On Cloudflyer 4 vs Cloud 5: Which One is Right for You?

Written By Sunny

The On Cloudflyer stormed the running shoe market in 2022, but it was the year for Cloud 5.

Both shoes have shown impressive upgrades and rocked their main purpose. I’ve been using them from the beginning and the user experience was truly satisfying.

Today, I’ll share my experience and compare On Cloudflyer and Cloud 5 to help you choose the right shoe.cloudflyer-vs-cloud-5

So, let’s begin.

An Overview of On Cloud 5 and Cloudflyer 4

In our active lifestyle, from morning to night, we need different types of shoes for distinct purposes. But, there are very few brands that make various lineups with new technology and modern design.

The “On” is one of them, and the company delivers their popular shoes, the On Cloud 5 and Cloudflyer, to serve your daily needs.

On Cloud 5

Take a guess of the most sold shoes by On in recent months. Are you saying it’s Cloud 5?

Exactly! You’re right.

The On Cloud 5 is famous for its refined and polished design, combining the latest technology for the best performance.

The lightweight shoe makes your everyday adventure or exploration very comfortable and enjoyable.

Its multi-purpose usage is very efficient, and people love it to match casual appearance in modern times.

On Cloudflyer 4

The On Cloudflyer is a cushioned running shoe built for long-range comfort and support.

It was first released in 2017 as a lightweight and low-stability shoe.

But later, On has moved from its purpose, and made it a more heavy, plush, and stable shoe with the latest Cloudflyer 4.overview-of-cloudflyer-4

The combination of softness and advanced technology makes it one of the most popular running shoes on the market.

There are many different characteristics between the models, and it’s essential to learn about them to purchase the right shoes for your usage.

But first, let’s take a closer look at their important specifications for better understanding.

Key Specifications of On Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5

Both Cloudflyer and Cloud 5 are superb in their regular usage. To give the best result and user experience, the materials and technologies are different in these models.

The first model of Cloudflyer came in 2017, and currently, it’s not available in the official store.

So, we will compare the On Cloud 5 with the latest Cloudflyer 4.

ParameterOn Cloudflyer 4On Cloud 5
Release Year20222022
Upper MaterialBreathable engineered meshBreathable mesh
MidsoleDual-density CloudTec®, Helion with Zero-Gravity foam, and Speedboard®CloudTec®, Zero-Gravity foam, Speedboard
OutsoleRubber with CloudTec® podsCloudTec Traction rubber
Stack HeightHeel: 29mm
Forefoot: 18mm
Heel: 28 mm
Forefoot: 21 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop11mm7 mm
Weight10.58 oz/ 300 g8.81 oz/ 250 g
Lacing SystemStarSpeed
Arch SupportNeutralNeutral
UsageDaily training, long runs, recovery runs, walkingRegular and casual usage

Feature Comparison between On Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5

The On has made the Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5 for different usage. Therefore, the materials used in these models also differ significantly.

If you have a specific use case or want to know the details before purchasing any of these shoes, consider reading the whole comparison carefully.

Here are the feature comparisons between On Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5:

1. Upper Material

The Cloudflyer 4 uses Engineered Mesh for the upper construction. The dual-layer mesh upper has lots of perforations for the best breathability.

The air ventilation is sufficient to keep my feet dry and sweat-free in all weather. It’s very suitable for the summer or warm conditions.

Cloudflyer 4 has a synthetic closed-off material or TPU at the midfoot. It helps the structure and works as the eyestay.upper-material-of-on-cloudflyer-4-and-cloud-5

It has a thick foam covering the entire upper and feels very comfortable to run with.

Similarly, the On Cloud 5’s upper is made of Engineered Mesh.

The single-layer mesh is highly breathable and contains many small holes on the toe box and midfoot.

Like the Cloudflyer, it also contains a separate part at the midfoot and heel to give a rigid construction.

The midfoot to heel area doesn’t have many perforations, but the forefoot fulfills the necessity of air ventilation for my feet.

The upper material isn’t very thick but sufficient for daily usage.

2. Design and Aesthetics

The Cloudflyer and Cloud 5 were released in the same year, but the overall design characteristics differ in both shoes.

Structural Design

Cloudflyer 4 looks very bold and shiny. It’s made with multiple materials and stitched together to make the upper.

The toe box has a plastic layer that covers the front and side walls. It also holds the first eyestay for the lacing.

The midfoot is covered with the TPU layer, and the heel counter uses the same engineered mesh for comfort.

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 is very minimalistic and retro-looking.structural-design-of-cloud-5

The toe box has a tape that went all the way to the forefoot and made a reverse U shape.

