7 Best KEEN Hiking Boots Reviews

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Are you in search of the best KEEN hiking boots? But not sure which one to choose from and are they worth buying?

Don’t worry; you have landed on the right article. Because with my in-depth research, I have shortlisted the best 7 KEEN hiking boots in this article.

Keep reading to find the best pair of KEEN hiking boots and clear all your doubts regarding them.


Best 7 KEEN Hiking Boots Reviewed

KEEN Women’s Targhee 2LeatherBest Overall
KEEN Men’s Targhee IINubuck LeatherComfortable
KEEN Men’s Targhee IIILeather and SyntheticAll-Rounder
KEEN Women’s VoyageurLeather and MeshUltra-Lightweight
KEEN Women’s DurandLeatherMost Premium
KEEN Men’s Targhee VentNubuck Leather Upper High Traction
KEEN Men’s SteensLeatherBest Budget

A pair of lousy quality hiking boots can solely have the ability to ruin the hiking experience.

However, KEEN has not left any stone unturned to make the hiking experience smooth and hassle-free by adding all the fantastic advanced features in their hiking boots.

KEEN has a vast collection of hiking boots, and choosing the right pair of boots for your hiking can be a bit tricky. In this article, I have reviewed the top 7 KEEN hiking boots to make your work easier.

Here are the best KEEN hiking boots:


KEEN Women's Targhee 2 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot


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Pure leather is used in Women’s Targhee 2 hiking boots. The leather itself is a naturally strong fabric and incredibly long-lasting, which makes it a superb investment. The leathery Targhee 2 hiking boots are very comfortable and add a luxe touch to your outfit.

A high-quality rubber sole is attached to the boots, which act as a shock absorber, and thus you don’t feel the hardness of the ground. The rubber sole is exceptionally sturdy and durable and will run a thousand miles.

The boot’s uppers are made with leather, making them hard-wearing and protecting your feet from the hazardous surrounding. The boots’ padded tongue and collar ensure a secure fit and let you experience a comfortable walk.

Features List

  • Rain can’t let you stop the adventurous hiking because the KEEN Dry waterproof layer prevents water from seeping in and letting the moisture out of the boots, giving you a dry and comfortable walk all day long.
  • The unique feature External Support Shank(ESS) and the contoured heel provides the boot with extreme stability and gives support on bumpy grounds.
  • The KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole offers excellent traction to give you a safe ride on rough surfaces and filthy grounds.
  • The boots are designed in the shape of the foot, which gives you outstanding arch support.
  • The 4mm lug depth on the outsoles gives you an excellent grip and helps you move your feet in all-terrain.
  • Women’s Targhee 2 comes in 21 different colors. You can choose your desired color according to your attire.

Personal Opinion

KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 is a rigid, light-weight, and super comfortable hiking boot. You can wear the boots in rugged and rocky terrain for 10-12 hours without hurting your feet. Though KEEN claims all their hiking boots are true to size, buy ½ larger than your usual size for this specific style. Because women’s Targhee 2 runs ½ size small.


KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot




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Men’s Targhee II is breathable and durable since they are made with pure nubuck leather. Along with breathability, the nubuck leather is water-resistant as well. The nubuck leather has a velvety texture, which gives a luxury look to the boots and your outfit.

Thanks to; the mesh liner allows sweat to escape and allows your feet to breathe. In addition to this, the low-profile upper gives your feet utmost comfort for long hours of walk. The footbed is designed in such a way that your feet experience excellent arch support and give you a secure ride.

Hiking on uneven and rocky roads increases the chance of injuring the feet. To prevent this, KEEN uses a rubber sole in their Targhee II boots. Rubber sole acts as a barrier between your feet and the ground and protects your feet from sharp objects. Besides this, the rubber sole offers excellent grip on wet surfaces and decreases the chance of slipping.

Features List

  • The feature KEEN. Dry waterproof membrane makes the boots water-resistant by evaporating the moisture and preventing water from seeping in, keeping you dry and crisp throughout the day.
  • The ESS property and the mid-cut height add extra ankle support and give you firm stability on bumpy roads.
  • The boots have a high-traction grip on the wet surface and reduce the chance of slipping, and all that’s because of the KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber sole.
  • Men’s Targhee II has 6 beautiful colors of hiking boots.

