ASICS Cumulus vs ASICS Novablast [Which is the Best?]

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Amidst the range of running shoes available, Asics offers a variety of models. I have had the opportunity to try out several of these models and have witnessed their evolution over multiple iterations.

The two latest additions to the series are the ASICS Gel-Cumus 25 and Novablast 4.

I have spent 8 months with the Cumulus 25 and 15 days with the Novablast 4, and today I will share my insights.

Although there are some similarities between the Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4, they also have significant differences. Join me on this exploration as I compare Asics Cumulus versus Novablast.asics-cumulus-vs-asics-novablast

Let’s begin the comparison.

Overview of Asics Novablast and Asics Gel-Cumulus

Asics Novablast and Cumulus are famous running shoe models known for their comfort and performance.

Novablast 4, the latest model in the 2020-debuted series, delivers a lightweight and responsive design, creating a responsive feel. Priced at $140, Novablast 4 hit the market on December 31, 2023.

Cumulus 25, representing continuous advancements since 1998, excels in comfort and steady performance for unhurried runs. Set to release in June 2023 at $140, it caters to those seeking enduring support.

Both models share an 8 mm heel drop, durable AHAR rubber outsoles, breathable mesh uppers, and neutral arch support.

Nevertheless, distinctions arise in cushioning technologies, flexibility, and weight.

Novablast 4 employs the FlyteFoam Blast midsole, offering a firmer and more flexible experience than Cumulus 25’s Gel and FlyteFoam midsole.

Additionally, Novablast 4 boasts a lighter weight, while Cumulus 25 leans towards a more substantial and supportive build.

After the summary section, let’s get into the critical characteristics section, where I compiled all the crucial information and specifications. It will help you to make an ideal decision.

Feature Comparison of ASICS Novablast 4 and Gel Cumulus 25

When it comes to the Asics Novablast 4 and Cumulus 25, you’ve got two excellent choices. Both have great cushioning and support, but they feel different underfoot.

To aid in your decision-making, let’s swiftly compare their key features.

FeatureAsics Novablast 4Asics Gel-Cumulus 25
Weight (Men’s size 9)9.0 oz9.3 oz
Upper MaterialEngineered woven upperEngineered Jacquard Mesh
Midsole DesignCurved sole for a propulsive, rocker-like feelFlatter sole for a traditional, stable feel
OutsoleAHAR outsole improves durabilityAHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) rubber for durability
Cushioning TypeResponsiveVery Cushioned
Stack HeightForefoot 34 mm, Heel 42 mmForefoot 36 mm, Heel 28 mm
Heel-to-Toe Drop8 mm8 mm
Reflective detailsYes, to improve visibilityYes, to improve visibility
Tongue DesignGusseted and stretchyGusseted and thick
Pronation SupportVersatile shoe for those with slightly imbalanced or slightly overpronated feetNeutral shoe with options for mild to moderate overpronation support
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Recommended UseTempo runs, marathons, daily runsEasy runs, recovery runs, long distances

Observing closely, the Asics Novablast 4 and Cumulus 25 share certain traits like price, heel drop, cushioning amount, and stability. However, notable distinctions surface in weight, cushioning type, upper material, and optimal use cases.

With a grasp of each shoe’s strengths, let’s explore the key differences between the Novablast 4 and Cumulus 25 to find your ideal Asics.

Primary Differences of ASICS Gel-Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4

Among numerous brands and models, Asics has always been my top choice for durability, comfort, and value for money.

I’ve been using Cumulus since 2017. I used most of its iterations after 2017.

Not only did I use the Cumulus, but also the Nimbus, Evoride, and Novablast. I have been running with the Novablast since its second edition. And after it released the fourth model in December 2023, I purchased the pair in January 2024.

Regarding the upgrading process, Asics has another strong point – with each iteration, they strive to push their limits and offer something spectacular to the table.

For example, if you consider Cumulus 25, you will notice significant differences from its predecessors, Cumulus 21 and Cumulus 22.

That said, I’ve only sprinted 120 miles with the Novablast 4 so far. I’m going to show you the difference between the Gel-Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4.

Here are the differences between Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4:

1. Design Philosophy

In my running journey, I’ve noticed distinctive design philosophies between the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4.

The Cumulus 25 boasts a thick, padded upper crafted from a breathable mesh, ensuring a snug fit. Its foam-filled tongue and heel counter add to the secure feel, preventing heel slippage.

