Clarks Padmore Vs Wallabee [Choose the Best One]

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Clark Padmore Wallabee and classic Wallabee are the most-seen British pair for their versatile appearance.

I enjoy my Wallabee for my casual wear, but Padmore is best for outdoor activity. Maybe you are also stuck between these duos and arrive here for an authentic answer.


In this article, I’ll explain the aspects of both shoes that I gathered from my own experience.

To know each line of their feature variations, read on!

Feature Comparison Between Clark Wallabee and Padmore

Wallabies and Padmore’s shoes are both well-known for their outstanding features. But in terms of their offerings, they show the most different appearance.

Let’s dive into knowing the in-detailed feature comparison of Clark Padmore & Wallabee:

1. Leather Upper

Both Clarks shoes are manufactured with leather upper and side walls. But they use fully different leather that makes them evidently distinguishable.

In Padmore shoes, the brand uses the highest quality leather to make their upper. The leather is known for its durability and sturdiness because it comes from top-rated hides. Plus, this full-grain leather offers breathability and natural shines on its own.


On the other hand, the Wallabee boots are made with premium-quality suede or full-grain leather. This material ensures breathability, including soft touch.

Apart from durability, this manufacturing leather makes Clark Wallabee a good waterproof shoe. And for these specific qualities, the wallabies are suitable for every season.

2. Construction Techniques

Regarding construction technique, both shoes show massive differences. Where Clark Padmore uses the famous Goodyear welt method (one of the best welting technology), Wallabee uses the plantation crêpe technique.

The traditional hand-sewing techniques are mainly known as the Plantation construction system. This method is used to attach the Wallabee upper and warp the footbeds with the bottom. The stitching techniques confirm the flexible movement.

On top of that, Wallabies are following the Moccasin-inspired design to manufacture their supper comfortable shoes.


Contrary, the Padmore only use the moccasin style to make their forefoot portion. But their padded collar and Goodyear welting offer the most durable presence, including the squishy feel. The sewing method is mainly used to join the edge of the upper and outsole, and it ensures security in outdoor activity.

3. Manufacturing Materials

Padmore and Wallabee belong to the same shoe range but still have a lot of mismatches in their materials.

In the Padmore:

  • They use the full-grain leather upper.
  • EVA and Suede are included in the shoes to make the insole and midsole extra squishy.
  • Sturdy grooving rubbers are used to manufacture the outsole.

In contrast, the Wallabee:

  • Use premium quality leather or suede leather to make their upper.
  • They only use suede to make their midsole durable.
  • You will find the aggressive rubber outsole, which is better for traction.

4. Size & Fittings

Many Clarks shoe models run slightly bigger than other US sneaker sizes, and Wallabee belongs to them.

In terms of size and fittings, I found Padmore is the most preferable because they run true to size and offer snug fittings. When ordering Padmore, stick to your regular size; it fits perfectly.

However, the Wallabee runs bigger, with a wider toe box. Your feet will find enough space to wiggle the forefoot. So, if you have wide feet, then you will find them true-to-size; otherwise, they offer loose fitting. For regular foot size and shape, buy a smaller size for perfect fittings.

5. Asking Price

According to the prices, both Clarks models show different natures. The Padmore starting price is $120, and the Wallabee charge $160 per pair. But their expensive pair asks pretty similar prices.

  • Wallabee charges $160 to $190 per shoe.
  • Clark Padmore asks for $120 to a maximum of $180.

Both shoes come at an affordable price, but compared to Padmore, the starting price of Wallabee is huge. So, if you have any budget issues, Padmore is better than Wallabee.

6. Durability

Clarks are known for the shoe’s durability, but when this battle comes between Wallabee & Padmore, Padmore is the clear winner.

The whole-grain leather and Goodyear welt technique make them ultra-durable. After excessive outdoor activities, they survive for at least 1 year.

Clarks Padmore Vs Wallabee: Pros & Cons

Clark Wallabee and Padmore shoes are famous for their affordable price and leather attribute. Plus, they have enormous advantages with some drawbacks, which I’ll explain in this writing portion.

Clark Padmore

  • »Goodyear welting techniques make them ultra-durable.
  • »Runs true-to-size.
  • »Comes at an affordable price.
  • »Available on the Brooks official website.
  • »Little heavier than the Wallabee.

Clark Wallabee

  • »Lightweight.
  • »Offers smooth and flexible movement.
  • »Good for wide-fitted people.
  • »Runs slightly bigger.
  • »Charge more than Padmore.
  • »Provide limited durability.

Which One Suits You Better?

After discovering every aspect of both Brooks moccasin-style shoes, you have enough knowledge of what they actually offer.

Wallabies are the most famous beast in the Brooks brand for their lightweight feature. The artificial leather and flexible movement make them remarkable.

But, after wearing both casual wears on different occasions, I found the Padmore is more deserving than the Wallabies. Their sturdy nature makes them stable without compromising any comfort. The construction technique also provides a noticeable lifetime.

Moreover, this pair asks for a lower price compared to Wallabee. So, it’s better to choose the durable one at an affordable price.

I shared my statement, now it’s your turn; let me know through the comment section which pairs you select for your regular wear.


What is the nickname of the Wallabee?

“The Bankrobber” is the nickname of Wallabee because back in the 50s, Jamaican ‘rude boys’ vigorously used Clark Wallabee boots.

Are Wallabies comfortable?

The shoes are manufactured with a thick yet flexible sole that makes wallabies comfortable. Due to its comfort, people always compare them with sneakers.

Should you size up or down in Clarks?

Yes, you should size down if you want snug fittings from your Clarks shoes because it’s run big compared to other US shoe sizes.

Are Wallabies still in style?

After 50 years of popularity, wallabies are still in style. Because they carry the most versatile looks and easily blend with sweatpants, formal, and midi dresses.

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