On Cloudnova vs Cloud 5: Which is Better for Comfort?

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The relentless search for the perfect do-it-all lifestyle sneaker that can take you from workdays to weekends with unmatched versatility is neverending.

As a dedicated sneakerhead, I find On Running models offer an ideal combination of comfort, style, and their unique CloudTec sole technology.

The On Cloud’s Cloudnova and Cloud 5 shoes offer lightweight cushioning for all-day wear. I tested both for responsiveness and durability.cloudnova-vs-cloud-5

Read on if you want a stylish, stable shoe that can handle any challenge. I am going to compare Cloudnova and Cloud 5 to determine which is the ultimate everyday lifestyle shoe.

Therefore, let’s begin.

Overview of ON Cloud 5 and Cloudnova Shoes

On Running’s Cloudnova and Cloud 5 shoes combine cutting-edge Swiss engineering with versatile, fashion-forward designs to elevate your daily wear.

The On Cloud 5, renowned as a reliable walking and daily wear shoe, combines a lightweight build with a quick lacing system for comfort and convenience. Its breathability and eco-friendly features, incorporating recycled materials, enhance its appeal.

Meanwhile, the show stopping Cloudnova takes a bolder approach, with a wave-inspired design sole that has made it a favorite for its unique aesthetics.

On Running’s Cloudnova combines the brand’s responsive cushioning with a fashionable, eye-catching design for a comfortable and stylish shoe. Its stretchy knit upper contours the foot and moves with you, whether you pair it with office trousers or weekend athleisure wear.

With both models, On Running continues to push the boundaries of what an everyday lifestyle shoe can deliver in both form and function.

The Cloud 5 boasts classic styling and eco-awareness, making it a versatile wardrobe staple, while the Cloudnova combines an athletic look with high fashion.

Together or solo, each shoe provides mile after mile of the trademark Swiss comfort the On wearers obsess over.

Feature Comparison of On Running Cloud 5 and Cloudnova

On Running has solidified its position as a comfort-driven footwear leader, evident in both Cloud 5 and Cloudnova.

Despite sharing a commitment to plushness, nuanced differences serve diverse needs.

The following table breaks down the essential features of each shoe, aiding you in pinpointing your ideal match.

FeatureOn Cloud 5On Cloudnova
Release Year20222020
Weight250g / 8.8 oz270g / 9.5 oz
AestheticRetain classic designAppealing modern design
Upper MaterialRe-engineered Breathable antimicrobial mesh with 44% recycled materialEngineered mesh upper with 30% recycled material
MidsoleCloudTec® in Zero-Gravity foam with Updated Speedboard®Connected CloudTec® with incorporated Speedbord
OutsoleDurable rubber over the podsDurable rubber reinforcements support
Cushioning TypeComfortableComfortable
Stack Height21 – 28 mm33.5 – 19.5 mm
Heel-to-Toe Drop7 mm14 mm
Tongue DesignGusseted soft designThin and soft
Reflective PortionYesYes
BreathabilityGood breathability with antimicrobial meshGood breathability
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Ideal UseDaily wear, training, all-day wear, nursesEveryday wear, travel, sneaker style

With a comprehensive comparison, let’s explore distinct strengths and considerations for each shoe, steering you toward the ultimate comfort companion.

Primary Differences Between On Cloudnova and Cloud 5 Shoes

On Running has gained recognition in athletic footwear, featuring standout models like the Cloudnova and Cloud 5.

Each shoe reflects On Running’s dedication to quality, innovation, and style. So, let’s check how they compare.

Here are the main differences between On Cloudnova and On Cloud 5:

1. Design Philosophy

The Cloudnova boasts an innovative and attention-grabbing design. Its modern silhouette, bold color combinations, and meticulous attention to detail make it an excellent choice for those seeking statement-making shoes.

With a futuristic touch and stylish flair, the Cloudnova is ideal for daily wearers aiming to express individuality and stand out.

Despite its appearance resembling a running shoe, the Cloudnova is ON’s creation, dominating the everyday wear category.

In contrast, the Cloud 5 takes a minimalist approach to design. With its sleek and understated look, it radiates simplicity and elegance.

Its clean lines and subtle color options give the Cloud 5 a timeless and versatile appeal. If you lean towards a more low-key and classic design, the Cloud 5 provides a stylish option seamlessly blending into any athletic or casual outfit.

The Cloudnova’s overall design genuinely captivated me, prompting me to acquire the Cloudnova Form, thereby expanding my collection.design-philosophy-of-cloudnova

2. Upper Material

The Cloudnova incorporates an engineered mesh upper with 30% recycled material, providing a lightweight and breathable feel. This not only enhances comfort but also aligns with sustainability efforts.