Personal Opinion

No doubt KEEN men’s Targhee II hiking boots are ultra-lightweight, supportive, and comfortable all day long. The boots are not waterproof; instead, they are water-resistant, so bear that in mind. The boots don’t need any break-in period but make sure to buy ½ size larger than your standard size because Men’s Targhee II runs ½ size smaller.


KEEN Men's Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot


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Men’s Targhee III has an outer layer of matte leather and synthetic. The mixture of these fabrics makes the boots very light-weight as well as flexible and long-lasting. The premium leather makes the boots very sturdy and can withstand abrasion over time.

The protective rubber sole not only protects your feet from injury but also makes your boot water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet drenched in water.

Features List

  • Keep your feet dry and crisp all day long during hiking with Targhee III because it has a particular KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane that doesn’t let water in the boots and keeps the vapor out.
  • The boots are treated with a PFC-free water repellant.
  • The boots have an improved grip and thanks to the KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole, which promises maximum grip in a filthy environment.
  • The 4mm multidirectional lugs upgrade the grip and help to slough off more mud.
  • The EVA footbed promises excellent arch support, and the contours of the feet offer incredible stability.
  • The ESS feature gives the boot additional ankle support.
  • The infused TPU heel-capture system offers the boot with next-level firmness.
  • In total, there are 9 colors of Men’s Targhee III hiking boots.

Personal Opinion

Targhee III is an extreme, enduring hiking boot. If you want boots that provide adequate support around the ankles and have an excellent grip from the sole, then definitely go for the Targhee III hiking boots.

However, if you wear the boots daily, I recommend cleaning the boots with leather cleaner and conditioner to treat the day-to-day wear and tear.


KEEN Women's Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot


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The boots are made with 100% leather and mesh. Perfect for rugged terrain, these leather and mesh incorporated boots are incredibly durable, can withstand abrasion, and makes the boot water-resistance.

The boots come with a rubber sole, which creates an obstacle between your feet and the ground, thus keeping your feet protected from hazardous objects. Along with this, rubber sole decreases the wear that your boots undergo.

While hiking, boots get dirty very quickly. And cleaning plays a vital role in the longevity of the boots. To clean the lost dirt particles, simply brush the boots with a soft-bristles brush. To remove any discoloration, rub a gum eraser on the spot gently and brush it afterward.

Features List

  • From the arch, the shaft measures around 3.5 inches.
  • The measurement of the heel is about 2 inches.
  • The platform of the boots measures approximately 1.25 inches.
  • Hiking with wet feet is definitely a hassle, but the Voyageur boots’ water-resistant leather ensures there is no penetration of water, keeping your feet dry.
  • The mesh material in the upper upgrades the boot’s breathability and allows the feet to breathe.
  • The boots include a fantastic property that is the removable EVA footbed. This midsole offers cushion and comfort on uneven terrain. Also, it provides extra grip where needed.
  • Say good-bye to feet odor because the Voyageur has a unique ECO anti-odor feature, removing bad smell from the boots.
  • KEEN Women’s Voyageur comes in only one color.

Personal Opinion

A perfect non-waterproof lined boots that will keep your feet comfortable for day long. Even after wearing them for hours, your feet will not feel fatigued, and there will be no blisters. These ultra-lightweight boots will keep your feet cool in hot weather. So definitely go for the Voyageur if you want these properties in your hiking boots.


KEEN Women's Durand Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot


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100% leather made Women’s Durand hiking boots provide outstanding durability and water-resistance properties. The high-quality leather makes the boots long-lasting and will withstand wear.

The synthetic sole makes the boots very lightweight and very much cozy. You can spend hours in these boots without your feet getting tired. The synthetic sole provides a maximum level of breathability, which is a plus point to your feet.

The boot has a rubber sole with it, which acts as a shock absorber, makes the boot slip-resistant, and protects your feet from injuries.

