Foamies Vs Crocs [Which is the Better Lounge Slipper?]

Written By Mahia

Ever since I laid my eyes on Crocs, it became an inseparable cozy sandal for me. Now that Sketches launched Foamies, I wanted to know what’s all this hype is all about.


During the hunt, I got myself  Foamies and compared every nook and cranny with my existing Crocs.

Through this write-out, I will share my experience and a genuine overview of their differences. So, sit back and keep reading.

Differences Between Foamies and Crocs

Crocs and Foamies are comfy, versatile footwear you can wear for ages. To know which is better, you must know about their dissimilarities.

Let’s dive into the differences between Crocs and Foamy slides:

Building Materials

The first thing I noticed when I got my Foamies Arch Fit Horizon was the difference in materials from Crocs.

Foamy sandals are made of foam rubbers which include ingredients like polyurethane, natural rubber, and synthetic rubber. These materials ensure comfort every time I wear them.

Foamies also come with sensitive memory foam, which gives a very smooth cushioning under the feet. Skechers’ other key technology is the padded memory for a firmer experience.

Meanwhile, Crocs are manufactured from Crosslight materials. It makes your Crocs quite soft and comfortable but not as much as Foamies.

Crosslight materials are dense and thus provide less cushioning.


The next thing I felt is the comfort level. I have been wearing my Crocs Skyline Slide for years. The simple minimalist look got me sold.

These platform Crocs have a midsole and plush footbed, ensuring a comfortable feel.

Also, Crocs usually are more supportive, and I felt the same. My Crocs give more arch support than my Foamies. The main reason is the rubber materials are firmer.

In terms of cushioning, Foamies offer slightly more cushioning than Crocs.

This is because the foam material is softer and provides more support for your feet.

Anyway, Foamies’s materials are softer than Crocs, and they provide ultimate cushioning and support.

So, it’s clear that Foamies are more comfortable.


When buying a pair of slides with good quality material and cushioning system, you want them to last longer and be durable to hold your foot’s pressure.

Both Crocs and Foamies are pretty durable.  Crocs are made of flexible rubber materials, and Foamies have lightweight foam materials. These are highly durable and can withstand your everyday tear and wear.

But Crocs are more durable than Foamies.

The main reason is that rubber material is more resistant to scratches and scuffs than foam. Rubber also handles water damage well.

So, you don’t have to worry about your Crocs getting wet and losing their strength. Plus, you can repair your Crocs and enjoy them longer if it gets damaged.

Style of Sandals

Whether sandals or slides, you will see various designs and styles between brands. The same happens with Crocs and Foamies from Sketchers.

Crocs and Foamies have a variety of designs and colors. So, you can find your particular style that fits your individual choice.

Because of the classic clog designs, Crocs became so popular over time.

This is another reason why many costumes are leaning toward Foamies. Crocs have fewer styles, and not everyone enjoys the classic clogs look.

Meanwhile, due to the materials, Foamies have a lot of varieties, and you can find more traditional and modern-looking slides from Sketchers.

Which makes Foamies more versatile in styles and easy to go.


Crocs have thick outsole. So while walking, my platform Crocs gives me enough stability. These soles also make standing long hours in Crocs easier. You will find the same thickness from the front to the back, which leads to excellent stability.


Foamies also have thicker outsoles but are less sturdy than Crocs sandals. They have that bouncy feeling when you wear them for quicker movements.

Though Foamies come with thick rubber in the ball and heel, the rubber is much thinner in the middle of the sole.

Similar Features of Crocs & Foamies

Although both Foamies and Crocs share various differences, they have a few significant similarities. To select your ideal pair,  you must know their similar features.

Here are the identical features Foamies and Crocs share:

Fashionable and Trendy

Foamies and Crocs are trendy and comfortable slides. With their fun color and versatile appearance, they became a fashion statement.

Both of these slides are super comfortable to wear on a daily basis, and you can wear them with most of your outfits. I wear my Foamies Arch Fit Horizon with jeans, shorts, cargo pants, and whatnot.

They blend perfectly and give me a trendy outlook.

Moreover, don’t underestimate Crocs. With their slides, flatforms, and clogs, your styling options are endless. So, you don’t have to worry about what color Crocs goes with everything.

Simple Design

Another similar feature of Crocs and Foamies is their simple design. If you notice closely, Foamies Footsteps is identical to Classic Clogs.


The simple and basic thick soles are good for your ligaments and tendons. And they keep your feet comfy and pain-free every day. You also have that option if you want to try both in similar styles.

Crocs and Foamies: Pros and Cons

Every slides and clogs have specific facts that you love despite their lackings. To buy your ultimate slide sandals from Crocs and Foamies from Sketchers, you gotta know every advantage and cons.

Let’s find out the strengths and disadvantages of Foamies and Crocs:


  • »Durable.
  • »Cheaper.
  • »Easy to clean.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »More cushioning.
  • »Not stylish as Crocs.
  • »Not enough arch support.


  • »Stylish looking.
  • »Gives proper arch support.
  • »Various designs.
  • »Hard to clean.
  • »More durable.
  • »Expensive.


It’s hard to decide whether Foamies or Crocs are better because both footwear are durable, stylish, and comfortable.

If you are looking for a versatile slide with more modern and classic looks along with a lightweight, comfortable feel, Foamies will be a good choice for you.

And if you are after durable, water-resistant thick, cushiony sandals for your daily wear,  get a pair of Crocs and see its wonders.

Another way is to get a pair of each like me and mix and match them according to your outfit and necessity.  Either way, you will be satisfied.


Are Sketchers Foamies Comfortable?

Yes,  Skechers Foamies is very comfortable and gives you a soft and cushiony footbed under your feet. You can enjoy the comfort of these cute slides without any foot pain.

Are Crocs good for fat feet?

Yes, Crocs are good for fat feet because they have a roomy interior and toe-to-heel a thick footbed for comfort.

Are Foamies good for walking?

Yes, Foamies are good for walking. You can wear these slides for traveling, walking around the home, and running errands.

Final Words

As days went by, more and more customers became interested in comfortable and fun daily wear slippers, and both Crocs and Foamies won that trust.

Foamies come with several fun designs and colors, along with a very soft foamy footbed. And Crocs are the casual comfy slides that ensure stability and durability in any situation.

You can get any of them as now you have learned everything about Crocs and Foamies. Thanks for engaging.

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