Do Clark Shoes Run Big? [Size Guide for Unveiling the Truth]

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Wanna buy a pair of Clark for their comfy, trendy, and budget-friendly offerings is a pretty wise decision.

But after a little research, possibly you are pondering about Clarks’ size and fittings. And ask for an authentic answer, are they actually run big or not?


In this article, I’ll provide all the relatable arguments which I collected from my close ones’ feedback and compile the data with my personal experience.

And that gathered information will help you to solve your puzzled questions.

Let’s start!

Do Clark Shoes Run Big or Small?

In most cases, users find Clark shoes run true to size. However, there are some customers who find them half-size bigger than your actual size. In a short gist, Clark shoe size not only depends on their line variation but also depends on an individual’s foot shape.

Fortunately, the Clark brand provides half-size facilities, which offer you healthy and happy feet if you have any size issues. I would suggest you measure your shoe length and width properly for getting the desired fittings.

Clark boots never run small, some of their models tend to run a little big.

Clark’s shoes are mainly manufactured with three types of material that are leather, suede, and canvas. We all know both materials used to fit differently.

For instance, Clark Wallabees are usually run big because it manufactured with two-piece leather and suede materials.

On top of that, desert Shoes are hard to stretch so, it is mandatory to find accurate size shoes, otherwise, you will feel acute ankle pain with blisters.

Are Clark Shoes Run True to Size?

In the previous segment, I already said, Clark shoes run true to size. But in this part, I’ll be justifying the words with my own experience.

The shoes offer TTS, but with some conditions. Each pair fits differently, conforming to the user’s foot structure and shape.

If you have wide feet or normal feet, buy an accurate size. However, if you have narrow feet, maybe Clark shoes offer extra space for you. So I suggest you buy half or one size small Clark shoes for your narrow feet.

If you take my example, I have wide feet, and I used to wear US 7 women’s size. Luckily, I also purchase the same size in Clark dessert boots and that fit amazingly with some extra space. I found Clark dessert boots true to size.


At the same time, if you have normal feet, possibly the expanded space is more than enough for you, which may feel a little bulky or loose.

In consequence, you should buy Clark shoes after understanding the feet’ size and alignment are important.

Does Clark Have Wide Shoes?

Clark shoes are like the knight in shining armor for wide-fitted people. Because Clark offers different sizes for those who have wide and extra wide feet. Also, the shoes are famous for their footwear type and rich size classification.


Moreover, The Clark brand divided their sizes according to foot width measurement. For women and children, the company offers a 4 range of size lines, and for men a 3 wide range.

Clark offers different types of identification to mark their wide line.

Here are the symbolic names of its wide shoe line:

Clark shoe width range for Men’s:

  • Narrow Fit- F
  • Standard Fit- G
  • Wide Fit- H

Clark’s width shoe option for Women:

  • Narrow Fit- C
  • Standard Fit- D
  • Wide Fit- E
  • Extra Wide Fit- EE

Kids shoe options:

  • Narrow Fit- E
  • Standard Fit- F
  • Wide Fit- G
  • Extra Wide Fit- H

These are the richest size variation I have ever found. Their concern about customer satisfaction and comfort is clearly shown in the width lines. If you have wide feet like me, then without thinking too much just grab your suitable size.

They have a lot of options with width lines, that fit differently. So, you can select a pair conforming to your fittings choice.

In the next portion, I will disclose their size guide that also helps you in choosing the right pair.

Clark Shoe Size & Measurement Guide

Clark have vast options for their different sizes. The associated size chart also comes with the foot length, so you can easily find out a suitable size.

For example, if your foot length is 22.5, you must pick the US 6 size and the UK 3 ½. You know getting the perfect fitting is tricky because different brands offer different sizes according to country variation.

That time, the foot length is worked like saviors. And it is an essential factor for perfect fittings when you’re gonna order your Clark pair online.

Now I’m sharing Clark shoe’s Men & Women’s updated size chart for better understanding.

Clark Women Shoe Size Chart

Foot length (cm)US sizeUK size
21.652 1/2
22.15 1/23
22.563 1/2
236 1/24
23.574 1/2
23.87 1/25
24.185 1/2
24.68 1/26
25.196 1/2
25.49 1/27
25.9107 1/2
26.210 1/28
27.6129 1/2

Clark Men Shoe Size Chart

Foot length (cm)US sizeUK size
257 1/26 1/2
25.88 1/27 1/2
26.79 1/28 1/2
27.610 1/29 1/2
28.511 1/210 1/2

The given size chart will help you to select your perfect size of trendy Clark boots. Check their size options vigorously before placing any order.

How to Measure Clark Shoe Size

Perfect fittings depend on the perfect measurement. If you want close-fitting from your Clark shoes, you should follow a step-by-step guide to measure your shoe sizing.

  • First, take a piece of white paper and place it on an even and hard surface, like a tiled floor.
  • If you usually wear socks with your shoes, then do not forget to wear a pair of socks before measurement,
  • Place your foot against the wall, making sure your heel touches the wall vertically and the bottom should touch the floor horizontally.
  • Draw the feet by using a bold pencil. And use a measurement scale and measure the foot length and width.
  • Take the measurement of your both foot and consider the ideal size of your large foot.
  • Repeat this whole step for safety and note it down.
Try to complete the entire procedure in the evening, as your feet swell during the day. Consequently, your feet will be the biggest at the end of the day.

Look Before You Leave

As a whole, Clark shoes run true to size. However, running big or small depends on which model and range you select.

I hope the discussion and explanations will help you in deciding on the perfect size of Clark shoes. If still you have queries about Clark shoes, let me know in the below box.

Take care of your feet!

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