How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor with Tea Bags? [Simple Remedy]

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Returned home from the workplace and put off the shoes. Suddenly realized, terrible malodor is coming from the shoes!

And at the end of this long exhausting day, you really don’t intend to clean the stinky shoes.


Well, I’m gonna share a simple odor removal technique, where you can fix the stinking by placing tea bags inside the shoes instead of washing them.

So, stay tuned & fix smelly pairs!

How to Use Tea Bags to Remove Shoe Odor?

Tea bags in shoes can be used in two ways. You can put 2-3 used tea bags inside the sneakers for 1 hour. Otherwise, pop dry unused tea bags into the footwear for 24 hours. This approach removes light fetor and deodorizes the shoes.

Tea bags are even used to remove the odors left after removing molds from Ugg boots. Now, let’s focus on each method step by step so that you can select the preferred one for your ill-smelling yet favorite sneakers.

Utilize Used Tea Bags in Shoes

You might drink a cup of tea every morning and evening. Do not throw out those tea bags. Instead, gather some of them and get started with the procedure.

Step 1: Take recently used 2-4 moist filter paper-made tea sachets. If there are previously used dry tea bags, soak them in the hot water for two minutes and make them buoyant.


Step 2: When the tea bags become slightly cool, keep 2 sachets inside each sneaker. So that, The tannins (an ingredient of tea leaf) seep inside the sole.

Step 3: Keep the shoes aside for an hour and do your necessary chores. During this time, the tannins will fight against the unpleasant odor-creating bacteria and germs.

Step 4: One hour has passed. Now it’s time to take the tea bags out of the shoes. After removing the sachets, wipe the shoes and leave them to air dry.

Done with the steps properly? OK, now enjoy your walk with stench-free pairs!

Bonus Tips:

  • In case of a stubborn foul smell, use more tea bags and make a layer with them across the insole.
  • If you’re in a rush, apply low heat from a blow dryer to boost the shoe drying speed.
  • Time maintenance is so important in this task. Otherwise, shoes may ruin.

I’ve noticed people leave 10 tea bags in each boot for 2 weeks. And complain that their long-lasting Dr. Martens smell like hot garbage. How insane the idea is!

Obviously, you won’t involve in this type of silly work. For now, let’s get back to our main topic.

Unused Tea Bags As Shoe Odor Removal

Previously I mentioned new tea packets work well for the slightly unpleasant smell. But when wet shoes become malodorous, it’s easy to fix them using an unused tea bag. So, let’s see the entire procedure –

Step 1: Pick some new and dry teabags of your preferred flavors. You can choose any flavor such as Pure peppermint, Acai Berry, Honeybush Mandarin, or Lavender.


Step 2: Erase excess water from the damp shoe with the help of a towel or sponge.

Step 3: Stuff 4-5 unused teabags in each drenched and stinky shoe. In the case of wet laces, untie them and keep them onto the teabag layer.

Step 4: Leave them for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area. After the particular duration, you will find a dry and scented pair.

Step 5 (Optional): If your sneakers are still humid, keep them in the airy place for one more day. Or take the help of a hairdryer to make the shoes wearable.


In the former instant method, tannins from damp bags enter the soles and kill the odor generators. But can you guess how unused tea sachets struggle with germs?

Actually, they absorb moisture and stench causing inhabitants from wet leather or fabrics. Moreover, releases sillage associated with the tea ingredients.

What Kind of Tea Bags Make Shoes Smell Better?

Used Black Tea bags are most efficient to take the smell out of shoes and make them smell better. Instead of using food-grade plastic or muslin silk tea bags, buy filter paper bags. Otherwise, moisture and bacteria absorption will be inhibited.

However, Green, White, and Oolong tea also work well as shoe deodorant. But relatively dense tannins concentration of damp black seeds nicely acts as an odor eliminator for shoes.

To get a refreshing fragrance from your shoes, you must follow the techniques mentioned in the former sections.

But when choosing tea bags, you might be confused. Because there are so many options available.


No worries buddy!

You may use any of your choices, whether it is black or green tea. Even coffee beans are also used to increase shoe scent. But to get the best result, make use of black ones!

According to researchers, black tea has the highest tannin concentration, while green tea is often credited with having the lowest. White and oolong fall somewhere in between.

Moreover, tannin level varies according to how tea is prepared. So prior to using tea bags for shoes, make sure not to put them into boiling water for more than 2 minutes.


Forget about throwing your stinky sneakers or used tea bags into the garbage.

Rather, follow the brilliant idea, get rid of shoe odor, and enhance the fragrance with the tea sachets.

Are additional queries bouncing through your mind? Without any hesitation, just ask all of them in the comment section.

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