Are Blundstone Comfortable? [Know Before Your Upcoming Trip]

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If you want a cute pair of boots that are not too casual nor too dressy, Blundstone is the best outdoor boot. Most people pick this pair for traveling or hiking for its remarkable durability.


But do these boots provide comfort along with their other features?

In this article, I will disclose your concerns about the comfort level of Blundstones and also enlighten you with the most comfortable models for your upcoming trip.

So, keep reading.

Are Blundstone Comfortable?

Yes, Blundstone boots are without any doubt very comfortable. With a moisture-absorbing footbed, well-cushioned midsole, and breathable leather upper, these versatile shoes are suitable for long wear. You can put them on or off very easily which is an added bonus for workplaces.

Even for long walks Blunnies are comfy enough to last a few more hours without hurting your feet.

Now, if you are thinking does Blundstone get more comfortable gradually? The answer is also yes! Though from the first day, you will enjoy the comfort these boots come with, after the break-in period they become comfier.

My father wore his Classic Chelsea Black Boots constantly for two months, to break in, after that the comfort level was something indescribable.

During those two months, he wore his Blundstone boots for walking the dog, running errands, and whatnot. He also wore them a couple of times to work.

Another factor that has a major influence on comfort is the sizing of your shoe. So you must know Blundstone boots sizing to enjoy the ultimate comfort these durable boots offer.

Why Are Blundstone So Comfortable?

As a travel or work boot, Blondstones have come a long way. You can count on these shoes for a comfy outdoor experience. But you also need to know which features make Blondstones boots so comfortable in the first place.

Let’s check out why Blondstones are so comfortable to wear:


Blundstone’s footbeds are one reason behind the comfort of these versatile boots. These comfy footbeds provide cushion and nurture your feet.

This footbed has a moisture-wicking system, proper airflow during hot days, and a large pad of XRD to go under your foot. I am especially fond of the different degrees of lining added to these amazing insoles.

Another feature that makes Blundstone shoes worthwhile the comfort is their arch footbed which is made of soft polyurethane and also coated with full-length cushiony foam polyurethane for the ultimate comfort.

If you have worn your Blunnies for a while, clean the insoles to prevent odor.

Breathable Uppers

The comfort of a shoe depends not only on the soft footbed, but the boot’s upper also plays a vital role in how much ease you will feel.

Blundstone shoes come with supple leather uppers that are supportive, protect your feet, and are super breathable. I have a pair of Women’s Original High Top Boots in rustic brown color.


This pair is versatile, and I am so happy with the service of this comfy pair.

The airflow of the high-top ensures the health of my feet, and as I wear them mainly for the office, I don’t have to worry about blisters because of the overall padding.

Another fact is that the leather slowly took my foot’s shape, which is comforting, along with the fact they are water resistant beforehand.

Suppose you want to use water-repellent sprays. First, check if waterproof shoe spray works.

Quality Lining

To give you comfort during the chilly weather, linings are crucial. In this sector, Blundstone boots are way ahead. The lining of the innersoles is breathable, anti-bacterial, and dries quickly if you accidentally wet them on the snow.

Thus you can wear them all day for hiking or traveling.

With a pair of thermal Blundstone, you don’t have to worry about replacing your winter boots. One pair will serve you several tears if you care for them properly.

Shock Protection Feature

When you invest in a pair of durable work boots like Blundstone, the shock protection system is essential. For all those movements you must make during your work.

All the Blundstone boots come with XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology for your feet’s protection and comfort. These boots can absorb 90% of energy during high-speed movements.

The designs reduce orthopedic issues and workplace fatigue in your legs and lower back.

The engineering and design manufacturers included in Blunnies are outstanding. You will find the same feature in all casual boots too.

Most Comfortable Blundstone Boots

There is no doubt, the manufacturers of Blundstone have left no stone unturned to make their shoes the most practical and chic boots without compromising comfort. Though all the Blunnis are comfy yet a few models stand out.

Let’s find out the most comfortable  Blunnis:

1. Blundstone 500

If you are looking for a boot that will ease your feet and reduce fatigue, Blundstone 500 is the perfect fit.

These shoes are super comfortable and as the insole is removable, you can add more to increase your comfort level. Moreover, the thick premium leather adds relief.

Also, the breathability of 500 is worth $209.95. In short, this amazing pair from the Original series talks for itself.

If you are into versatile and timeless boots like Doc Martens beside Blundstone, check out whether Doc Martens are comfortable enough.

2. Blundstone 550

Blundstone 550 is a combination of a rugged work boot with a super comfortable feature. These also have the iconic cushiony footbed and leather lining to have a cloud-like feeling.

This classic model comes with pull-up straps which makes them easy to wear.

For the comfort of your heel, Blundstone 550 has a high-density foam pad and heel cap which makes it a bit more comfortable than other models.

Here are a few FAQs to add a little extra info about the iconic Blundstone boots.


Are Blundstone Shoes Comfortable For Walking?

Yes, Blundstone Shoes are an excellent pair for walking. The cushiony footbed, breathable upper, and overall structure provide enough support for walks.

Are Heeled Blundstone Boots Comfy?

Heeled Blundstone Boots are also as comfortable as a normal pair of Blunnies. The added height doesn’t affect the consolation.

Are Blundstone Comfortable For Standing All Day?

With their unique features and soft interior, Blundstone boots are a definition of comfort to wear in your office all day long.

Why Are Blundstone Popular?

Blundstone boots are popular for their long service, durable building materials, and not to mention super comfortable feeling they provide for your outdoor activities.

Final Words

When it comes to comfortable and versatile boots, Blundstone boots are second to none. All of their models are super comfortable with their soft comfy footbed, flexible upper, and the layer of lining.

If you are planning to get a pair of Classic 550 or Original 500, you won’t be disappointed.

This is everything to ensure you the comfort of Blundstone boots. For more additional queries, comment below.

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