Asics Metaspeed Sky vs Edge: Battle of Best Racing Shoe

Written By Sunny

Before the arrival of Asics Metaspeed, I used to run with the GT-2000 series. My running experience changed completely when I started wearing the Metaspeed Sky.

The technological upgrade and comfort were so massive that it became my daily running partner.

From the love of the Metaspeed series, I later bought the Edge and am still using the shoe for quick running.asics-metaspeed-sky-vs-edge

Today, I’ll share the differences between Asics Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge from my experience to help you pick the right shoes.

So, let’s begin.

Overview of Asics Metaspeed Edge and Sky

Asics Metaspeed is a racing shoe series, designed to propel you towards the new personal best.

It’s heavily tested by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) scientists to give the best timing on race.

The Asics Metaspeed Edge and Sky set a new performance bar and stand out as a top choice for different types of runners.

Asics Metaspeed Edge

Metaspeed Edge is crafted for cadence runners who increase their stride length along with cadence to run faster.

It was released in June 2021 with a modified midsole of Metaspeed Sky and stack height to provide a quick and responsive run.

The Edge is extremely popular for its advanced mechanism in running short to mid-distance marathons and doing daily exercise.

Asics Metaspeed Sky

Metaspeed Sky is designed for stride runners who seek to gain speed by extending the stride length.

It uses the top of the line midsole and outsole produced by Asics to save more energy while maintaining speed and performance.overview-of-metaspeed-sky

Asics Metaspeed Sky is a top contender for the best running shoes and is widely popular among marathon and long-distance runners.

There are very small differences between Metaspeed Sky and Edge in appearance and technology. The real changes come in how the technology is applied in the shoe.

The minor characteristics differences make the usage separate. Therefore, learning about their details and changes is necessary before purchasing a pair for yourself.

Key Attributes of Asics Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge

Asics Metaspeed Edge and Sky are high-performance running shoes made with the same materials and give a similar look.

However, there are slight differences in their characteristics, which makes them different from each other.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge:

ParameterAsics Metaspeed SkyAsics Metaspeed Edge
Release YearMarch, 2021June, 2021
Upper MaterialBreathable meshBreathable mesh
MidsoleFLYTEFOAM Blast TurboFLYTEFOAM Blast Turbo
Stack HeightHeel: 38mm
Forefoot: 33mm
Heel: 34mm
Forefoot: 26mm
Heel-to-toe Drop5mm8mm
Weight6.8oz/ 192g (US Men 8.5)6.2oz/ 175g (US Men 8.5)
ResponsivenessLess ResponsiveHigh Responsive
DistanceLong distance, half and full marathonHalf marathon
UsageLong distance racingShort-distance racing, speedwork

Feature Comparison Between Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge

When it comes to top-tier racing or running shoes, Asics has taken the market with its high-performance Metaspeed series.

Metaspeed Sky and Edge are the two most popular models in this series. Asics made them for distinct purposes, so there are many noticeable differences between the Edge and Sky.

Here is the feature comparison between Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge:

1. Upper Material & Design

Both Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge use breathable mesh material to construct the single-piece upper.

It has a horizontal stripe pattern that covers the whole top portion. The pattern is easily visible in the forefoot area and less at the heel side.

The Asics logo is present on the medial and lateral sides of both models. In addition, a TOKYO label is printed right above the heel area on each side.

Sky and Edge offer a regular tongue mechanism. The tongue padding is thin and non-gusseted.upper-material-of-asics-metaspeed-sky-and-metaspeed-edge

Both models have a typical lacing system, containing six eyelets on each side with a lace lock at the top.

The Metaspeed Sky and Edge offer the same color combination. Therefore, it’s very difficult to distinguish them at first glance.

2. Midsole & Outsole

Metaspeed Edge and Sky use the same midsole and outsole material, but the implementation is different.


The main difference between the Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge lies in the midsole.

Both models use FLYTEFOAM Blast Turbo midsoles, but their thicknesses are different.

Metaspeed Sky has a thicker FF Blast Turbo midsole. It’s soft and bouncy which offers more cushioning in the feet.

The carbon plate under the foam is steep and offers tremendous aerial propulsion.

When I run with the Sky, it feels very comfortable in each stride and helps me propel forward with excellent energy return.

On the other hand, Asics Metaspeed Edge has the same midsole technology.

But to give a more responsive ride, the FF Blast Turbo midsole is slightly thinner and lighter compared to Sky.

The carbon plate is more conservative, making it better to control the stability.


Both Metaspeed Sky and Edge use Asics’ soft and flexible ASICSGRIP rubber outsole.outsole-of-asics-metaspeed-sky-and-metaspeed-edge

The outsole pattern is the same and offers good traction on dry or wet surfaces for both candace and stride runners.

3. Size & Weight

Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge offers true to size. So, if you buy the models online or from a retail store, they will fit perfectly on your feet.

Both shoes offer half and full sizes for the perfect fitting.

ParameterAsics Metaspeed SkyAsics Metaspeed Edge
Stack HeightHeel: 38mm
Forefoot: 33mm
Heel: 34mm
Forefoot: 26mm
Heel-to-toe Drop5mm8mm
Weight6.8oz/ 192g (US Men 8.5)6.2oz/ 175g (US Men 8.5)

The stack height is higher in Metaspeed Sky compared to Edge for its thicker midsole.

The 3mm extra foam in the midsole increases the weight a bit in Asics Sky.

4. Fit & Comfort

Due to the different construction and stack height, the fitting and comfort aren’t the same in Metaspeed Sky and Edge.

The toe box of Sky has a roomy space. So, I didn’t face any issues with my regular size.

