On Cloudstratus vs Hoka Bondi: Which is the Best Pick?

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On Running Cloudstratus and Hoka Bondi are two renowned brands that have significantly impacted running shoe enthusiasts.

Having personally tested both models as a dedicated runner, I have gained valuable insights into their unique features and benefits.

If you find yourself divided between these two popular options, fear not.

In this article, I will compare aspects of On Cloudstratus and Hoka Bondi, providing the necessary information to make an informed decision.on-cloudstratus-vs-hoka-bondi

Keep reading to discover which shoe is the perfect fit for your running needs.

Overview of Hoka Bondi and On Cloudstratus

Hoka Bondi and On Running Cloudstratus are two highly acclaimed running shoe models that have garnered attention in the running community. Both of them are best for covering long distances.

Hoka Bondi

The Hoka Bondi, first released in 2010, has become synonymous with maximum cushioning and comfort.

It is designed for runners seeking a plush and luxurious experience on the road. With its full-length EVA midsole and Meta-Rocker technology, the Bondi offers a smooth and efficient ride.

Over the years, the Bondi has gone through several iterations, with each version refining its cushioning and fit to cater to the evolving needs of runners.

The Bondi 8, the latest iteration launched in 2022, upholds this legacy with a softer, lighter foam and a flared midsole for enhanced stability.

On Cloudstratus

The On Cloudstratus debuted in 2019, promising a unique running experience. Known for its dual CloudTec cushioning system and Helion midsole, the Cloudstratus combines responsiveness and support.

It is designed for runners who desire a balance between cushioning and a firm ride. The Cloudstratus has also undergone updates and improvements in subsequent iterations to enhance its performance and durability.

Cloudstratus 3, the latest model released in 2023, maintains this distinctive feature while introducing a more sustainable design.

Also, it incorporates 75% recycled polyester in the upper.

The Hoka Bondi and On Cloudstratus offer distinctive features and benefits, attracting runners with different preferences. Whether you prioritize maximum cushioning or a responsive ride, these shoes provide options that can elevate your running experience.

Feature Comparison between Hoka Bondi 8 and On Cloudstratus 3

Choosing between the On Running Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8 can be challenging.

Both are max-cushioned neutral shoes designed for long runs and high mileage but cater to slightly different running styles and preferences.

To help you decide which one is right for you, let’s break down their key features in a side-by-side comparison table.

FeatureHoka Bondi 8On Cloudstratus 3
Release Year20222023
CushioningHighly cushionedPlush and responsive
Upper MaterialsEngineered mesh with recycled materialsDense engineered mesh upper with recycled materials
MidsoleCMEVA foam with rockered geometryHelion superfoam midsole incorporates multiple individual cloud pods, updated Speedboard
InsoleOrtholite hybrid sockliner with 100% recycled material on the sockliner topOn's premium Helion foam
OutsoleZonal rubber, durable and grippy on all surfacesRubberized clouds, good traction on dry roads
BreathabilityExcellent breathability for optimal airflowGood airflow and moisture-wicking properties
Arch SupportNeutral arch supportModerate arch support
Stack HeightHeel 39 mm, and Toe 35 mmHeel 37 mm, and Toe 31 mm
Drop4 mm6 mm
Weight10.8 oz (306 g)10.3 oz (292 g)
StabilityVery stableGood
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
FitSnuggly fitSecure fit
Price$131 – $165Around $180
Best ForEveryday Run, walking, long runStability and energy return

With the comparison of the two shoes, it becomes evident that they possess distinct differences. Each shoe offers unique advantages and perspectives, providing particular benefits to their needs.

Let’s explore these differences in more detail to help you determine which shoe aligns with your specific running preferences and goals.

Primary Differences between On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8

Running extensively in On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka One One Bondi 8 made my performance indelible. These shoes proved their worth in comfort, support, and durability across diverse terrains, including challenging trails in Yosemite National Park.

Here are the critical differences between On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8:

1. Design Philosophy

On Running Cloudstratus 3 boasts a sleek design. Its toe box is roomy, giving plenty of space for my toes and ensuring a comfy fit.

Also, a breathable mesh vamp keeps my feet cool during runs. Its adjustable lacing system lets me customize the fit, while the plush tongue adds extra comfort and prevents irritation.

The stable heel counter secures my foot during runs, and the well-padded collar snugly cushions my ankle. With On’s dual CloudTec cushioning, the midsole provides a responsive and energizing ride, making my runs enjoyable.

As for the Hoka Bondi 8, it rocks a more classic design with a modernized look. It has a spacious toe box that suits wider feet. Its durable mesh vamp ensures both breathability and durability. The secure lacing system lets me personalize the fit.

Also, Bondi 8’s lightly padded tongue keeps comfort without extra bulk. It’s a reliable choice with a stable heel counter preventing excess movement and a lightly cushioned collar for ankle comfort.

