Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Dunk [How Nike Varies]

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As the male and female body structure differs, so do their feet and, thus, their shoes. Nike has both men’s and women’s sections for both of their popular launches, like the Dunk.


Both my cousin and I wear Nike Dunk Low. The fun fact is that we are the same foot size, but the difference was obvious when I tried his.

In this write-out, I will describe those findings of mine. So, read along.

What are the Differences between Men’s and Women’s Nike Dunk Shoes?

Generally, both Nike male and female versions look the same with their same classic look, materials, and making process. Yet, as they are meant for different gender, there will be a few variations.

The main reason is men and women have different feet sizes and shapes. So, you ought to encounter various constructing factors.

Let’s find out where women’s and men’s Nike Dunk differ:

Design & Color

The first noticeable difference between the female and male versions is their design and color. Women’s Nike Dunk Low shoes come with a curved design, and the color palate is more eye-soothing and pastel toned.

These female Nike Dunks have:

  • Traditional design.
  • Feminine style.
  • Rounder shape.
  • Modest height.
  • Slim outlook.

On the other hand, men’s Dunks have more aggressive designs like intricate patterns and sharp angles. Also, they feature bright and bold colors.



Along with different outlooks and styles, the price of Dunk’s male shoes varies from females.

For example, Men’s Nike Dunk Low shoes start at $65.97, and the highest range is 134.95, the customizable Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You.

On the contrary, women’s Dunks range from 99.95 dollars to 109.95 dollars. So, it’s pretty clear that men’s shoes are more expensive than female versions.

Another reason behind this pricing is the retailers’ various offers that eventually affect the market price of male and female shoes.

Besides the pricing, you should also check out how Nike Dunks actually fit to get the perfect pair.


Durability is another factor of every sneaker that you must know when buying your shoes. Men’s versions of Dunks are more durable than women’s shoes. There are many significant reasons behind it. Those are:

  • Higher quality materials and construction.
  • Flexible yet rigid upper.
  • Durable outsole.

It doesn’t mean women’s shoes are any less of quality. These shoes are made with lighter materials, which is why these Dunks are so comfy.

The cup sole makes them stable.

I am an active person, and I wear my Nike Dunk Low Premium daily. The synthetic yet flexible uppers and other features like wide mesh collar lining make them durable enough to handle the pressure.

Weight of the Shoe

Another notable dissimilarities of these Nike shoes are their weight. Generally, Women’s shoes weights less than men’s versions of Dunks. And the difference is not too much.

The main reason is female sneakers feature a slimmer design, and the material is also lightweight such as nylon and mesh fabric.

It makes the overall product lighter as well.

Meanwhile, men’s Dunks are heavier due to their bulky designs and thicker materials used during the manufacturing process.


When it comes to performance, Dunk women’s and men’s sneakers differ slightly. The male versions have thick and heavy materials, more support, cushioning, and higher heel.

So, these shoes will perform better.

Meanwhile, female Dunks come with lighter material, are more soft and comfy, and the lightweight makes them perform more and last longer.

Each way, customers’ purpose reflects on their shoes’ performance.

Sizing & Fit

Female and male feet size is quite unlike. The anatomy is the main reason, and thus the shoes they wear are not meant to be the same. But when it comes to Nike Dunk shoes, there is no difference.

Dunk women’s shoes fit true to size. If your feet are wider, go a half size up, and you will get your exact matched pair.

Suppose your feet size is US 9. With a regular length, Dunk 9 will fit you. But with broad feet, 9.5 will be more suitable for you. My feet are rather petite, so I got my usual size and had no issues.

On the other hand, men’s sneakers have a roomy fit but still are true to size as well. Men’s shoes are one and a half sizes bigger compared to women’s.

For example, if you are a size 10, to get the women’s Dunks, you have to get 11.5. And with wide feet, you can go full two sizes up in female Dunks.

To have a more precise concept, find out if Nike Dunks are good for wide feet.

Pros and Cons of Men’s and Women’s Dunk

Nike Dunks are comfortable and lightweight shoes that come in both male and female versions. Though they are the same model, they still differ in many sectors, which you should know properly.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Dunk men’s and women’s shoes:

Men’s Dunk

  • »High arch support
  • »Lightweight and thin.
  • »Various color options.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Classic and timeless looks.
  • »Less supportive than women’s.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Less cushioning than in the female version.

Women’s Dunk

  • »Provides enough cushioning.
  • »Arch support.
  • »Curved design.
  • »Softer midsole.
  • »More comfortable fit.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Few models have a narrow fit.
  • »It can wear off quickly.


Men’s Dunks are the better option among the two versions due to their high-quality material, construction process, durability, and sturdiness. These shoes are roomier and fit true to size. For your regular use, these are perfect.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a soft, comfy, lightweight Nike, women’s Dunks will be an ideal fit. You will be able to enjoy them for your daily to casual use.

Whichever you choose will give you everything you want in a good pair of sneakers. So, choose accordingly and use your Dunk shoes to their full potential.


Are Nike Dunks Unisex?

Nike Dunks are not 100% unisex. The sizing is different for men and women. However, now both versions’ shoe box is displaying unisex sizes.

Is there any visible difference among women’s and men’s Dunks?

There is no visible difference between women’s and men’s Dunks, as they have the same construction method, materials, and looks.

Are men’s Dunks wider than women’s?

No, men’s Dunks have similar widths as their women’s versions. Both versions of Dunks, especially the Dunk Low Panda, come with similar wideness.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, Nike Dunk shoes are versatile, comfortable, and true to size. Several differentiating factors among the men’s and women’s versions show how careful Nike is for their customers.

You got the details of that sector to select your Nike Dunk wisely and wear male shoes despite being a female and vice versa.

If you have any further queries, comment below.

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