The midfoot and upper portion of the heel area are covered with the same plastic layer. But the bottom part of the heel includes the mesh for better breathability.

Lacing System

The lacing system is different in both models.

Cloudflyer uses a Star pattern for the lacing system. It contains six eyelets on each side of the tongue.

The tongue has a lace loop in the middle to provide better support and tightening.lacing-system-of-on-cloudflyer-4-and-cloud-5

In contrast, the Cloud 5 uses the latest Speed lacing system. It has four eyelets and two webbing for the laces at each side of the tongue.

The webbing is optional, but you can use it for better snug fitting.

Tongue Mechanism

The On Cloudflyer 4 has a non-gusseted tongue mechanism, unfortunately. The tongue could have been better, but the thick padding doesn’t create much problem in fitting.

But Cloud 5 didn’t disappoint me. It has a fully gusseted tongue for better fit and tightening.

Color Variation & Branding

The color choice is very limited for Cloudflyer 4. It comes in only four color variants, black, white, pearl, and flame.color-variation-of-on-cloudflyer-4-and-cloud-5

It has the On branding on the tongue, forefoot, lateral, medial, and heel counter of the shoe.

On the other hand, Cloud 5 comes in various color options. The total available color is 11, including black, white, gray, etc.

It contains the branding on the tongue, heel counter, lateral, and medial side of the shoe.

3. Midsole Technology

The midsole is the most crucial part of the shoe. It decides how the shoe performs and gives comfort while walking or running.

The On Cloudflyer uses Dual-density CloudTec® and Helion with Zero-Gravity foam for the midsole.

It also uses the Speedboard® plate in between the midsole for better responsiveness.

If you’ve used the Cloudstratus before, you’ll notice the Cloudflyer 4 and Cloudstratus 3 have the same midsole technology.

But there’s a catch.

The midsole in the Cloudflyer is divided into two parts. The forefoot is made with Helion, and the heel is with CloudTec.

Helion with Zero Gravity foam is incredibly soft and cushiony. It absorbs the impact after landing and gives a bouncy feel.

The CloudTec technology is dense and harder than foam midsoles. It provides better heel support while running.

The Speedboard plate is stiff and the bending helps with the impressive energy return.

On the contrary, Cloud 5 uses CloudTec® and Zero-Gravity foam in the midsole. It also has a Speedboard plate inside the midsole for better responsiveness.midsole-of-on-cloud-5

The midsole is soft and very lightweight. It absorbs the shock and helps with a smooth landing.

The Speedboard plate is updated from the previous generation. It gives a high-energy return and transforms into forward motion.

Cloud 5 provides very good cushioning, but the thickness isn’t as much as the Cloudflyer.

4. Outsole and Durability

The outsole of On Cloudflyer is made of rubber with large CloudTec® pods. It offers impressive durability and lasts longer than the shoe’s lifespan.

The outsole technology in the Cloudflyer 4 and Cloudswift 3 are the same.

It guards the midsole in pressure points like the lateral and medial side of the midfoot for better traction and grip.outsole-of-on-cloudflyer-4-and-cloud-5

With good care and maintenance, it will last more than 300 miles very easily.

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 uses CloudTec Traction rubber for the outsole. The rubber gives good lateral traction, but the necessary grip is absent at the medial side of the shoe.

According to the official information, it should run around 300-400 miles.

However, after running around 50 miles, it begins to wear out, especially at the front of the lateral side.

Though, the wear out rate will vary from person to person. It will depend on how the shoe is used and the stepping methods.

With proper usage, the On Cloud 5 will easily last more than 250 miles.

5. Size and Weight

Both Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5 offer true to size fit. Therefore, purchasing from the official store or online will fit properly on your feet.

ParameterOn Cloudflyer 4On Cloud 5
Stack HeightHeel: 29mm
Forefoot: 18mm
Heel: 28 mm
Forefoot: 21 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop11mm7 mm
Weight10.58 oz/ 300 g8.81 oz/ 250 g

The On Cloud 5 is a lighter shoe with low stack height and heel-to-toe drop.

While the Cloudflyer 4 and Cloudrunner share the same weight, and are considered heavy shoes.

6. Fit and Comfort

The Cloudflyer 4 is one of the most cushioned running shoes by On.

The entire upper is made from a thick layer of mesh and foam. At the same time, the midsole is full of soft helion with CloudTec.

After sliding into the shoe, I immediately felt the comfort and cushion around my feet.

The tongue is very thick, and the star-lacing system is fantastic. The forefoot and heel counter have ample cushioning and provide the best running comfort.

But, the shoe felt slightly tighter at first around the toe box.

