Brooks Levitate vs Adrenaline [Best Road Running Shoes]

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If you’re looking for cushioned and supportive road running shoes at an affordable cost, you must check into Brooks for once.

Brooks Levitate and Adrenaline are two remarkable collections that are pretty coveted among novice & experienced runners.


Could you guess which one will provide you with the best running experience between these two?

Well, I’ll assist you in selecting the right gear between Adrenaline & Levitate.

So, tag along!

Overview of Brooks Levitate and Adrenaline

Adrenaline hits the footwear market earlier than Brooks Levitate. It was 1999 when Brooks’ everlasting bestseller, Adrenaline GTS appeared in the industry. It is a road-running set that is most popular for its:

  • Holistic support & stability.
  • Flexibility at the forefoot area.
  • Responsive cushion &
  • Adequate traction with the grooved sole.

More than a decade after Adrenaline’s launch, Brooks introduced its Levitate series. Levitate 5 arrived in 2017 with the same purpose, i.e.- assisting road runners in pursuing their goals.

Levitate’s technology and materials are far apart from Adrenaline. It is loaded with tons of advantages, including:

  • Super springy feel with the stretchy upper.
  • Amazing energy return with DNA AMP midsole.
  • Medial and lateral stability.
  • Reliable support with GuideRails technology.
  • Soclike fit.

However, these product specifications aren’t enough to differentiate and choose one between Brooks Levitate and Adrenaline. In fact, unbiased user reviews and experiences are essential to know before investing the bucks for any of these shoes.

So, let’s jump into the next segment and get to know the differences and overall impressions of Brooks Adrenaline and Levitate.

Differences Between Levitate & Adrenaline

To differentiate the entire performance of Brooks Levitate and Adrenaline, I tested Adrenaline GTS 22 and Levitate GTS 6 for 5 miles of road running. And now, gonna explain each point based on my experience. So, let’s get started!

1. Energy Return

A responsive or energy-returning midsole is one of the primary demands of professional runners. Because it helps to reduce fatigue by restoring a good amount of energy.

Though Brooks Adrenaline and Levitate both are filled with responsive soles, Levitates energy returning capacity is superior.

Thus, I felt more energized while running with the Levitate pair on. It delivers incredible energy return and a super springy ride throughout the pacing.

2. Arch Support

Levitate and Adrenaline are equipped with GTS or Go-To-Support technology. But in case of delivering long-time support to low arches, Adrenaline GTS is more efficient.

Its DNA LOFT v3 midsole easily adapts to flat or overpronated feet and gives extraordinary strength.

On the other hand, Levitate has a DNA AMP-based footbed, which support is especially for mid to high arches. Consequently, it was my best ally during 5 miles of running.

3. Comfort

In my opinion, Adrenaline stands forward in terms of creating a comfy base around feet.

The newest model of Adrenaline GTS holds a responsive DNA LOFT v3 midsole cushioning. It is a soft and light material that is made of EVA foam, rubber, and nitrogen gas.

As a result, it feels very light on foot. The upper is not at all scratchy but rather smooth and breathable.

Let’s see what Levitate has!

Previously, runners complained that levitates were heavy, which caused trouble while running. To resolve this issue, the designers incorporated DNA AMP version 2 midsole in Levitate 6. It is a well-cushioned foam that has reduced the weight by 10% more than the previous editions. But still, Levitate feels heavier and less comfortable to me than Adrenaline.

However, comfort is a feature that varies from person to person. That’s why I would recommend that if you have the scope go to the store, try on two shoes, and check the comfort.

4. Design


Can you identify any difference between Adrenaline’s and Levitae’s outlook?

See, the black-colored Levitate has a back pull tab for easy on and off. But there’s nothing like that in Adrenaline.

They also differ in the tread pattern of the outsole. However, this different tread pattern has no effect on traction. Both soles perform the same on wet and dry surfaces, including my slightly rugged running terrain.

5. Price

Brooks price tags fluctuate very frequently. Even the shoes are often available at a much lower price than the original price due to discounts.

For instance, I bought Levitate GTS 6 for $150. At that time, Levitate 5 was selling for $90. Because the latest was already in the market thus, the hype of the predecessor naturally subsided.

I had to pay $140 for Adrenaline GTS 22, though its current price is only $120.

Comparing the original price of the two shows that it is only ten dollars more or less. And this is due to not much variation in their performance.

However, if your budget is limited, choose between Brooks Revel 4 vs Revel 5. They are less than 100 US dollars!

Brooks Levitate vs Adrenaline: Which is Right for You?

Which of the two is right for you will depend on your priority. Because Adrenaline and Levitate are both crackerjacks for running with some signature features.

Nonetheless, settle on Brooks Adrenaline if you:

– Are support runners who experience excess joint movement during the stride.

– Require supreme arch support for your flat feet.

– Prefer a comfier and lightweight shoe.

Otherwise, lean towards Brooks Levitate if:

– You’re among neutral runners whose knees stay parallel during a simple squat.

– Your top priority is to get high-energy returning footwear.

– You’re in search of a pull tab-based shoe for easier fit adjustment.

Getting the perfect size and fit is a challenge while purchasing running shoes online. Because running shoe size varies according to brands and models.

Adrenaline and Levitate’s sizing is kinda similar. Both run true to size according to their size charts and are available in half sizes. But compared to other brands, Brooks fits a bit shorter.

Note: I suggest purchasing Brooks running shoes 0.5 sizes to a full size larger than your regular go-to sneakers or dress shoes.

Benefits & Downsides of Brooks Adrenaline & Levitate


  • »A very comfortable road running shoe.
  • »Responsive and shock-absorbing midsole.
  • »Brings about top-notch arch support for flat feet.
  • »Lightweight & Durable.
  • »Offers a good grip.
  • »Affordable cost.
  • »Good for high-impact racing.
  • »Water-resistant or waterproof property is absent.
  • »Fit is half or one size smaller than regular sneakers.


  • »Return bags of energy while you’re in motion.
  • »A supportive choice for mid to high arches.
  • »Sufficient traction on roads.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Variety of colorways.
  • »Made of long-lasting materials.
  • »Not water resistant.
  • »Doesn’t fit exactly according to the size.


What Are Brooks Levitate Good for?

Brooks Levitate is good for excellent energy return and medium to elevated arches’ support. Hence, it is a proper choice for new runners.

Is Brooks Levitate a Stability Shoe?

Yes, Brooks Levitate is a stability shoe that gives medial and lateral stability. Thus, individuals who are fresher in running platforms greatly benefit from this shoe.

What Are Brooks Adrenaline Best for?

Brooks Adrenaline is best for providing ultimate arch support within moderate energy restoration.

Which Brooks Is Most Similar to Adrenaline?

It is the Brooks Ghost 15, which is similar to the Adrenaline GTS 22 in terms of features and overall performance. However, Adrenaline is for support runners, and Ghost 15 is for neutral trainers.


So I have got you covered in the feature comparison of Levitate and Adrenaline.

Levitate is for novice runners who demand a springy feel. Its GuideRails support holds down natural motion and keeps you safe by minimizing excessive shin and heel rotation.

On the contrary, I would suggest Adrenaline to the professionals in the running arena because of its captivating energy return.

Any more queries? Just ask them in the comment section.


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