Blundstone 585 Vs 550 [Differences and Similarities]

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When it comes to Blundstone Chelsea Boots, 585 and 550 from their classic series take the front line. Despite being from the same line, these differ in various sectors.


As I own Blundstone 550, I got the opportunity to see its differences from the 585 model.

In this write-out, I will discuss those dissimilarities along with the similar features loud and clear. So, keep reading.

Differences between Blundstone 585 and 550 Boots

Even though both 585 and 550 are Blundstone’s most popular classic boots, they are not the same. There are several distinguishable factors, from their material to the building process to their price point.

Here are the differences among Blundstone 550 and Blundstone 585:

Boot’s Materials & Features

Both Blundstone 585 and 550 are the most hyped Chelsea boots. Yet their core materials, like leather, are different. When 550 boots have full-grain Walnut leather, the 585 Chelsea’s comes with Nubuck and Rustic brown leather.

The main features and materials of Blundstone 585 boots are:

  • High comfort and shock absorbing SPS Max Comfort’s technology.
  • Replacement innersole.
  • Premium quality leather.
  • Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) outsole for traction.

Now let’s take a look at the building materials and features of 550 Blunnies:

  • Airy and flexible 2.5 mm thick leather-made upper.
  • Cambrelle TM comforting and moisture-wicking footbed.
  • Poron and EVA made removable insole.
  • Shock Protection System Xtra to distribute weight evenly.
  • Injection molded sole.
  • Dual-density Thermo polyurethane-infused durable outsole.

All these ingredients altogether make these amazing boots perfect for your daily casual to festival use. After knowing about these materials and features, it’s pretty clear that Blundstones are comfortable.

Sole and Laces

After the materials come the construction of the soles, which include the outsole and midsole. Let me elaborate more.

550 Blundstone boots come with the mold-injected outsole, but it’s only glued with the upper, so there is a chance it will come off.

And its outsole also features Thermo polyurethane which provides dual density for the midsole and outsole at the same time. And I especially love the comfortable feeling that it gives.


Meanwhile, the 585 model has a TPU outsole that is known for its strength, and the cushioned midsoles never fail to amaze.

Both of these models come with elastic yet strong laces manufactured from Gore-Tex. I always find them more helpful in achieving a snug fit and security.

So far, it’s clear that Blundstone boots have great-quality soles to serve you a long time.

If you are thinking of wearing yours for different outdoor activities, check out whether Blundstones are good for hiking.


In general, Blundstone boots are true to size. So, you won’t have any problem finding the right size boot for yourself.

My Blunnies 550 boots are also the accurate size and give the perfect fit. Another plus point of this model is the leather stretches over time, and thus, the fitting changes slightly.

I have been using mine for over seven months, and I can tell the fitting has changed, and they are a little relaxed compared to the first time I wore them.

However, a few days back, my cousin got the Blundstone 585 boots and I tried them on as we both are US 9 shoe size, and they felt more structured than mine. The pairs were brand new, so that can be a reason.


Another crucial factor while buying any boot is its durability, as most of the time, the main purpose of purchasing a boot is to wear rugged footwear for heavy work, hiking, traveling, etc.

When it comes to durability, Blundstone 550 Chelsea boots are more durable.

The main reason is the different leathers used in the manufacturing process of these boots. 550 Blunnies are made of top-quality full-grain leather, which is the strongest kind. By using a magnifying glass, you can clearly see the grain follicles.

And as time goes by, the leather’s color changes as its nature.


On the other hand, 585 models are manufactured with Nubuck leather which is less strong than full-grain ones and also wears out quickly.

But the plus point, it’s color stays intact.

However, it’s clear that Blunnies are pretty durable, and the leather’s texture will change, so you should know how to repair cracked leather boots to wear them for a long time.

Similarities of Blundstone 585 and 550

As you know, Blundstone 585 and 550 boots have several dissimilarities, but as they are both from the same brand, there are also many similar features. Along with the differences, you should also know what factors both of these classic boots come with.

The resemblance of Blunnies 550 and 585:

  • 2.5 mm oil leather-made upper.
  • Both have black and rustic brown colors.
  • The price range is similar.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Suitable enough for both female and male customers.
  • Same size chart.
  • Provides the same kind of performance.

Pros and Cons: Blundstone 585 Vs 550

Even with the best-fitted Blundstone boot, you will face a few drawbacks, like they won’t be 100% waterproof or be too hot for summer. So, knowing about them before purchasing is essential to get the best out of your Blunnies.

Let’s find out the pros and obstacles of Blundstone 585 and 550 boots:

Blundstone 550

  • »Genuine leather.
  • »Integrated toe spring.
  • »Memory foam footbed.
  • »Comfortable leather interior.
  • »Popular and trendy style.
  • »Easy to put on and off.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »No break-in period.
  • »Removable insole.
  • »Molded outsole.
  • »Not full-grain leather upper.
  • »Issues with AU sizing.

Blundstone 585

  • »Comfortable memory foam insole.
  • »Stylish design.
  • »Leather-lined insole.
  • »Easy to put on.
  • »Good traction.
  • »Shock-absorbing footbed.
  • »Water-resistant.
  • »Versatile use.
  • »Not super breathable.
  • »It takes time to break in.
  • »Quite expensive.


It’s clear that both Blundstone 585 and 550 have excellent durability, shock absorption, and comfort in the same price range. But they still differ in various sectors like leather, durability, and outlooks.

If you are into a durable and comfy boot, Blundstone 550will fully satisfy you, but for a stylish and versatile pair, the 585 will be an ideal pick.

For casual and semi-formal events, you can wear any of these classic boots, which will blend with your outfit like they are meant for each other. Another tip, buy them both and pair them according to the weather and need.

Each way, you are getting a super excellent quality Chelsea boot.

Final Words

Blundstone 550 and 585 boots are a true statement piece. They have the best materials, last longer, go with every outfit, and provide the comfort you need for extended wear.

And both come in the same price range, that’s another fantastic part.

I have elaborated on every ins and outs of Blundstone 585 and 550 boots. If you still have any questions, comment below.

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