The Hoka midsole, renowned for shock absorption and a plush feel, comforts each step, ensuring a smooth running experience.


Notably, both have a unique design, but like everyone, when I first looked at the On Cloudstratus, it delighted me. Its distinctive design is unmatched by any others.

2. Upper Materials

The upper materials of On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8 have similarities and differences, impacting both breathability and feel. Having personally run in both shoes, I can attest to the noticeable distinction when putting them on.

On Cloudstratus 3 has an Engenirred mesh upper, which almost has 23% incorporated recycled materials.

The upper feels airy and comfortable, keeping my feet cool even on hot days.

Laser-cut perforations enhance breathability, especially around the forefoot and toe box, offering a fresh feel on long runs.

Hoka Bondi 8 also features engineered mesh but is a bit thicker than the competitor’s.

However, the lavishly thick mesh, crafted for supreme comfort, envelops your feet in the luxurious embrace of a soft blanket.

Bondi 8 also starts incorporating recycled materials. For example, the eyestays have 40% recycled lining.

The shoe has fewer perforations and prioritizes a snug, supportive fit, ideal for colder weather or when I crave a secure, locked-in feel.

For airy breathability, go for the On Running Cloudstratus 3, while Hoka Bondi 8’s cozy embrace prioritizes plush comfort and snugness.

3. Midsole Mechanism

On Cloudstratus 3 features Helion Superfoam, a lightweight foam that delivers noticeable bounce back, making tempo runs a breeze.

Also, the CloudTec pods in the midsole provide targeted cushioning, cradling, and guidance for my foot with each step.

This innovative design incorporates multiple pods that compress upon impact, providing a responsive and energetic ride.

Meanwhile, Hoka Bondi 8’s rockered geometry guides your foot through a smooth rolling motion, making you feel like you are gliding even on uneven terrain.

Its ultra-soft CMEVA foam offers cushioning, perfect for recovery runs or long walks.

For those seeking a similar level of comfort, the Asics Nimbus 25 and Hoka Bondi 8 are worth considering. These alternatives offer a distinct midsole technology, providing a different running experience.


For bouncy and propulsive runs, choose On Cloudstratus 3.

If you seek pure, luxurious comfort for marathon miles or everyday wear, Hoka Bondi 8’s marshmallowy embrace is unbeatable.

4. Outsole Traction

The On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8 boast unique outsole materials. The Cloudstratus 3 relies on rubberized clouds, offering excellent traction on dry roads and ensuring a secure grip and durability.

Conversely, the Bondi 8 features a robust outsole with Zonal rubber, known for its durability and grip on various surfaces, all while keeping weight to a minimum.

Both shoes strategically place rubber zones in high-wear areas like the outer heel and forefoot.


Based on my experience, both provide excellent traction, but the Cloudstratus 3’s Grip rubber outsole feels exceptionally durable. Meanwhile, the Bondi 8’s thicker outsole provides a softer and grippier landing, enhancing overall comfort.

5. Performance Analysis

In my experience, the On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8 cater to diverse running styles.

The On Cloudstratus 3 excels with responsive and energetic rides, as its Helion superfoam midsole integrates individual cloud pods.

It strikes an outstanding balance, offering cushioning and responsiveness for a smooth and agile run. The lightweight build and well-placed traction pods on the outsole provide excellent grip and stability, enhancing overall performance.

Conversely, the Hoka Bondi 8 prioritizes maximum cushioning and comfort.

Its plush midsole material and full-length CMEVA midsole deliver exceptional shock absorption and a luxurious feel throughout the run.

Moreover, the high-abrasion rubber outsole with multidirectional lugs ensures reliable traction and a stable platform.

In summary, the On Cloudstratus 3 suits those who seek a responsive and agile ride, while the Hoka Bondi 8 is perfect for those prioritizing maximum cushioning and comfort.

6. Comfort and Stability

Both the Cloudstratus 3 and Bondi 8 bring maximum cushioning to the table, but they follow different paths regarding comfort and stability.

The Cloudstratus 3 offers a lively bounce. Its responsive midsole provides a soft yet propulsive feel, making it ideal for quick-paced, shorter runs.

Also, the snug upper ensures stability during swift turns. However, I sometimes miss that extra layer of plushness during longer runs.

On the other hand, the Bondi 8 is pure marshmallowy bliss. Its thick midsole cushions every bump, turning even marathon miles into a cozy stroll. The more comprehensive platform provides unbeatable stability on uneven terrain.

However, the plush upper can feel warm on warmer days, and the higher drop might only suit some people’s preferences.


For pure comfort and stability, I find the Hoka Bondi outshines the On Cloudstratus 3. But Running Cloudstratus 3 is more nimble and energetic.

7. Size, Weight, and Fit

When sizing up these max-cushioned contenders, the On Coloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8 generally run true to size. But their fitting styles are as different as their personalities.

