Cloudswift vs Cloud 5 [A Detailed Comparison & Review]

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As an avid runner and trainer who logs miles on trails, tracks, and treadmills, I’m constantly testing the next hot pair of kicks. My beat-up shoes can confirm I put them through the wringer.

Recently, I laced up On Running’s popular Cloudswift and Cloud 5 models.

So, I can compare these two heavy hitters as versatile all-around athletic shoes suitable for both casual wear and hardcore workouts.cloudswift-vs-cloud-5

After months of pavement pounding, I break down how they stack up on features like responsiveness, durability, and style appeal. In this article, I’ll compare the innovative Cloudswift and the dynamic Cloud 5 to determine the best shoe.

Therefore, let’s begin.

Overview of On Cloudswift and Cloud 5 Running Shoes

With Cloudswift and Cloud 5, I am thrilled to share the innovation from the esteemed award-winning brand.

The Cloudswift’s light and swift design offers impact protection through repositioned cloud tech super foam. The extreme rocker outsole and re-engineered speedboard enhance your natural rolling motion for a smooth run.

Noteworthy are the tie laces, emphasizing a clean aesthetic. Sizing up half a size is recommended for a comfortable fit, especially for those between sizes.

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 boasts cloud tech cushioning and zero gravity foam for comfort in every stride. Weighing only 203 grams, it’s perfect for soft landings and powerful push-offs.

Though in my findings, On Cloud is not the best for running, it’s undoubtedly an excellent pick for casual wear and some training sessions.

Moreover, the Cloud’s Speedy lacing system adds convenience, and they’re generally true to size, with the option to size up for avid runners. Plus, the inclusion of spare laces is a thoughtful touch.

In general, Cloudswift 3, the latest iteration, is an excellent daily trainer that can also be used for running for its forward propulsion. Meanwhile, On Cloud 5 is a perfect pick for everyday wear.

That aside, let’s compare their characteristics and check how they stack up.

Feature Comparison of On Cloud 5 and Cloudswift 3 Shoes

Choosing the perfect running shoes is a personal journey. You need to find the ideal match that provides comfort and enhances your performance.

There are several crucial aspects to consider, including the outsole and breathability. Understanding these key factors allows you to select a pair that aligns seamlessly with your unique running style.

Let’s compare the features of Cloud 5 and Cloudswift 3:

FeatureCloud 5Cloudswift 3
Release Year20222023
Weight250g / 8.8 oz320g / 11.3oz
Upper MaterialRe-engineered Breathable antimicrobial mesh with 44% recycled materialBreathable engineered mesh
MidsoleCloudTec® in Zero-Gravity foam with Updated Speedboard®Updated CloudTec®, Dual-density Helion™ Superfoam
OutsoleDurable rubber over the podsDurable rubber over the pods
Cushioning TypeComfortableFirm and responsive
Stack Height28 – 21 mm33.1 – 28.1 mm
Heel-to-Toe Drop7 mm5 mm
Tongue DesignGusseted soft designSlip-on design, slim tongue
BreathabilityGood breathability with antimicrobial meshWell perforated
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Ideal UseCasual wear, trainingEveryday wear, short running, daily training

Having compared the features, let’s explore the distinct characteristics that set these two On-Running champions apart. This closer examination will assist you in figuring out which one harmonizes better with your specific requirements.

Primary Differences between On Running Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5

Let’s explore the Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5 shoes. Each has unique characteristics that offer different needs.

So, I’ll discuss how they’re designed, their comfy levels, cushioning style, and all those little details that make them unique. By the end, you’ll have a feel for which one might be your perfect running companion, suited to your preferences.

Here are the main differences between Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5:

1. Intended Use

I’m all about having the perfect shoe for every occasion, and when it comes to Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5, they each have their advantages.

Cloudswift 3 is excellent for daily wear, gym-hitting, or spontaneous sprints. I can vouch for its support during intense workouts, making every jump and lunge a breeze.

In my 140-mile run with the Coudswift 3, my finding is – that it’s not an appealing running shoe. For a more focused running shoe, you can check On Running’s Cloudstratus and Hoka Bondi Comparison.

Now, Cloud 5 is more of your weekend buddy. Super light and cozy, it’s perfect for casual wear. They are not the best for running, but they keep your feet comfortable on easygoing adventures.intended-use-of-cloud-5

So, what’s your use case?

