Asics Superblast vs Novablast 3 [In-Depth Comparison]

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The Asics Novablast series was initially a versatile shoe. But with the Novablast 3, they switched to a more traditional running shoe.

After one year, they released the Superblast with impressive versatility to fill the gap.

I’ve used both running shoes in different conditions. Today, I’ll share the differences between Asics Superblast and Novablast 3 to help you pick the right shoe.asics-superblast-vs-asics-novablast-3

So, let’s begin.

Overview of ASICS Novablast 3 and ASICS Superblast

Asics have different shoe categories to fulfill various needs, such as quick or slow running. But, few models fall between them and work very well as versatile daily training shoes.

The Novablast 3 and Superblast are models that provide maximum comfort and performance.

Asics Novablast 3

The Novablast 3 first appeared on the market in 2022. The previous version was more of a long-running shoe.

But, the latest midsole and upgraded technologies gave the Novablast 3 superiority and high versatility for all types of runs.

The shoe immediately caught the attention of the runners community, and everyone fell in love with it.

Asics Superblast

The Superblast came on the market in 2023. This is the first and the only model from this series currently.

It offers a combination of comfort and performance through its unique midsole design.overview-of-asics-superblast

ASICS Superblast is a top-of-the-line product, and its fantastic versatility will definitely make it top of the list.

Both models have various differences in their characteristics. Therefore, learning about them is necessary to avoid confusion and purchase the right shoes.

Attribute Comparison Between Asics Superblast and Novablast 3

The Asics Novablast 3 is a running-focused shoe, while the Superblast is an upgraded version of Novablast with additional racing material.

Let’s take a look at the attributes of Superblast and Novablast 3 to learn more about their features.

ParameterAsics SuperblastAsics Novablast 3
Release Year20232022
GenderUnisexMen/ Women
Upper MaterialJacquard wovenJacquard mesh
MidsoleFF Blast+ and FF Blast TurboFF Blast+
OutsoleAHAR PlusAHAR
Stack HeightHeel: 45.5mm
Forefoot: 37.5mm
Heel: 31mm
Forefoot: 23mm
Heel-to-toe Drop8mm8mm
Weight239 g/ 8.4 oz253 g/ 8.9 oz
UsageTempo, long run, and marathonEasy run, recovery run, long run

Feature Difference Between Asics Superblast and Asics Novablast 3

The names Superblast and Novablast might sound similar, but there are lots of differences to talk about.

It starts from the upper material and ends with the price point. You will find noticeable changes between both shoes, which may affect your decision-making.

Here are the feature differences between Asics Superblast and Novablast 3:

1. Upper Material

The Asics Superblast has a Jacquard woven upper. The mesh construction is lightweight and very breathable.

It circulates cool air inside and feels very comfortable to wear in all kinds of weather conditions.

The upper material isn’t very stretchy. Instead, it gives a stiff racing fitting, which hugs my feet pretty well during running.

On the other hand, the Novablast 3 uses Jacquard mesh for the upper material.

Both the Asics Cumulus and Asics Novablast use the same material. But the comfort and breathability are slightly lower than the Superblast.

The upper isn’t very stiff, so it felt very nice from the first run.

Novablast 3 provides good air circulation and is really good for running even on the hottest day.upper-material-of-asics-novablast-3

2. Design & Aesthetics

Asics Superblast offers a regular tongue mechanism. It has five eyelets on each side of the shoe.

The tongue is gusseted and has a lace loop at the top. It gives a snug fit and good tightness. A pull tab is attached to the heel counter to wear the shoes easily.

Superblast comes in eight colors, including blue, green, yellow, white, etc.

The entire upper is wrapped with horizontal lining. It gives an aesthetic and very minimalistic look.

The Asics logo is visible on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe. The brand name is also present above the tongue and at the heel counter.

Similarly, the Novablast 3 has a regular tongue design and five eyelets on each side.

However, the tongue construction is much thinner compared to the previous model, ASICS Novablast 2.

The shoe has a gusseted tongue, but there’s no lace loop at the top for tight fitting.

Novablast 3 has 19 color variants. It covers more design to give a wide range of

Unlike the Superblast, the Novablast 3 has vertical linings on the upper. It looks gorgeous and gives a simple appearance.

The Asics logo is present on both sides of the shoe, and the Novablast 3 naming is on the lateral side of the heel.

3. Sole Technology

The sole material and technology are different in both Superblast and Novablast 3.


Superblast and Novablast use foam insoles underneath. Luckily, both of them are removable, and you can replace it with an orthotic insole.


The midsole is where the main differences come in. It distinguishes the comfort and responsiveness of the two models.

Superblast uses a combination of FF Blast+ and FF Blast Turbo.

The FF Blast Turbo is very responsive and covers the midfoot area to help with the stride. The Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge use the same technology in their midsole.

The FF Blast Plus is very plush and soft, covering the midsole’s entire lower portion.

On the other hand, the ASICS Novablast 3 only uses the FlyteFoam Blast+ foam for the midsole construction.the-flytefoam-blast-foam-of-asics-novablast-3

It’s very bouncy and provides excellent energy return on every step. The foam absorbs the shock after landing and helps with a smoother transition.

4. Size & Weight

Both Asics Superblast and Novablast 3 fit true to size. You can purchase the regular size without worrying about the fitting.

ParameterAsics SuperblastAsics Novablast 3
Stack HeightHeel: 45.5mm
Forefoot: 37.5mm
Heel: 31mm
Forefoot: 23mm
Heel-to-toe Drop8mm8mm
Weight239 g/ 8.4 oz253 g/ 8.9 oz

Superblast has a very high stack height but only an 8mm heel-to-toe drop. The Novablast 3 has a pretty average size.

