Brooks Revel 4 Vs Revel 5 [Identify The Major Variations]

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When you’re looking for versatile running shoes, Brooks takes the first position on your list.

But the most complicated situation arrived when you have to choose between Brooks Revel 4 and Revel 5. Because both of them offer top-notch running features.


No worries, in this article, I’ll elaborate on all the variations with offered features that I found in my sprinting time.

So, read along!

8 Key Differences Between Brooks Revel 5 & Revel 4

When you discuss the best running shoes, Revel 4 & 5 equally compete in that position. Feature-wise both shoes carry some differences, and that makes them recognizable from others. Here, I’m going to describe those factors elaborately.

Let’s find out the key differences between Revel 4 & 5:

1. Upper

Uppers are the most distinguishable factor in both shoes. The specially designed running pair Revel 4 incorporates a traditional mesh upper, while the updated version includes a knit upper, that increases the breathability of Revel 5. revel-5-upper

Knit upper provides noticeable ventilation and helps to prevent creating hotspots. Plus, the composed knit upper is contoured to your foot shape.

On the other hand, mesh fabric also conforms to comfort, yet the layered fabric can offer warmth depending on temperature.

2. Midsole

Both brooks pair used BioMoGo DNA midsole, it’s an extended version of EVA sole, that feels soft and cushioning. This one material makes the shoes more ventilated and lightweight.

But in Revel 4, they added Ortholite sock liner material as an insole, which provides a more squishy feel compared to the DNA loft. And professionals find the insole better supportive of those who ask for more.

3. Outsole

Though both Brooks Revel 4 and 5 have a similar rubbery outsole, design-wise both soles are poles apart. The Revel 4 has a wider outsole, whereas Revel 5 has a bit deeper flex grooves for the speed boost up. Moreover, These flexible groves make Brooks good for hiking.

The wider outsole of Brooks 4 works for traction and grip, which is mandatory in an ordinary running program. The arrow-pointed rubbery bottom offer flexibility on the right spot. revel-4-outsole

Contrary, the Revel 5 incorporated the composed 8mm full-length HPR green rubber outsole work for easy landings and speedy toe-offs. This neutral-exposed EVA foam offers a lightweight and flexible ride motion. Also, this technical rubber forefoot added extra durability, which I love most in my Revel 5 pair.

4. Price

Brooks Revel 4 & 5 pair have minimum price difference, but the starting price of both models differ most. The Revel 4 minimum asking price is $50 per pair, while the Revel 5 set $90 as their minimal cost.

The price of Revel 5 is higher, but the shoe is worth every single penny. Because the top-to-bottom offers durable and top-notch features that every sprinter wishes for.

Though the price is high initially, the maximum price is quite similar for both shoes.

5. Style & Aesthetic

Style-wise, both Brooks pairs have a simple outlook. But when you want a slim and sleek appearance with a traditional touch, the Revel 5 fulfills your cravings.

According to both shoe aesthetics, they have only limited color options and all colors only offer matte attributes. So, for those players who enjoy jazzing up with vibrant footwear, they might be disheartened. revel-4-and-revel-5

But if you haven’t any issue with colors, then trust me, these pairs offer an overall versatile outlook.

6. Fittings

If you have a wide fit, you should pick the Revel 4 because it offers a wide forefoot area along with the wider outsole. The broader toe box provides enough space so that you can flexibly wiggle your toe.

On the other hand, the Revel 5 works best on narrow-fitted people. The snug fit offers support and stability, which is essential for intense running. It also includes a high heel-to-toe drop compared to Revel 4, and it works better for those who need more support during running.

7. Weight

Weight-wise, revel 4 wins the race.

If you take my example, I used to wear US women’s size 8 which contains 7.9 ounces (0.3 kg) for Revel 4, whereas the Revel 5 contains 8.7 ounces (0.33 kg) for the same size. The extra layered midsole of the updated Revel version consumes extra weight.

In one word, you can say Revel 4 pair is lighter than the Revel 5.

Sometimes people love to wear heavy shoes for their running, if you have such issues then you can check Brooks Adrenaline 18 & 19. These shoes offer the most stable step during running.

8. Stack Height

Stack height is a staple feature in running gears. And Revel 5 proposes a 29 mm stack height, while 27 mm for Revel 4. These extra 2 mm stack height conforms to more squishy feels in Revel 5 pairs.

Additionally, this pair offers a plusher underfoot and stable platform, which is needed for long-running programs. Not only for stability but also increases the shock absorption ability too.

That’s all. These are the offered feature that Brooks especially include with players’ flexibility in mind.

Pros & Cons of Revel 4 and Revel 5

After the elaborated feature comparison of both Revel 4 and 5 of Brooks shoes, now you already know what the offerings actually work for.

In this section, I only discuss the benefits and downsides of both types of shoes to assist you to choose your ideal pair.

So, let’s see the Pros and Cons of Revel 4 & Revel 5:

Revel 4

  • »Wider outsole.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »Broad toe box.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Lack of vibrancy in color.
  • »Lower stack height compared to Revel 5.

Revel 5

  • »Knit upper for extra breathability.
  • »High heel-to-toe drop that offers more support.
  • »More color options compared to Revel 4.
  • »Maximum stack height.
  • »HPR green outsole for an easy landing.
  • »Higher price than the Revel 4.
  • »Weighty.

Which One Suits You Better?

As I have said, both revel pairs offer the most crucial quality that makes them ideal running gear.

But if you want a perfectly fitted breathable shoe then the Revel 5 is best. I know they ask a little more price than the other one, but the shoe and their top-notch feature are worth every coin.

The knit upper makes them perfect for summer. Also, the HPR flexible grooves’ outsole offers easy landings and speedy toe-offs.

Contrary, if you have wide feet, just go with the Revel 4. Plus, this pair charge minimum compared to Revel 5. This pair includes an Ortholite sock liner for an extra squishy feel.

Moreover, the Revel 4 arrow-pointed outsole is best for traction. And lightweight feature makes them exceptional from any other running shoes.

Wrap Up

Both Brooks Revel 4 & 5 are known as the best running shoe in the sprinter market. Each pair provide stack height, durability, grip, and proper fittings. So, you can choose any of them without any dilemma.

For extended queries about any other running pair, just shoot a comment in the below box, I’ll love to answer them.

Up to then, take care.

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