I found the mesh to be exceptionally comfortable, ensuring good airflow and preventing my feet from overheating on sunny days. The use of recycled materials resonates with my commitment to reducing environmental impact.

When you compare this to the Cloud 5, there’s a noticeable difference.

The Cloud 5 uses a re-engineered, breathable antimicrobial mesh with 44% recycled material. This means it’s not only more eco-friendly but also keeps your feet fresher for longer.

Both shoes deliver a comfortable fit, but the Cloud 5 might be your preferred choice if you prioritize breathability and lasting freshness.upper-material-of-cloud-5

3. Midsole Technology

When I first tried the Cloudnova, I was impressed by its midsole. It incorporates a connected CloudTec® design and a Speedboard, delivering a smooth ride and a responsive push-off. I found this combination to be ideal for extended wear.

On the flip side, the Cloud 5 utilizes CloudTec® in Zero-Gravity foam with an Updated Speedboard®. This midsole technology offers superior comfort for all-day wear.midsole-of-on-cloud-5

I appreciated the Cloud 5’s lightweight midsole. The updated Speedboard added to the shoe’s responsiveness, aiding my ability to maintain a quick and efficient stride whenever needed.

However, it may not offer as much support for high-impact activities.

Personally, I found the Cloud 5 midsole to be perfect for all-day wear. It offered enhanced comfort compared to Cloudnova.

4. Outsole Grip

The Cloudnova features rubber reinforcements that support your foot’s natural rolling motion. I remember trying them out during a brisk walk, and they felt great.

The grip held firm on sidewalks and even some light gravel, giving me confidence with every step. Plus, the rocker shape seemed to propel me forward effortlessly.outsole-grip-of-on-running-cloud-5-and-cloudnova

On the flip side, the Cloud 5 uses durable rubber to cover its CloudTec pods. This offers solid traction overall, especially on dry surfaces. The strategically placed rubber portions raise some concerns about the outsole’s durability.

However, I noticed it felt a bit smoother than the Cloudnova’s outsole. So, if you often encounter wet or loose terrain, Cloudnova’s extra grip might be your top choice.

Overall, I find the ON Cloudnova’s outsole offers some noticeable benefits compared to the Cloud 5. It features extended rubber, enhancing durability and providing better traction.

5. Comfort for All Day Wear

The Cloudnova envelops your feet in a plush embrace. Its inner sock construction and padded heel ensure a cozy, secure fit.

I remember strolling around town for hours, and my feet felt fantastic – no hotspots or discomfort. The Connected CloudTec pods absorbed shock with each step, while the external heel stabilizer provided additional support.

At On, comfort is the essence of our Cloudnova model.comfort-for-all-day-wear-of-cloudnova

However, they have other models that might suit your needs if you’re seeking a balance between comfort and training capabilities. For a more in-depth comparison, check out the Cloudnova versus Cloudswift.

In contrast, the Cloud 5 offers a lighter, more flexible feel. Its molded heel design securely cradled my foot, and the multi-directional Cloud elements provided a springy response.

I wore them throughout a busy day of errands and meetings, and they kept my feet comfortably light on their toes. Plus, the speed lacing system made them easy to slip on and off.

If you prioritize plushness and support for long walks, Cloudnova might be your top choice.

6. Performance Analysis

In my experience, Cloudnova and Cloud 5 offer unique performance characteristics.

The Cloudnova excels in all-day wear. Its smooth ride and responsive feel make it perfect for days with lots of walking. It feels like the shoe is working with me, making each step effortless.

On the flip side, the Cloud 5 feels lighter and more agile, ideal for more active days. Thanks to its lightweight design and responsive feel, it’s particularly useful during long shifts on my feet.performance-analysis-of-cloud-5

That said, if you prefer a shoe that offers the same functionality as the Cloud 5 but with added support for running, consider comparing the Cloudswift with the Cloud 5.

If you’re seeking a shoe for more active pursuits, the Cloud 5 might be your go-to. Otherwise, if you like to get a daily beater that is modern and stylish, then pick the Cloudnova.

7. Weight and Overall Fit

Initially, when I picked up the Cloudnova, I noticed it had a slightly heavier feel, weighing in at 9.5 oz. In contrast, the Cloud 5 felt lighter, tipping the scales at 8.8 oz. Though the difference in weight may seem minor, it can affect how the shoe feels during extended wear.

The Cloudnova tends to offer a more spacious fit, especially with its roomier toe box. With wider feet, I found these shoes provided a comfortable embrace without any tightness. Ideal for all-day wear.weight-and-overall-fit-of-cloudnova

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 opts for a snugger fit, particularly noticeable in its narrower toe box. While this may not suit wider feet, it provides a secure feel some runners favor.