Features List

  • From the arch, the shaft measures around 5 inches.
  • The measurement of the heel is about 1.5 inches.
  • The platform of the boots measures approximately 0.75 inches.
  • A protective KEEN.PROTECT toe cap is attached to the boots, enhancing the balance, reducing injuries, and improving comfort.
  • The reinforced eyelets and the lacing up hiking boots not only make you look stylish but also ensures your feet are secured in its place.
  • The KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane technology makes the boot water-resistant and keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • The mid-cut design and the EVA footbed increases the ankle support and offers a secure grip.
  • For long-lasting wear, the Durand has a KEEN PU rubber outsole, which has the quality of shock absorption and compresses the resistance.
  • Durand comes in only one color.

Personal Opinion

A KEEN women’s Durand mid waterproof hiking boot is a perfect pair of boots if you want to go hiking on rainy days. The boot has all the features that a hiking boot should have for wet conditions. This style runs ½ size smaller, so buy ½ size larger than your usual size.


KEEN Men's Targhee Vent Mid Hiking Boot


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Targhee Vent hiking boot consists of a rubber sole, which provides high-level traction in all-terrain types, and makes your boot slip-resistant, keeping your feet safe.

Features List

  • The measurement of the shaft is from the arch to the ankle-high.
  • The upper is made with oiled nubuck leather, which makes the boot hard-wearing, water-resist, and reduces abrasion.
  • Instead of metal eyelets, a reinforced speed hook is attached to the boots, making the lacing process speedy and keeping your boot snug while allowing the exact tightness you are looking for.
  • The TPU heel capture system gives the boot maximum stability.
  • Targhee Vent has two different colors.

Personal Opinion

Targhee Vent is an ideal pair of hiking boots if you want to go hiking in a warmer environment. Targhee Vent has all the characteristics that a summer hiking boot should have. The boots are incredibly durable, water-resistant, and long-lasting.


KEEN Men's Steens Mid Wp Hiking Boot


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KEEN men’s Steens hiking boots are made with eco-friendly leather and are healthy for your feet. The rubber sole in the boots reduces wearing and offers long-term comfort.

Features List

  • The KEEN.DRY features make the boots water-resistant by not letting water in and by allowing the vapor out.
  • The 4mm multi-directional lugs offer excellent traction and shed mud quickly.
  • The KEEN.ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole promises maximum grip.
  • The EVA midsole provides a firmer grip.
  • Steen hiking boots have two unique colors.

Personal Opinion

If you search for light hiking boots, then surely go for the KEEN men’s Steen hiking boots. Not to mention, the boots are very much comfortable and have good arch support.

KEEN Hiking Boots Buying Guide

There are a few essential elements that you should mainly focus on while buying hiking boots.

Below I have described the components in short:

  • Quality: KEEN doesn’t compromise with their boot’s standard. They produce top-notch boots along with all the features that a hiking boot should have. The materials they use in their boots are premium leather, full-grain nubuck leather, good-quality synthetic. So when the main component itself is so top-end, then the overall quality of the boots reaches a higher-level.
  • Pricing: The KEEN hiking boot pricing is pretty good because they come in different price ranges, from affordable to expensive ones. If you are on a budget, you can check out the KEEN Men’s Targhee II hiking boots. Their starting price is quite reasonable compared to other boots. And if you want to invest a handsome amount, then I would suggest going for the Men’s Targhee Vent or Women’s Targhee 2.
  • Weather: Choose hiking boots depending upon the climate where you plan to hike. Each hiking boot is made for a particular weather. For summer, go for Women’s Voyageur or Men’s Targhee Vent. These boots will keep your feet cool in hot weather. For rainy days, the Women’s Durand is a perfect pick.
  • Water-resistant: Make sure to check if the boots are water-resistant or not. If the boots are resistant to water, then it will have a KEEN. DRY waterproof membrane, which prevents water from letting in the boots.
  • Size: KEEN claims their hiking boots are true to size. To an extent, they are true to their words, without the KEEN’s Targhee collection.

All the KEEN’s Targhee range runs ½ smaller. While buying, make sure to purchase ½ size larger than your usual size.

Other than the Targhee collection, all their hiking boots are true to size.


No wonder KEEN is one of the best manufacturers of hiking boots. They make high-quality boots keeping the features of a hiking boot intact.

Now that you know the best KEEN hiking boots’ reviews choose whichever you want; you will not be disappointed.

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