In contrast, the Novablast 4 embraces a breathable net mesh upper with ample toe box space. While featuring a padded tongue and traditional heel counter, achieving a secure fit demands a bit of adjustment.

The lace, collar, midsole, and outsole designs vary, influencing the overall dynamics of each shoe.

The Novablast 4 immediately captivates my attention with its groundbreaking design. It embodies the quintessence of Asics footwear, encompassing all their commendable

The Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4 showcase Asics’ innovative design and high performance. If you’re interested in exploring further options from Asics or comparing them to another popular running shoe check out the Asics Kayano and Brooks Adrenaline.

2. Upper Materials

The Gel Cumulus 25 boasts an engineered jacquard mesh upper, promoting breathability and comfort.

On the other hand, the Novablast 4 features an engineered woven upper, delivering advanced stretch, ventilation, and durability.

Significantly, both shoes prioritize sustainability, with at least 75% of their primary upper material crafted from recycled content. These material differences contribute to the unique attributes of each shoe, impacting both performance and environmental responsibility.

The stretchy mesh upper of the Novablast 4 is more breathable and feels overall better than the Gel-Cumulus.

3. Midsole Technology

The Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4 midsoles significantly impact their performance.

The Cumulus 25 utilizes FF Blast+, a soft and light foam, delivering a plush and comfortable ride. Including gel in the heel enhances shock absorption and reduces impact, making it ideal for slower, longer runs.

Not only that, it also has gel implemented in the forefoot for enhancing comfort.

On the other hand, the Novablast 4 features FF Blast+ Eco, a firmer and bouncier foam, providing a responsive and springy ride.asics-novablast-4-ff-blast-eco

To minimize environmental impact, ASICS is actively incorporating eco-friendly materials into the majority of its components.

Notably, the Novablast 2 and Novablast 3 models utilize the FFBlast and FFBlast+ midsole, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

While lacking gel in the midsole, it compensates with a trampoline-like plate under the heel, enhancing propulsion for a dynamic feel during faster runs.

The gel unit in the Cumulus 25 is a great feature, but the overall responsiveness of the Novablast 4’s midsole is also impressive. Additionally, the Novablast 4 employs the FF Blast+ Eco, an impressive material consisting of 20% bio-based components.

4. Outsole Execution

The outsoles play a crucial role in the performance and securing the midsole’s durability.

Both models use AHAR+ rubber to ensure longevity and withstand wear and tear, contributing to stability. However, the models position the rubber differently.

The Cumulus 25 features a full contact outsole with flex grooves in the forefoot, providing flexibility and smooth transitions.

Meanwhile, the Novablast 4 incorporates a wide channel in the center of its outsole, uncovered in rubber, enhancing responsiveness and springiness.

Also, the AHAR+ rubber of the Novablast 4 feels softer, which transitions to better stability and grip.ahar-rubber-of-novablast-4

Overall, Novablast 4 offers increased grip and cushioning compared to Gel-Cumulus 25, delivering a more dynamic and cushioned feel during my runs.

5. Performance Analysis

Having experienced both the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4, the performance varies in each model.

The Cumulus 25 excels in support and shock absorption, courtesy of its gel technology and FLYTEFOAM cushioning. It’s ideal for medium to long distances and everyday running. It provides a comfortable and smooth ride.

Thus, it’s my go-to training shoe.

On the other hand, the Novablast 4 stands out for its responsiveness and springiness, thanks to the FLYTEFOAM Blast Eco midsole and trampoline-like plate.

Better for short to long distances and performance running, it offers a more exhilarating and faster experience.

I’ve found the Cumulus 25 to be exceptionally comfortable, delivering a smooth ride, while the Novablast 4 adds a fun and dynamic element to faster runs.

6. Comfort and Cushioning

Though the Gel-Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4 are well cushioned, they provide distinct comfort characteristics.

The shoe uses FF Blast+ and FF Blast+ Eco in the midsole, but the embedded gel unit in the Cumulus 25 makes it more comfortable.

The gel is wrapped around the heel section. Thus, I get superior shock absorption.

Compared to the somewhat cushioning tongue featured on the Novablast 4, the Cumulus 25 boasts a soft and puffy tongue that offers superior cushioning.comfort-and-cushioning-of-gel-cumulus-25

On paper, the Novablast 4 has more stack height, but without prioritizing comfort, it specializes in responsiveness.

Also, the FF Blast+ Eco of the Novablast 4 is firmer than that of the Cumulus 25. On the heel section, both shoes provide ample cushioning.