It’s very user-friendly for people with a wider forefoot and gives a good wiggle space.

The midsole in Metaspeed Sky feels better than the Nike Vaporfly and is extremely good for long-distance running.

It is thicker and has plenty of foam underneath. The midsole gives a very cushiony feel when I step on the ground and provides bouncy feedback that helps me to go forward very easily.

The cushioning around the heel collar and forefoot is sufficient for sustaining a long running session.

However, the non-gusseted tongue doesn’t hold my feet well when running. My feet slide forward, which sometimes feels very disturbing.

The same goes for the Asics Metaspeed

During my quick run and cadence, my feet go forward and create a big problem in comfort.

Also, Metaspeed Edge has a stiff fitting, which feels awkward when running. Therefore, I suggest buying half a size bigger for this model to get the perfect fit.

The well-fitting benefits during a race and quick run. The responsive midsole provides good feedback and energy return with every stride.

But the cushioning isn’t great compared to Sky.

I have tried running 20K wearing Asics Measpeed Edge. But after running 10K, I started feeling the surface a lot, and the stiff cushioning started poking my ankle a lot.

Therefore, I suggest wearing this model in short to mid-distance running for the best comfort.

5. Stability & Support

Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge have similar curves and arch construction. It’s suitable for all types of feet and provides outstanding arch support.

Asics Sky has a slightly thicker heel collar and forefoot than Edge, which provides better ankle and forefoot support.stability-and-support-of-metaspeed-edge

My feet don’t hurt at all in the Sky during a long-distance running session or in a marathon.

But, the stability isn’t the same in both models.

The midsole of Metaspeed Sky is very soft and has lots of cushioning. Therefore, the stability isn’t great in this model.

On the other hand, Metaspeed Edge has a thinner midsole, and the foam is stiff. So I get better stability with this shoe during running.

In addition, Edge’s 8mm stack height provides better support to the heel strikers than 5mm in the Metaspeed Sky.

6. Durability & Performance

Asics is a top brand for providing durable and performance-oriented shoes. The Sky and Edge isn’t any different from that.

I wore the Asics Metaspeed Sky for around 1.5 years. I’ve run long sessions and marathons with this model.performance-of-metaspeed-sky

The shoe performed exceptionally well throughout my journey.

So far, I have run 400+ miles, and the shoe is still alive to take me in a long-running session.

The upper and midsole is in very good condition. But the outsole has worn out pretty much, which is expected in this range.

I’ve had a similar performance in my Asics Metaspeed Edge in the last year.

I’ve run mostly 5K and 10K, covering 200+ miles with the Edge. The performance is top-notch in short distances, and I’m very satisfied wearing the shoes.

The midsole and upper are still intact, and I hope it will easily go beyond 400+ miles.

However, I’ve noticed a similar problem in the outsole with both my Asics Sky and Edge.

There’s no rubber padding at the heel area. So, it starts wearing out after a couple of running sessions.

Apart from that, both the Metaspeed Sky and Edge are very durable and flexible for everyday usage.

7. Price Comparison

Both Asics Metaspee Sky and Edge are priced at around $250 in the official store.

There’s no doubt these models offer the best technology and experience in the market. But comparatively with other running shoes, the price seems very high and not worth it.

However, these models are excellent when there’s no budget limit and you want to experience the best possible performance.

Asics has introduced the upgraded version Sky+ and Edge+, so it might be challenging to find a stock in the retail market.

Pros & Cons: Asics Metaspeed Sky Vs. Edge

Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge have distinct purposes. So, depending on the usage, these models will have advantages and disadvantages.

Asics Metaspeed Sky

  • »Perfect for stride runners.
  • »Very soft and comfortable.
  • »Suitable for long-running sessions and marathons.
  • »Fits true to size.
  • »Not budget-friendly.
  • »Less stable compared to Edge.

Asics Metaspeed Edge

  • »Perfect for Candace runners.
  • »Very soft and comfortable.
  • »Suitable for short distance and half marathon.
  • »Not budget-friendly.
  • »Firmer compared to Sky.

Asics Metaspeed Sky vs Edge: Which Should You Choose?

Asics has made the Metaspeed Sky and Edge by keeping a very specific purpose in mind. Therefore, choosing the perfect shoes shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Both models cost the same and are exceptional in their own category.

If you are a stride runner and prefer long running sessions with comfort, the Asics Metaspeed Sky will be the perfect choice.

But, if you are a cadence runner, run short to mid-distance, and prefer responsiveness over comfort, the Asics Metaspeed Edge is your best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usage of Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge?

The Asics Metaspeed Sky is suitable for stride runners, while the Metaspeed Edge is perfect for candace runners.

Does Asics Metaspeed Sky have a carbon plate?

Yes, Asics Metaspeed Sky has a propulsive carbon plate under the FLYTEFOAM Blast Turbo midsole. It helps with a faster cadence and increasing the stride length.

Is Metaspeed Edge true to size?

Yes, Asics Metaspeed Edge is true to size. But it feels stiff and uncomfortable with the regular size. So, going half a size bigger is suggested to get a perfect fit.

What is the difference between Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Sky Plus?

The main differences between the Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Sky+ is in the cushioning. The Sky+ has more foam around the heel collar and forefoot that gives better support and feels nicer to run a long distance.

What is the difference between Metaspeed Edge and Edge Plus?

Asics has kept all the specifications same in both Metaspeed Edge and Metaspeed Edge+. The only difference is in the toe spring shape and plate positioning. For these changes, the Asics Metaspeed Edge+ runs smoother and feels better for cadence runners.

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