Can The Inside Lining Of Shoes Be Repaired? [5 Fixing Ways]

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Shoe lining is such an important feature that provides us comfort, and warmth and keeps the moisture balance in the interior of shoes.

But after rough use or other reasons, the inside lining of the shoes got damaged. And a ruined inner lining can be the cause of getting a blister. So knowing how to repair this vital part of your shoe might be your big question, right?

After researching a lot about repairing shoe lining, I am here to guide you with some easy processes to repair your shoe lining on your own and also with some prevention tips.can-the-inside-lining-of-shoes-be-repaired

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What Is The Inner Lining Of A Shoe?

The inner lining of the shoe is the inner skin of the shoe. Mainly the inner lining is made with leather-type material which will provide warmth, and comfort while wearing it. The inner lining of the shoe protects our feet from the rough material, and the hard stitching lines are used to make the outer shoe strong.the-inner-lining-of-a-shoeThe inner lining is directly connected to our feet. So it’s important what type of material is used. Synthetic-type unsustainable material can be the cause of sweating and bad odor.

A harsh inner lining creates a blister on our precious feet. All over, a bad lining can damage our feet along with our health conditions. Though good foot health is essential, we should be serious about the inner lining of shoes. If it’s getting damaged, soon take it to a cobbler or repair it on your own.

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Why Does The Inner Lining Of My Shoe Wear Out?

Though the inner lining fully covered the entire inner part of the shoe, it’s directly in touch with our feet. So several using friction and moisture ruin this part slowly.

It’s not very uncommon to repair the inner lining. Most of my regular use shoe’s inner linings are replaced. It’s not that your shoes are bad quality. People like me who sweat a lot can face this problem.

I am providing some common reasons for the Inner Lining Of Shoes Wear Out:

  • Lack of proper gluing with the inner line causes wearing out of the inner part.
  • For rough use, the stitching of the shoe may ruin and increase the possibility of wearing out the inner line.wearing-out-the-inner-line
  • Constant rubbing and friction with feet and inner lining, lead to the tearing out of the inner line of the shoe.
  • Excess sweating is a common reason to wear out shoe lines, especially for people who live in hot, humid countries.
  • Poor materials could not sustain long, like leather. In the case of cheap shoes, you may face this issue faster than good quality shoes.
  • Using your shoes on a rainy day and putting them on the shelf without drying can destroy the inner lines.

Not all the reasons can be avoided to protect our shoe’s inner line. For a long time using maximum shoes, the inner lining comes out. To know how to repair your favorite shoe’s inner line, continue this article.

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How Do You Fix The Inner Lining Of A Shoe?

If your shoe’s inner line comes out, it’s not that you have to throw your shoe. It’s very easy to repair the inner line of the shoe. You can go to a cobbler to replace it, or you can do it in your home yourself.

Some tools you need to repair the inner lining of the shoe at home. Before starting the repair process, you need to assemble:

  • Heavy fabric like cotton or leatherheavy-fabric-like-cotton-or-leather
  • Water-based glue
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Masking Tapes
  • Scissors
  • Razor blade
  • Pins
  • Cardboard
  • Paper

Now you have to follow the methods to repair your inner shoe lining. I am providing the top 3 methods which are easy and less time-consuming.

1. Using Hot Glue Gun

When the lining of the shoe bottom, tongue lining, or the vamp lining part starts coming off, gently pull the lining to take it out. You can use knives for doing this job. But don’t scrape so hard, it can damage the shoe.

Then apply the hot glue gun on the base of the inner sole and put them back in their previous position. Press it until the lining is not perfectly attached to the shoe.

2. Using Needle And Thread

Take a needle and synthetic or nylon-type thread which is strong and long-lasting and sew the bottom part lining. Sewing is a better option, but if you don’t have that skill, just follow the first one.using-needle-and-thread

3. Making the New Lining

If your inner lining is totally worn out, just scrape them out perfectly. Now choose leather or other sustainable material and some cardboard paper to match the new lining. Cut them to your shoe shape. Cardboard paper adds extra cushioning and support, but if you pick thick leather, you can avoid cardboard paper.

Clean the shoe inner and dry out properly. Now glue the base with a hot glue gun and paste the new lining. Press it for 5 minutes and make sure the new lining materials are perfectly attached to the shoe.

You can also sew a whole new lining if you are good at sewing. Stitching provides good support if you regularly walk or run with the shoe.

I describe the process and materials that I use to repair my own shoes. But you can do it your preferred way or with materials which are available near you.

How To Prevent The Peeling Of The Inner Lining Of A Shoe?

Some of our careless attitudes decrease our shoe’s inner lining’s longevity. Some initial steps can save our shoe lining from early death. I personally followed these rules for the last year. And it really works. Now, my shoe lining does not tear up fast.

Here, I am sharing those tips with you, follow them to prevent the peeling of the inner lining of a shoe:

  • Clean your shoes regularly. Dirt and moisture loose the inner lining. So clean your shoes once a month.
  • When your shoes get wet, dry them quickly. And try to wear waterproof shoes in the wet season.
  • Store your shoe on a clean, dry shelf.
  • Even if your shoe is not wet, put it under medium sunlight for a while. It will absorb sweat and moisture and make your shoe lining healthy.
  • As you should know, wearing shoes without socks is bad for your feet. Not only that, Socks work as a layer between your feet and inner lining. It absorbs moisture & sweat and also prevents direct friction with feet and lining, which increases the lifespan of the shoe’s inner lining.

Following these ways not only increases your shoe lining longevity, but also the shoe’s life span. Shoes protect our feet, and a badly conditioned shoe may ruin our foot health. So we should be serious about shoe quality as well as our feet.


You can not protect your shoe lining from wearing off permanently, it will steadily be worn out after a certain period.

But you can slow the process by following the ways I have provided in this article. Also, I have written how to repair and replace your shoe lining, which will guide you to do the job at home easily.

If you face any error, ask me in a comment below and share your own experience after reading.

Wishing you a healthy life.


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