If you’re into an all-rounder for an active lifestyle, Cloudswift 3 is the way to go. But if ultimate comfort on your laid-back days is the goal, Cloud 5 is your go-to.

2. Upper Materials and Design

The upper materials and design of On Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5 bring unique features tailored to different preferences and activities.

Cloudswift 3 boasts a breathable engineered mesh upper, ensuring fantastic airflow that keeps my feet cool during runs. The lightweight and flexible construction offers a snug fit and support, meeting breathability needs.

However, I find some issues with the lacing. I had to tighten the lacing a bit aggressively to get a secure fit on the ankle and heel.

On the flip side, Cloud 5 kicks it up a notch with a re-engineered, breathable antimicrobial mesh upper, enhancing breathability and keeping the shoes fresh and odor-free.

Cloud 5 goes the extra mile with 44% recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice.

Both shoes offer excellent breathability and comfort, but the Cloud 5’s use of recycled materials adds an extra layer of appeal for the environmentally conscious.upper-materials-and-design-of-cloud-5

3. Midsole Cushioning

The midsole materials and cushioning in On Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5 come packed with unique technologies.

Cloudswift 3 uses the updated CloudTec® system paired with dual-density Helion™ Superfoam. It delivered a smooth, cloud-like run with responsive cushioning and a fantastic energy return.

The forward rolling sensation sets it apart, elevating the running experience.

Turning to Cloud 5, it employs CloudTec® in Zero-Gravity foam with an updated Speedboard®. This design ensures a soft landing and explosive take-off, making it a top choice for all-day wear.

In my experience, both shoes provide excellent cushioning, with Cloudswift 3 offering a more responsive feel while Cloud 5 brings a softer, plush sensation.midose-cushioning-of-cloudswift-3

4. Outsole Grip

Both shoes feature sturdy zonal rubber covering the pods, ensuring a reliable grip on diverse surfaces.

Cloudswift 3 boasts a robust rubber outsole that delivers impressive traction for a confident stride and is designed to endure wear and tear.

Conversely, Cloud 5 has a more substantial rubberized tread on the heel and forefoot, providing exceptional traction on concrete or damp roads.

In general, both shoes excel in grip and traction, but Cloudswift 3 feels more durable, while Cloud 5 provides a softer landing.outsole-grip-of-cloudswift-3-and-cloud-5

5. Comfort and Ease of Use

The Cloudswift 3 delivers a sturdy and responsive sensation in my runs, providing a reassuring sense of stability and support.

Its impressive flexibility facilitates seamless transitions and natural movements, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit during my runs.

In contrast, the Cloud 5 takes comfort up a notch. Featuring a convenient slip-on design, it effortlessly slips on and off, adding ease to the wearing experience.

The Cloud 5’s comfortable fit and moderate flexibility enhance the joy of running. Moreover, the quick lacing system guarantees a secure and personalized fit every time.

While On Running’s Cloud 5 isn’t the most supportive for intense activities, it was super comfy for everyday walks and errands.

So, which is the comfort king among Cloudswift 3 and On Cloud 5?

If you value effortless wear and laid-back comfort for your daily escapades, Cloud 5 is your perfect match.comfort-and-ease-of-use-of-cloud-5

6. Performance Analysis and Durability

The Cloudswift 3 is a versatile all-rounder, adapting well to various running styles and distances. Its firm and responsive nature offers a smooth, forward-flowing ride, although many have mentioned the firm feel of the foam underfoot.

While Cloudswift 3 is more of a cushioned training shoe, you can also check On Cloud’s Cloud X which is a great alternative.

Conversely, the Cloud 5 caters to a lifestyle setting – ideal for low-impact sessions, gym workouts, and casual wear. It boasts highly lightweight comfort and breathability but lacks durability, with the outsole picking up debris.

While the Cloudswift 3 is recognized for its durable midsole, the Cloud 5 has faced reports of degradation on the outsole after just a few weeks of use.

The Cloudswift 3 stands out for regular running needs, while the Cloud 5 shines as a fantastic choice for casual, everyday wear.

7. Size and Weight

Both shoes run true to size, though sizing one up for dedicated running or wider feet in the Cloudswift 3 is recommended.