The Cloudstratus 3 lives up to its name, wrapping your foot in a secure, second-skin hold. I found it perfect for tempo sessions, great for faster runs, and providing a snug feeling for quick and responsive strides.

In contrast, the Bondi 8 feels like a comfy slipper. The upper is snuggly and plush, offering more space for toe spaying – perfect for longer runs. Also, the Bondi 8 is better for wider feet among these two models.

I loved sinking into its marshmallowy embrace on recovery runs, feeling like my feet were getting a spa treatment.

Moreover, both have a softer tongue and additional overlays on the eyestay. The lacing system of the Cloudstratus 3 is better, and it has some unique qualities.

In the plain eye, it is a standard lacing system, but the Hook and loop fastener and Start lacing system provide a secure lacing system.

Meanwhile, the Bondi 8 implies the traditional lacing system, which does the job well.

If you have a flat foot and are worried about the perfect pair, you can try the Hoka shoes, which are good for flat feet. To understand better whether Hoka shoes are good for flat feet for you, check out this informative guide.

Weight-wise, they are close, with the Cloudstratus 3 slightly lighter at 10.3 ounces than the Bondi 8’s 10.8 ounces.

The difference is barely noticeable but might matter if you prioritize a feather-light feel for raster paces.


Overall, I prefer the fit of the Hoka Bondi 8 compared to the Cloudstratus 3, despite the latter being lighter. This preference is due to the plush feel of the Bondi 8.

8. Price and Value

The On Cloudstratus 3 is priced around $180, making it a higher-end option in terms of cost.

However, I found that the shoe’s quality and performance justify the price. The plush cushioning, secure fit, and durable construction contribute to its overall value.

On the other hand, the Hoka Bondi 8 falls in a slightly lower price range, typically ranging from $131 to $165.

Despite the lower cost, the shoe still delivers excellent value. The maximum cushioning, comfortable fit, and durability make it attractive for runners seeking a plush and supportive experience.

In terms of affordability and long-term support, the Hoka Bondi 8 emerges as the top choice in the price category.

So, these are the core differences between Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8. Let’s check the pros and cons of each shoe to help you make the ultimate cushioned running shoe decision.

Benefits and Drawbacks of On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8

Choosing between these max-cushioned giants involves prioritizing either pillowy comfort or a responsive, propulsive ride. Let’s dissect their strengths and weaknesses to find your perfect running companion.

Here are the pros and cons of On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8:

On Cloudstratus 3

  • »Snug fit ensures stability and prevents foot slippage.
  • »Dynamic flex grooves improve flexibility and promote a natural stride.
  • »Breathable and moisture-wicking properties keep feet cool and dry.
  • »A durable rubber outsole with CloudTec technology enhances traction.
  • »More responsive than Hoka.
  • »Lighter than Hoka Bondi 8.
  • »It is expensive compared to Hoka Bondi 8.
  • »Moderate arch support may not be suitable for everyone.

Hoka Bondi 8

  • »Great for long runs.
  • »Provide enhanced cushioning than Cloudstratus 3.
  • »More durable.
  • »Provide better arch support.
  • »Slightly cheaper than Cloudstratus 3.
  • »The rockered geometry helps to keep the pace.
  • »Heavier than Cloudstratus 3.
  • »The snuggly fit does not provide ample support for everyone.

On Cloudstratus 3 vs Hoka Bondi 8: Which is Best for You?

The On Cloudstratus 3 and Hoka Bondi 8 are popular running shoes, but they offer different features to meet the needs of other runners.

The Cloudstratus 3 provides excellent shock absorption and a snug fit, making it suitable for those seeking stability and flexibility.

On the other hand, the Bondi 8 prioritizes uncompromised comfort, especially for runners with wider forefeet.

Moreover, if you prioritize a stable run with responsiveness and energy return, then Cloudstratus 3 is the ideal pick. In contrast, for everyday training and longer runs, pick the Hoka Bondi 8.


Is On Cloudstratus worth the extra cost?

The On Cloudstratus is worth the extra cost due to its high-quality construction, exceptional cushioning, and supportive features. Also, it offers better performance for running and athletic activities.

What shoe is comparable to On Cloud?

A comparable shoe to the On Cloud is the Hoka One One Clifton. Both shoes offer excellent cushioning, lightweight design, and a comfortable fit, making them popular among runners and athletes.

Why do podiatrists recommend Hoka?

Podiatrists often recommend Hoka shoes due to their superior cushioning and support. The brand’s innovative design helps reduce the impact on joints and provides stability, making them beneficial for individuals with foot conditions or those seeking added comfort during activities.

Are On Cloudstratus shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

On Cloudstratus offers cushioning and support. However, individuals with plantar fasciitis must consult a healthcare professional or podiatrist for specific footwear recommendations tailored to their condition.

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