On the breathability function, Novablast 4 wins over Cumulus 25 for its stretchy mesh upper.

Engineered for ultimate comfort, the Gel-Cumulus 25 running shoes boast exceptional cushioning right out of the box.

7. Size, Weight, and Fit

Having tested both the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4, the differences in size, weight, and fit are notable.

AspectAsics Gel-Cumulus 25Asics Novablast 4
Weight9.3 ounces (Men’s 9)9.0 ounces (Men’s 9)
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
FitComfortable and SpaciousSnuggly fit

Both shoes are true to size, allowing you to order your usual size comfortably. However, the Novablast 4 is lighter than the Cumulus 25, making running easier. Also, to pick the perfect size for you check the ASICS sizing and fitting chart.

Weighing 9 oz for men and 7.6 oz for women, compared to Cumulus 25’s 9.3 oz for men and 8.1 oz for women, the Novablast 4 provides a lighter feel.

In terms of fit, the Cumulus 25 offers a normal to slightly wide fit, providing more room in the toebox and midfoot.weight-and-fit-of-gel-cumulus-25

Meanwhile, the Novablast 4 has a normal to slightly narrow fit, feeling more snug and secure.

From my personal experience, the Cumulus 25 is more comfortable and spacious, incredibly accommodating for my wide feet. The Novablast 4, in contrast, felt tighter and more restrictive, particularly in the forefoot.

In addition to the distinctive features outlined, it’s worth noting that both the Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4 share a common price point, retailing at $140.

This makes them equally accessible choices for runners seeking performance-driven footwear without breaking the bank.

As you explore these options, consider your preferences, running style, and comfort needs. The Cumulus 25 and the Novablast 4 offer great innovation and value in the competitive running shoe market.

Benefits and Drawbacks Between Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4

The Asics Cumulus 25 stands as a highly esteemed running shoe, providing neutral runners with a comfort-infused and cushioned journey. In contrast, the Novablast 4 emerges as a versatile running companion celebrated for its responsive and energetic ride.

Both are excellent neutral running shoes but suit distinct running styles and tastes.

Let’s break down their benefits and downsides to help you choose your ideal plush match.

Asics Cumulus 25

  • »Smooth transitions for a seamless running experience.
  • »Provides a secure and locked-down fit for added stability.
  • »Lighter weight design for enhanced agility.
  • »Offers a softer ride, ensuring comfort during runs.
  • »Traction may be lacking on certain surfaces.
  • »The upper may retain heat, potentially causing discomfort during runs.

Asics Novablast 4

  • »Improved stability due to a firmer midsole construction.
  • »The upper provides a higher level of comfort for an enjoyable running experience.
  • »Offers a cooler upper, promoting breathability during runs.
  • »Provides a faster ride, allowing for a quicker pace and performance.
  • »There has been a slight increase in weight for this version.
  • »The ride may feel firmer, which may not be preferred by all runners.

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 25 vs ASICS Novablast 4: Which One is Ideal for You?

Asics Cumulus 25 and Novablast 4, hailing from Asics, share commonalities and distinctions.

Cumulus 25 takes the lead in softness and comfort, making it an ideal companion for leisurely, long-distance runs. In contrast, Novablast 4 boasts a bit of firmness and responsiveness, perfect for those seeking speed in shorter bursts.

In terms of stability and durability, Cumulus 25 outshines Novablast 4.

However, Novablast 4 takes the crown in flexibility and breathability, adapting well to dynamic running styles.

For enthusiasts of plush support, Cumulus 25 is the go-to choice. Conversely, if you prefer a light and bouncy ride, Novablast 4 stands out as the optimal selection.


What is Asics Novablast 4 suitable for?

Asics Novablast 4 shines for runners seeking heightened comfort, durability, and a smooth running experience. Tailored for long-distance running and daily training, it delivers a responsive and cushioned ride.

Is ASICS Novablast neutral or stable?

ASICS Novablast is meticulously crafted for runners with a neutral gait. Purpose-built to cater to those not requiring extra stability features, it ensures a balanced and supportive running encounter.

Is Asics Cumulus a neutral shoe?

Certainly, Asics Cumulus holds its ground as a neutral shoe. With outstanding cushioning and support minus additional stability features, it proves ideal for neutral runners.

What are Asics Gel Cumulus best for?

Asics Gel Cumulus finds its prime application in road running. Renowned for exceptional cushioning and support, it suits runners with medium to high arches, delivering a comfortable and responsive experience for their road running pursuits.

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