Can You Spray Paint Leather Shoes? [Vamp-up Your Style]

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Using spray paint on shoes is trendy now among youngsters to give them a new, fashionable yet funky look.

But, like many sneakerheads, you might also wonder if you can customize your leather shoes with spray paint. Is it really possible?

Don’t wander around!can-you-spray-paint-leather-shoes

In this article, you’ll get all the details regarding spray-painting your shoes made of leather.

So, keep reading!

Can You Spray Paint Leather Shoes?

Yes, you can spray-paint your leather shoes with spray cans that are specifically designed for leather-made footwear. Painting your leather shoes with a spray can is an easy and affordable method that can make your boring shoes cool and fashionable while complementing your style.

Using spray paint to decorate your shoes is an easy yet cost-friendly task that can give them a nifty look. This can be fun as well if you love to paint or be creative.

However, when it comes to leather shoes, many hesitate, thinking spray paint might cause peeling or cracking after a while.

This problem is mendable if you use the proper spray can in the right amount, using the appropriate technique.

In my own experience, I sprayed my white AF1s with acrylic paints to give them a spacey look. And guess what! The result was outstanding.


Pros and Cons of Using Spray Paint on Leather Shoes

As said before, spray paint works on leather shoes too. But this work of art needs some considerations as well.

Spray-painting on leather shoes got the following pros and cons:

  • »An easy and inexpensive way to make the shoes look cooler.
  • »Offers a wide range of textures, colors, and characters.
  • »Allow you to make the shoes look funky using a different layer of colors.
  • »The quickest way to change the shoes’ design or look.
  • »You need to learn the technique properly.
  • »If the paint doesn’t meet up your expectation, It’s not possible to change it after applying.
  • »Some elements used in the spray paint can harm your skin.

While considering the issues, if you really wanna touch up your leather shoes with spray paint, go for it!

Some more guide on how to stop your leather shoes from squeaking.

How to Spray Paint Leather Shoes Easy 7-Step Method

The spraying method differs from the designs or textures you want. The basics of painting, however, are the same– you just need to follow the steps while using layers and colors as needed for the designs.

Here are the steps you must follow while spraying your leather shoes with paint:

Prepare the Work Area

As spray painting is a filthy task, you might need a dedicated work area for that. Doing the task outside is recommended as the colors will be all over your place, making it dirty and tough to clean.

You need to collect all the items you will be needing for the project beforehand.

The items include–

  • A smooth surface (like cardboard) to keep the shoes while painting.
  • Spray paints with a variety of colors.
  • A brush or paint pens so that you can design the shoes with more details.
  • Tapes to cover the parts which you don’t wanna paint.

Make sure to get cans with enough paint in them so that you can paint the shoes properly. For a pair of leather shoes, one 4-oz can will be enough, but you may need 2 cans for boots.

Read more on how to prevent acrylic paint from cracking on Shoes.

Clean the Shoes

Ensure the shoes are cleaned properly before beginning with the painting.

If you don’t clean them, the paint won’t set on the leather perfectly. And within a short time, the color will be off.

First, dip the brush or soft cloth in soapy water, gently scrub the shoes and make them clean.

After cleaning, make sure to dry them up completely, otherwise, the paint won’t be even on the surface.

Use acetone for the prep work so that the paint sets onto the surface precisely.

Cover up the Parts Which You Don’t Wanna Paint

To start with the process, you need to cover up the portions you don’t need to be painted.

When you are thinking of a complete color change, you still need to cover the inside, the lace portion, and the outsole with tape to protect them from getting colored. covering-shoes-for-paint

Taping up the shoes is a crucial part when you are planning to paint specific areas of the shoes.

The design you are thinking of highly depends on it, so, cautiously tape off all the parts you need to cover for the design.

Start Spraying on the Shoes

This part is pretty easy if you did the taping portion right.

Just start spraying the can while keeping it at a distance from the shoes, about 10 inches. While keeping your hands steady, spray in a long and even motion like sweeping.

Put a thin layer of paint on them. You can coat them with several layers only when the design demands it.

Use a paintbrush to give the design more details like sparkling a little white paint on black color.

Note: You can base the shoes on a solid color for a better result before applying other fun colors.

Dry the Shoes

Once you are done with spraying, set aside the shoes to dry for about 1 hour. Leather material needs a little more time for drying.

Be sure that the paint dried up entirely so that no cracking occurs afterward.

Remove the Tapes

When the shoes are completely dry, it’s time to remove the tapes. Remember, you need to be very careful while removing tapes so that you don’t ruin the paint.

While taking off the tapes, be very careful and try to take one tape at a time so that you don’t accidentally peel the paint along with the tape.

If you did a good job with taping, the results will amaze you.

Repaint As You Need

If you need a little more touch-up, repeat the process as much as you need.

You can paint them again with a different color if you don’t like the color or design. You can also use a matte clear spray to seal the paint on the leather.

With these easy and quick steps, you can customize your leather shoes in no time–just as you want them to look.

Is Spray Paint Better than Regular Paint for Shoes?

You might think about which one will be best for your leather shoes– spray paint or regular paint.

In most cases, spray paint is better for shoes, but this also depends on the kind of design or work you want.

If you want a complete change of color, hydro dipping, drip paint, or stencils– spray paint is the go-to option for you. But in case of splatter painting or flickering– regular paint with a brush will be a good choice.

What Kind of Paint Can Be Used on Leather? 3 Best Spray Paint For Shoes

You can easily get spray paints that are specifically made for leather. Most of them are acrylic based, and you can find water-based paint as well. But acrylic ones are best for leather shoes.

A variety of spray paints are out there in the market. But which one will be the best for your customized shoes?

Fear not, as I have done the work for you.

Here’s a list of 3 best spray paint you can use on leather shoes:

MB Brillo Color Spray

MB Brillo spray paint is specifically made for shoes and also offers a range of colors to choose from. Apart from being dirt, stain, and water-resistant, the colors don’t rub off easily as well.


Angelus Leather Paint

This high-quality nontoxic paint is also made specifically for leather and is available in a wide range of colors to offer. This paint is water-resistant and flexible, making it easy to blend together to create numerous custom colors.


TRG Super Color Spray Paint

TRG Super Color is another great spray paint to customize leather shoes, which offers more than 40 colors. It has a fast drying time and is water-resistant as well.


Does Spray Paint Wash Off the Shoes?

It’s not like the paint will wash off entirely by itself, but it may crack or crease with everyday wear and tear. Though it’s not possible to remove the paint without ruining the shoes, you can touch them up with paint whenever you want.

How Do You Get Paint to Stay on Leather Shoes?

You can get paint to stay on the leather by cleaning them properly before painting. You can also use a leather preparer and deglaze before applying the paint.

Can You Spray Paint Faux Leather Shoes?

Yes, you can use spray paint for Faux leather shoes as well. But you have to choose the right one by considering the material used for synthetic leather (PVC or PU). Though acrylic spray paint works great on both, you can choose the one specifically made for the material.

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t wanna customized sneakers just as he likes? Everyone does.

When it’s about painting your leather shoes with a risky endeavor like spray cans, you won’t like to take any chances with that. When the case is that, I hope my write-up has got you all covered.

For any further queries about the customization of leather shoes, leave a comment below.

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