabric to manufacture its popular shoe models. The brand ensures its shoe longevity and comfort with reused products. But this green material doesn’t make Hey Dude shoes waterproof.

However, Gypsy Jazz never uses eco-friendly products to make their quality shoes. Sometimes they use reused tires to make their shoes long-lasting. 

Color Options

In terms of color, there are more shade options in Gypsy Jazz than the Hey Dudes.

Hey Dude has only nine colors available, whereas gypsy jazz offers more than 25 hues along with their vibrant printed designs.

And surprisingly, you can customize your footwear with different shades in Gypsy Jazz, but they are pricey. 

Availability and Popularity

Regarding availability and popularity, Hey Dude is the clear winner. In 15 years, the brand gained tremendous popularity, which gypsy jazz couldn’t earn within 100 years.

Furthermore, Gypsy Jazz is not available in local markets, but Hey Dudes do. And its availability options are working as a trump card for its fame.

Gypsy Jazz Vs Hey Dudes: Pros & Cons

Where Hey Dude manufactures eco-friendly shoes, the Gypsy Jazz provides the customized option. Each shoe comes with its personal benefits along with its drawbacks. You must check out their strengths and weaknesses to make the right pick. 

Gypsy Jazz

  • »Regular shoes are affordable. 
  • »Good for wide feet. 
  • »More durable. 
  • »Lots of color options. 
  • »Customize facilities available. 
  • »Offer moderate arch support. 
  • »Customized shoes are expensive. 
  • »Sometimes unavailable. 
  • »Absence of eco-friendly materials.  

Hey Dude 

  • »Eco-friendly shoes. 
  • »Run true to size. 
  • »Good for special foot conditions. 
  • »Comfortable midsole. 
  • »More popular and available. 
  • »Starting prices are a little high.
  • »Congested toe box. 
  • »Limited color options. 
  • »Lack of arch support. 


When you are looking for a comfortable and supportive pair, then Gypsy Jazz is your desired gemstone. Because this pair fulfills all the requirements and presents appealing color options.

Moreover, it also offers customized options so that you can make your own shoes according to your preferences. Their spacious toe box provides enough space for flexible movement and is also appropriate for wide-fitted people.

However, if you want a pair for your special foot condition, then Hey Dude is preferable. The midsole offers moderate comfort with a lightweight appearance. Hey Dude, shoes are also manufactured with eco-friendly products, so grab your chosen model if you enjoy wearing green products.

Now it’s your turn to pick your desired one. Personally, I love my Gypsy Jazz Magical Mint for regular outdoor use.


Are Gypsy Jazz shoes as comfortable as Hey Dudes?

Yes, Gypsy Jazz is more comfortable than Hey Dudes. Actually, Its padded insole and offered arch support make them ultra comfy.

Why are Hey Dudes so popular?

Hey Dude, shoes are popular because of their sustainable materials and stylish appearance. Not only that, but they also confirm moderate comfort with their thin and lightweight insole.

Do Gypsy Jazz shoes run big?

No, Gypsy Jazz shoes run true to size and fit snugly. So, if you have between sizes, go with the large one.

Who owns Hey Dude shoes?

Crocs has owned Hey Dude shoes since 23 December 2021. Crocs obtain the brand for $2.5 Billion.

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