Surprisingly, Asics Superblast is slightly lighter than Novablast of the same size.

Though, there are around 0.8 oz differences between the Asics Novablast 3 and Novablast 2. The newer version is lighter compared to the previous version.

5. Fit & Comfort

The upper of Asics Superblast is very comfortable. It’s not stretchy, thus providing good support while running.

I’ve run wearing the Superblast in summer, and the breathability is fantastic.

Superblast has amazing cushioning throughout the shoe. The heel collar, forefoot, and tongue have thick padding for a comfy ride.

The midsole FF Blast Turbo is very responsive and pushes forward in every stride. The FF Blast+ helps with the soft landing and absorbing the shock.

Similarly, the Novablast 3 is very comfy and highly suitable to wear in the warm season.

It has ample cushioning around the heel collar and forefoot.

However, the tongue padding has become lower than in the previous Asics Novablast 2 model.

The FF Blast Plus midsole feels soft and bouncy. The energy return is excellent in this model, which helps me in a long-running session.

In my usage of both shoes, I’ve seen the Superblast and Novablast 3 are slightly longer and

So, if you purchase the regular size, you will get enough room to wiggle the fingers.

I suggest not sizing down the shoe to get a proper fit at the toe box because it will narrow the shoe and make it uncomfortably tight when running.

6. Stability & Support

ASICS Superblast and Novablast 3 are great shoes with excellent stability. The support entirely depends on the shoe and midsole construction.

Both models have small sidewalls, which help with neutral pronation.

Also, the midsole doesn’t compress much when worn. It keeps the feet in place and minimizes sudden ankle bending.

The heel collar has sufficient cushioning that provides ankle support in running.

Unfortunately, there’s no stability feature like the 4D Guidance System or outsole lugs in Superblast and Novablast 3.stability-and-support-of-asics-novablast-3

Both models have similar outsole patterns. They provide good support and stability on dry surfaces.

But when I tried them on the wet surface, it sometimes slipped and gave me less confidence in running.

7. Durability & Performance

Asics is well-known for its shoe durability. Both Superblast and Novablast 3 have excellent build quality and provide impressive performance.

I’ve run around 150 miles wearing the Superblast.

The midsole and upper are still in good condition. The outsole has very normal worn-outs and serves well on the road.

But, the break-in period of Superblast seems higher than that of most shoes. After running around 100 miles, the snug fit loosened and finally opened up to hold my feet comfortably.durability-and-performance-of-asics-novablast-3

However, that’s not the case for Asics Novablast 3.

I’ve got a good and comfortable fit out of the box. So far, I’ve run around 100 miles with it, and the performance was fantastic.

The upper, midsole, and outsole are in perfect condition and have minimal wearouts.

With proper care and maintenance, both Superblast and Novablast 3 will last over 400+ miles.

8. Price Comparison

The price difference between Superblast and Novablat 3 is quite significant.

Asics Superblast
  • »Around $200
Asics Novablast 3
  • »Around $140

Both models have around a $60 price gap in the retail store.

The price difference in this range is huge and questions the purchasing decision.

The Novablast 3 has a reasonable price, but the Superblast seems to have a high price tag.

If you don’t have a budget, both shoes are perfect. However, finding them at a discounted price will be a value-for-money purchase.

Pros & Cons: ASICS Superblast Vs. ASICS Novablast 3

The Asics Superblast and Novablast are fantastic for running with comfort. However, there are various reasons that can lead to advantages and disadvantages of the shoes.

Asics Superblast

  • »Very cushiony and soft running shoes.
  • »Uses a combination of FF Blast+ and FF Blast Turbo midsole.
  • »Extremely durable shoes.
  • »High price tag.

Asics Novablast 3

  • »Gives soft and pillowy comfort.
  • »Price tag is lower than Superblast.
  • »Excellent breathability.
  • »Thinner tongue than the predecessor.

Asics Superblast Vs. Novablast 3: Which Should You Choose?

Superblast and Novablast 3 are impressive running shoes and the best in their respective categories.

ASICS hasn’t kept any lacings in their performance. So, the entire purchase decision greatly depends on your personal preferences.

If you want a responsive and cushioned running shoe for tempo, long, and marathon runs, the Asics Superblast is undoubtedly a great choice.

But if you are looking for an affordable running shoe with impressive comfort for easy runs, recovery runs, and long distances, the Asics Novablast 3 is your perfect pick.

However, if you want a versatile shoe for both quick and long distances, the Asics Superblast is the best contender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Superblast better than Novablast?

The Asics Superblast is better than Novablast regarding comfort and versatility. It offers better breathability than Novablast. It uses a combination of FF Blast+ and FF Blast Turbo to provide a responsive and soft transition.

Can you run a marathon in Asics Superblast?

Yes, you can run a marathon wearing the Asics Superblast. The FF Blast Turbo at the forefoot gives excellent push on every stride. It helps maintain a marathon speed, and the incredible energy return benefits running a long distance.

Is Asics Superblast and Novablast narrow?

Yes, the Asics Superblast and Novablast are slightly narrower and longer than the average running shoe. Therefore, it’s suggested not to size down from your regular size during the purchase.

What is the difference between Asics Novablast 3 and Novablast 2?

The Asics Novablast 3 uses the newer FF Blast+ midsole, weighs less, and offers better cushioning than its previous model Novablast 2. It gives a firmer ride with a smoother transition on every step.

Is Novablast 4 better than the Novablast 3?

Yes, regarding stability and grip, the Asics Novablast 4 is better than Novablast 3. The latest model has a firm sole technology and offers better responsiveness.

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