Weighing around 320g or 11.3 ounces, the Cloudswift 3 is a bit heavier. Despite this, the added weight enhances stability and support during my runs.size-and-weight-of-cloudswift-3

In contrast, the Cloud 5 is impressively light at approximately 250 grams or 8.8 ounces, which makes it comfortable for everyday wear.

For the size and weight, On Cloud 5 is a clear winner.

8. Price and Value

The Cloudswift 3 comes with a price tag of $160, and considering its distinctive features and performance, it provides solid value for your investment.

On the flip side, the Cloud 5 is priced at $140, making it a more budget-friendly choice.

Despite its lower cost, it doesn’t skimp on comfort or performance. In my own experience, both shoes deliver excellent value for the money you spend.

Price and value wise On Cloud 5 is a clear winner as it’s comfortable and durable compared to the Cloudswift 3.

Benefits and Drawbacks of On Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5

Choosing between the On Cloud 5 and Cloudswift 3 is a bit tricky. In plain eyes, they look a bit the same. Both shoes are known for their comfort, style, and performance, but each has unique strengths and weaknesses.

The advantages and disadvantages of each shoe are briefly discussed here to assist you in selecting the best pair for you:

Cloudswift 3

  • »Have a very energetic bounce with forward propulsion.
  • »Comfortable for everyday wear, running, and gym training.
  • »The stylish look transitions well from gym to street.
  • »Feels handy and comfortable for extended activity.
  • »Enhanced padding in the heel area compared to Coloud 5.
  • »Firmer than the Cloud 5.
  • »Pricier compared to Cloud 5.

Cloud 5

  • »Comes at just 8.8 oz, much lighter than the Cloudswift 3.
  • »Cloud 5 is very comfortable with its zero-gravity foam.
  • »The slip-on design and speed lacing make the wearing very easy.
  • »Best for walking, standing all day, and some gym use.
  • »Durable than Cloudswift 3.
  • »Cheaper than the Cloudswift 3.
  • »Comes with additional lacing.
  • »It is not ideal for long-running sessions.
  • »The speedlacing is not perfect for every type of foot.
  • »Wider feet people will find it uncomfortable.

On Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5: Which is the Best Pick for You?

The Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5 offer distinct features offering different needs.

The Cloudswift 3 is a versatile daily trainer suitable for runners, providing moderate cushioning and maximum protection. It is an ideal choice for newcomers looking for a reliable running shoe.

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 excels as a casual shoe, perfect for light gym activities, walking, and everyday wear.

Its sleek design and speed laces offer a fun and stylish option. Both shoes prioritize comfort and durability, ensuring a satisfying experience for their respective purposes.

Also, while Cloudswift 3 comes at $160, you can get the Cloud 5 at $140, making it a dependable, budget-friendly choice.

Ultimately, both are best for daily wear. But, if you prioritize comfort and casual wear, then pick the Cloud 5.

Also, with all that, if you like to add running activities, then Cloudswift 3 will be a better choice.


Among Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5, which shoe is better for running?

Cloudswift 3 offers more cushioning and support for dedicated runners, making it ideal for handling the impact of runs and protecting your joints. Cloud 5 is lighter and more flexible but lacks the support for sustained running.

Which is more comfortable for everyday wear, Cloudswift 3 or Cloud 5?

Both shoes are comfortable, but for pure casual wear, Cloud 5 takes the crown. Its lightweight design and stretchy upper provide a relaxed, sock-like fit for strolling and errands. Cloudswift 3, while comfy, has a slightly more structured feel.

How durable are Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5?

Both shoes have ample durability. Cloudswift 3 can last up to 400 miles with proper care, making it a durable choice for active lifestyles. Cloud 5, while not ideal for high-impact activities, should last around 200 miles for everyday wear.

Cloudswift 3 or Cloud 5, which one offers better value for money?

Consider your needs! If you prioritize high performance and versatility, Cloudswift 3 offers more features for a slightly higher price tag. But if budget-friendly casual comfort is your goal, Cloud 5 delivers incredible value.

How do Cloudswift 3 and Cloud 5 fit?

Cloudwsift 3 and On Cloud 5 run true to size. However, Cloudswift 3 has a slightly more snug fit, especially in the upper, while Cloud 5 offers a more relaxed feel. If you have a wider foot, try a half or full size for a better fit.

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