Moreover, the Cloudnova’s vamp, the part over the foot, is more forgiving in width. The heel counter felt supportive yet flexible, and the arch support suited my medium arches perfectly.

In contrast, the Cloud 5’s snugness extends to both the vamp and heel, though the arch support may be less pronounced for those with higher arches.

Ultimately, I prefer the Cloudnova. Although it may be slightly heavier, the exceptional comfort and perfect fit have made it my everyday shoe of choice.

8. Size Comparison

Both shoes generally fit true to size. I tried my usual size in both pairs, and they fit perfectly.

For the Cloudnova, while it fit true to size for me, my friend found it to run slightly small. He opted for a half-size up for a better fit. If you have wider feet or prefer more room, consider trying a half-size larger.

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 is praised for its comfortable, true-to-size fit straight out of the box.size-comparison-of-cloud-5

There’s no need for a break-in period! I didn’t encounter any sizing issues, and it felt fantastic right from the start.

9. Price and Value

The Cloudnova is priced at $160, whereas the Cloud 5 costs $140.

In my view, the Cloudnova commands a slightly higher price due to its innovative design and enhanced performance features. Unique elements like the rubber reinforcements for natural motion support add to its overall value.

Conversely, the Cloud 5 is priced slightly lower at $140.

While it may lack some of the advanced features of the Cloudnova, it still delivers excellent comfort, durability, and reliable performance. The Cloud 5 offers solid value for its price, presenting a more affordable option without sacrificing quality.

While the Cloud 5 may have a lower price point, I believe the Cloudnova’s cost is more reasonable when considering its superior quality and design.

Mentioning all the above, consider your priorities and preferences. If you crave cloud-like comfort for all-day wear, Cloudnova could be your perfect match.

For those desiring a blend of responsiveness and superior comfort, Cloud 5 might be the ideal companion.

Let’s thoroughly examine the respective strengths and weaknesses of each shoe.

Benefits and Drawbacks of On Running Cloudnova and Cloud 5

The Cloudnova running shoe offers a unique combination of style and performance, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts. Whereas The Cloud 5 is a reliable and versatile running shoe designed to deliver a comfortable running experience.


  • »Best for everyday wear, all-day wear, and traveling.
  • »Appealing design.
  • »Requires no break-in period.
  • »External TPU heel counter enhances stability.
  • »Breathable upper ensures proper ventilation.
  • »Higher price point compared to Cloud 5.
  • »Limited color options than Cloud 5.
  • »The intended use is hard to understand.

Cloud 5

  • »Lightweight than Cloudnova.
  • »The Zero-gravity foam provides superior cushioning.
  • »Great for everyday use, walking, and all-day standing.
  • »The speed lacing and slip-on features make the wearing experience easy.
  • »Cheaper than Cloudflow.
  • »Comes with additional lacing.
  • »Arch support is insufficient for long runs.
  • »Overall, a snuggly fit is not appropriate for wider feet.

ON Cloudnova vs ON Cloud 5: Which is the Ideal Shoe for You?

After real-world testing, I believe the On Cloudnova and On Cloud 5 have merits as high-quality, comfortable lifestyle shoes that can handle daily wear.

The Cloudnova stands out most for its sleek, appealing design that offers both versatility and sophisticated style.

However, while close, the Cloud 5 takes a slight edge when scoring on pure performance and durability.

Remarkably, after over half a year of use, the Cloud 5 midsole’s bounce remains impressive, and the grippy outsole displays minimal wear. Additionally, it offers a notably increased level of lateral support that proves invaluable during active days.

So, while the Cloudnova wins on aesthetics, the Cloud 5 is more durable and stable.

Depending on your priorities, both these On sneakers have compelling cases as the perfect everyday lifestyle kick.


How do Cloudnova and Cloud 5 compare in cushioning and comfort?

While both shoes boast ultra-soft CloudTec cushioning, the Cloud 5 takes comfort to the next level with additional heel padding. This enhanced feature provides superior shock absorption and a plush sensation with every step.

Among Cloudnova and Cloud 5, which shoe is best for walking?

The Cloud 5 is optimized for walking with features like a reinforced heel counter and grippy outsole, ensuring it can handle high daily mileage.

Which has better traction and versatility, Cloudnova and Cloud 5?

Although the Cloudnova and Cloud 5 have soles with similar distinctive designs and levels of traction, the Cloud 5 is more adaptable to uneven terrain, such as dirt trails.

Which shoe has the most stylish or fashion-forward look?

The Cloudnova shoe stands out with its trendy wave sole design and modern knit upper, creating a striking, contemporary look that epitomizes high fashion. Meanwhile, Cloud 5 retains the classic look.

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