It will fit appropriately with most average feet but can give a hard time to wide-foot people.

So, I suggest wearing the shoe before purchasing it. If you find it too stiff even after sizing up, On has a wide version of Cloudflyer 4 to resolve the problem.fit-and-comfort-of-on-cloudflyer-4

I’ve run hundreds of miles wearing it, and it felt very comfortable throughout my session.

The thick midsole gives impressive cushioning, and the breathable upper accommodates my feet very well.

On the contrary, the Cloud 5 is an entirely different type of shoe.

The upper has unquestionable breathability and comfort for all-season usage.

The cushion around the heel counter, collar, and tongue is sufficient for walking but not as much as the Cloudflyer.

It has a thinner midsole and feels a lot stiffer. Therefore, it’s not the best choice for running.

The Cloud 5 and Cloudnova are similar types of shoes designed for casual wear and walking a short distance.

I have used the shoe for my regular usage with casual outfits, and the performance was superb.

The comfort level is on point, and I haven’t felt any pain in my feet. It can sustain the pressure of an entire day but is not ideal to hold the running or workout pressure.

7. Stability and Support

The Cloudflyer 4 is a very stable running shoe. Also, it has some features that give it support and improve the running experience.

The heel collar and counter have a lot of cushioning that helps with the comfort and proper lockdown.

Cloudflyer is slightly higher than Cloud 5 and provides better ankle support.stability-and-support-of-cloud-5

It’s a neutral shoe, for which the arch support at the midfoot isn’t that great. However, the insole is removable, and you can replace it with a custom orthotics for better support.

Also, the stiff Speedboard plate at the midsole improves the lateral stability and reduces overpronation.

On the other hand, Cloud 5 offers similar support and stability features.

But the cushioning around the heel collar and counter isn’t very plush. Also, the height is slightly lower than Cloudflyer.

Therefore, it doesn’t provide the best ankle support while walking or standing.

The Cloud 5 is a neutral shoe with no arch support at the midfoot. But, it can be better with custom orthotics by replacing the existing insole.

It also comes with the Speedboard technology. As a casual daily wear, it provides impressive stability while standing still.

8. Price Comparison

The pricing of Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5 has a huge gap.

On Cloudflyer 4
  • »Around $169.99
On Cloud 5
  • »Around $139.99

There’s a $30 difference between the two models in the retail store online.

Depending on the performance and use cases, the pricing is widely different. It’s challenging to place them on the same scale and measure their worth.

Both are good for their specific purpose and getting them at a discounted price will be a good purchase.

Pros and Cons: On Cloudflyer 4 Vs. Cloud 5

The On Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5 are very different regarding use cases. So, the overall user experience is very normal to be distinct and may show various advantages and disadvantages in regular usage.

On Cloudflyer 4

  • »Very comfortable and plush.
  • »Highly breathable upper.
  • »Suitable for running short, mid, and long distances.
  • »Ideal for recovery runs and small workouts.
  • »Doesn’t have many color options.
  • »Upper durability is not good.

On Cloud 5

  • »Ideal for all-weather use.
  • »Extremely lightweight construction.
  • »Has various color variants.
  • »Suitable for casual usage and walking.
  • »Slightly pricey than most casual shoes.
  • »Not suitable for running or workouts.

Cloudflyer 4 Vs Cloud 5: Which Should You Purchase?

The On Cloudflyer 4 and Cloud 5 are excellent shoes, but they are made for different purposes.

One shoe is suitable for runs and the other for just casual usage.

So, You must decide for which reason you are purchasing the shoe. Because they won’t be the best in terms of versatile utilization.

If you want a running shoe for short, mid, and long distances with impressive cushioning and support systems, the On Cloudflyer 4 is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

But, if you want a casual shoe for regular usage with decent comfort and breathability, the On Cloud 5 will be a value for money purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Cloud 5 shoes so popular?

The On Cloud 5 is very popular for its fantastic comfort and performance. The look is very minimalistic and goes with any casual outfit very easily.

Who is On Cloudflyer for?

The On Cloudflyer is suitable for running short, mid, and long distances. It’s also responsive and helps with quick or recovery runs.

Are On Cloud 5 good for standing all day?

The On Cloud 5 has ample cushioning with CloudTec midsole and Zero-Gravity foam. It’s impressively soft and feels great underneath. Therefore, Cloud 5 is suitable for standing all day long.

Is Cloudflyer good for walking?

The On Cloudflyer has plush cushioning that covers the forefoot, tongue, and heel counter. The CloudTec midsole with Helion foam is very comfortable and ideal for running sessions.

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