Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Nike Blazer [2024]

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Due to the simple construction and eye-catchy color combinations, the basic silhouette Nike Blazer is pretty coveted among hardcore sneakerheads.


The trendy pair is categorized into three segments: men, women, & unisex.

So when it comes to buying the shoe, buyers often wonder if there is any difference between Nike Blazer’s men’s and women’s styles.

In this write-up, I will clarify this query. So stay tuned!

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Nike Blazer?

The most prominent difference is their sizing, interior design, weight, and colors. Though Nike Blazers run true to size, women’s and men’s sizing varies by approximately 1.5 size difference. Moreover, the fitting differs due to the different foot anatomy of male and female users.

Now, let’s explain the dissimilarities in detail. So that you don’t have any confusion between men’s and women’s Nike Blazer.


Almost all brands follow a 1.5 size difference between their men’s and women’s footwear. Nike is no exception to this.

You can see in the following size chart that a men’s size 8 is equivalent to a women’s size 9.5 i.e. women should size down 1.5 sizes if she wants to switch to the men’s shoe world.

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 comes in 3.5 to 15 US sizes for men. On the other hand, this model avails 5 to 12 US sizes for female customers.

Nike Shoe’s Size Conversion Chart:

US Men'sUS Women'sCM / JP

Half sizes are easy to get both in men’s and women’s styles. However, the price does not change with size variations. Rather it depends on the shoe models.

For your convenience, I have attached Nike’s authentic size chart. See this to determine your Nike shoe size.

Shoe Interior

If you precisely notice men’s and women’s Blazer sneakers, you will discover that Women’s Nike Blazers midsole height is higher compared to men’s. Because women’s feet are more curved and have higher arches.

Hence, they need elevated soles for enough support underneath the feet.

On top of that, men’s Nike Blazer is somewhat wider and larger than women’s. Because male consumers have wider instep circumferences and longer foot lengths.

If male and female’s shoe length remains identical, male wearers will face toe bruising due to missing one thumb width of space in front of the toe.


[Male and female foot difference. From: Shopify]

Nike sneakers fitting is compact in the toe area whether it is a men’s or women’s style. So people often ask why Nike shoes are so narrow.

Actually, making a close-bodied toe box is Nike’s signature pattern. The shoe interior is designed in such a way so that the pairs snugly wrap users’ feet and provide a more secure fit.

This kind of fitting is quite defensive while people are skating, playing basketball, or relentlessly chasing to pursue their goals.

Weight Specifications

Men’s Nike Blazer weight: 11.8 ounces – 15 ounces.
Women’s Nike Blazer weight: 10.5 ounces – 12.8 ounces.

This is a generalized estimation by the professionals of RMKShoes, obtained by weighing 8 to 10 pairs of Nike Blazers, including the low, mid, and high-cut collar designs.

Since men’s body mass is relatively more, additional support and cushioning are added to the men’s sneakers to handle that mass. That’s why men’s Nike Blazer is heavier than women’s.

Color Varieties

Surely, you have guessed that women’s shoes have more color variations, including bright and light colorways. Each design has 5-7 color options, such as white, peach, black, pink, orange, etc.

Contrarily, men’s Nike Blazers are mostly available in solid colors like White, Black, University blue, etc.


[Man wearing Nike Blazer. From: Nike]

So, the remarkable dissimilarities between men’s and women’s Nike Blazers have been covered. Now, let’s answer some common questions regarding this shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mens and Womens Nike Blazers Fit Different?

Nike Blazers offer true-to-size and snug-fitting to men and women. However, women’s shoes are narrower, and men’s are wider depending on the foot physique.

Can Men Wear Women’s Nike Blazers?

Sure. A man can definitely wear women’s Nike Blazers if the pair fits perfectly on his feet and he feels comfortable. Besides, Nike Blazers have unisex styles suitable for males and females.

Why Do People Wear Nike Blazers?

People wear Nike Blazers because it is budget-friendly compared to other Nike sneakers. Moreover, the sneaker is comfortable for everyday use, supportive for weightlifting, lightweight, and shock absorbing. In short, Nike Blazer is a beneficial package with an affordable price, so people gladly wear this shoe.

The Bottom Line

The timeless design of Nike Blazer is a good choice for stylish young and adult wearers. Before buying this shoe, make sure to know the variations between its men’s and women’s editions.

Because women’s pairs are slightly narrower and lighter than men’s. Therefore, the fitting also differs according to gender. Additionally, the same shades that are available in women’s Nike Blazers may be unavailable in men’s collections.

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