Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet? [Know Where to Wear]

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As going to the beach and splashing in the water is common during summer, individuals wanna put on summer-friendly rainbow sandals for this outdoor activity.

But are rainbow sandals actually waterproof or do they get ruined in water?


Well, as a wearer of rainbow sandals for several months, I’m aware of the do’s and don’ts of these shoes.

So let’s enter into this piece of writing and find out if You can Get Rainbow Sandals Wet!

Can You Wet Your Rainbow Sandals?

Rainbow sandals are water-resistant. So, even if you dip them in water, there won’t be any damage. Rather, water softens the shoe material and helps to quickly break in them. But there is a chance of squeaking and getting stains when the wet shoes aren’t dried properly.

Rainbow footwear is made of natural hemp, genuine bovine leather, or sponge rubber. Their straps are generally made with nylon and recycled fabrics. None of these materials are prone to damage in water.

So, you can rinse these sandals with water, and wear them while swimming and even in the rain.

Moreover, water-soaking provokes the break-in of rainbow sandals. The traditional way to break in them is to dip the pairs in normal-tempered water.

The water softens the footbed hence it easily molds to the feet and leads to a comfortable indoor-outdoor walking experience.

Though there is a misconception that rainbow shoes end in water, actually it happens for the incorrect way of drying.

The hemp and leather-made Rainbow sandals become wrinkled and brittle when

  • they are dipped into hot water.
  • left in direct sunlight or in the dryer with the highest temperature.

But hot water and sunlight do not cause any damage to the rubber-made Rainbow sandals.

However, users buy fake rainbow shoes from the local market and complain that the Color comes off from the wet rainbow pairs.

But, if you properly clean your rainbow sandals and maintain the prohibitions, they will last longer. There is even a record that a pair of rainbow shoes showed no defects other than a slight stretch, after being worn in water and on land for 16 years.

Are Rainbow Flip-flops Good for the Beach?

Due to their water-resistant and non-slip nature, the Rainbow flip-flops are ideal to wear on the beach. They are not prone to damage in salty seawater. So, don’t hesitate to wear them for swimming or roaming around the beach. But avoid leaving them in extremely hot sand. Otherwise, there’s a huge chance to ruin the shape of your comfy rainbow pair.

Let’s see what makes rainbow sandals. Then you will realize why it’s not wise to leave them in intense warmth.

The top sole of Rainbow flip-flops contains either hemp, leather, or rubber. And all of these components distort when they are kept on the heated sand of the seashore.

Sometimes, the nylon-made straps bend and the rubber outsole separates from the shoe due to overheating from sand or sunlight.

But the salty sea water does not cause any damage to the shoe’s material, it only makes the shoes a bit dirty. As the pairs are lightweight and water-resistant, they are suitable to wear while swimming.

So, abstain from putting your rainbow footwear on the warm beach sand. But never delay swimming and moving around the seashore wearing these sandals.

Can You Put Rainbow Flip Flops in the Washing Machine?

Yes, you can clean the rainbow flip-flops in the washing machine. But make sure to use cold water, mild detergent, and the delicate mode of the machine to avoid the warp of your rainbow pairs. However, rubbing the shoes with a damp and soapy cloth is the safest way of cleaning them.

Cleaning shoes in the washing machine is simpler and time-saving. That’s why many people leave their dirty rainbows in the washing machine with regular mode on.

And the shoes tear apart due to the longest cycle and agitation during this mode. So, it’s essential to know the proper way of washing rainbow flip-flops in the machine.

Here is the detailed process of cleaning rainbow shoes in the washing machine:

Step 1: Remove the dirt and debris from the shoes with a brush or cotton cloth.

Step 2: Fill the washing machine with 3 liters of temperate water and add two tablespoons of mild detergent. You can also use dishwashing liquid or shampoo as an alternative to washing powder.


Step 3: Put the dirty flip-flops in the washing machine, lock the lid, and switch on the handwash or delicate mode of your washer.

Step 4: When the spinning is completed, take out the shoes and drain off the excess water from the pair.

Step 5: Now place the shoes in an airy place for drying. You can also put it in the dryer with gentle mode on.

And that’s the end of the procedure. Cleaning with the help of a washing machine is effective when your shoes are a little bit dirty. You can also follow this technique while cleaning your crocs. But it’s better to clean the shoes manually when the footbed is blackened.

Generally, the soles and straps of light-colored footwear are easily visible when they are dirty.

So, let’s focus on the cleaning of blackened rainbow flip-flops:

  • Brush off the dry mud from the footwear.
  • Now mix detergent or any mild cleaner with some lukewarm water.
  • Dip a clean cotton cloth into that mixture and gently squeeze it.
  • Rub the footbed and dirty parts of the shoe until all the dirt is erased.
  • Rinse the shoes with some cold water and put them on for drying. Always turn on the gentle mode while drying your shoes in the electric dryer. Otherwise, the shoes will crack and lose their nice shape.

To know the fixing of cracked rainbow sandals, jump to the next segment and stay tuned!

How to Fix Cracked Rainbow Sandals?

Mink oil, conditioning oil, and saddle soap – each of these three ingredients is separately used to fix cracked rainbow sandals. Apart from this, the gentle mode of the hair dryer or cloth dryer also repairs the sandals when they have less amount of cracks.


Here’s how to fix cracked rainbow sandals:

Rub saddle soap: Take a piece of clean cotton cloth and apply some saddle soap to it. Then rub on the cracked part of your sandals with that soapy cloth. In this way, the cracks will be removed, and the shoe will gradually become smoother. This method is also used for repairing cracked leather boots.

Along with preventing twists, saddle soap also minimizes squeaking.

Apply Mink Oil: Before applying oil, remove the dirt from your sandals. Now apply mink oil on the footbed with an applicator or brush. Also, apply it on the cracked straps. Now, leave the shoes in a well-ventilated place for 30 minutes.

By this time, mink oil will penetrate into the footwear and moisturize it. Therefore, it will fix the bending and also increase the lifetime of your sandals.

Use Conditioning Oil: Buy a good quality oil from the market and apply it on a pair of cracked sandals. Leave it to air dry. This simple technique will repair your shoes and give them a polished look.

Applying any of these strategies will develop the rugged face of your beloved rainbow pairs. So, follow the one which seems easier to you and stride on with your pretty sandals.


Are Rainbow Sandals Waterproof?

No, they’re not waterproof, but water-resistant. So, wearing them underwater for a less period won’t lead to any damage to the sandals.

Can You Wear Rainbow Sandals in the Rain?

Yes, the shoes are non-slip and water-resistant. You can wear them in the rainy season without any hesitation.

Do you wear Rainbows in the shower to break them in?

Using rainbow shoes in the shower is not a bad idea as it accelerates the break-in. If lukewarm water is used in the shower, the break-in period is also minimized.

Does Water Stain Rainbow Sandals?

Yes, after soaking in water, if the sandals are not dried properly, water stains will appear on them.

Takeaway Thoughts

The comfortable, lightweight, and easy-wear Rainbow sandals are preferable for any casual event whether it is inside or outside the house.

As water doesn’t ruin the sandals, roam around with your rainbow pairs in any watery environment.

Still, have confusion or additional queries regarding this issue?

If so, leave your comments below and get your answer.

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