Asics Gel Kayano vs Gel Jadeite [Key Features Compared]

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Months ago, I was hesitant to purchase the latest Gel Jadeite as it seemed kinda similar to my trusty Gel Kayano.

It wasn’t until my younger brother got a pair of Jadeite that I began to see how different they were from the Kayano pair.


And now, I’m gonna enlighten you with all my observations about Gel Kayano and Jadeite shoes. So that while buying, you don’t get into a confusing situation, like I was.

So, let’s dive in!

Short Overview of Asics Gel Kayano and Jadeite

ASICS has been producing superb running shoes for over 70 years, including popular models such as the Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite. However, being two versions of the same brand, they might look similar, but they carry differences since their beginning.

So, let’s take a peek at the diverse history of Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite:

Asics Gel Kayano

The Gel-Kayano was first introduced in 1993, designed to provide maximum support and cushioning for long-distance runners.

With the improved gel midsole and supportive yet stylish design, this shoe soon became the talk of the town. Since its debut, several updated versions of this model have been released over the last 3 decades.

Still now, Gel Kayano is a popular name when it comes to buying supportive sneakers for heavy runners.

Asics Gel Jadeite

Gel Jadeite is comparatively a newer model as it was released recently in 2020. It may be newer, but it doesn’t lag behind when it comes to the performance.

This provides ample cushioning and support, ideal for all levels of runners. Along with that, this pair also features a seamless upper and FlyteFoam midsole.

How Do Asics Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite Compare?

Both Gel Kayano and Jadeite share similarities in their material, durability, and performance. Yet the shoes have their own uniqueness and differences in aspects, like comfort, price, and style offerings.asics-gel-kayano-and-gel-jadeite-compare

And to make the best choice, you should know how these two popular Asics model varies in their features.

To help you with that, here’s a comparison of key features between Asics Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite:

1. Material and Construction

Asics is known for using high-quality materials and a perfect balance of technology for making excellent running gear.

However, when it comes to the latest Gel Jadeite pair, Asics decided to go with a bit different approach.

Gel Jadeite is constructed with the following:

  • An engineered mesh upper.
  • FlyteFoam midsole.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Duomax technology.
  • Fabric laces.

Conversely, Gel Kayano shoes are made of a variety of materials, such as:

  • Leather.
  • Traditional mesh.
  • Recycled content polyester.
  • Flexible rubber sole.
  • BOA lacing system.
  • FlyteFoam Propel technology.
  • Gel cushioning.

With a combination of all these techniques, Gel Kayano offers shoes that are extremely comfortable yet supportive for light to extensive runs.

2. Comfort

Both shoes are comfortable as they have ample cushioning. Yet the added gel cushioning with FlyteFoam midsole makes the Gel Kayano comfier for long runs.

A runner needs stability, and quick off-the-ground ability in a pair of shoes, and Kayano has them both. While the upper ensures stability, its flex outsole provides a good amount of energy return.

Gel Jadeite also features FlyteFoam midsole for better support and rubber outsole with Duomax technology for overpronation. But still, in my opinion, the cushioning of the Kayano shoes is slightly better if you don’t have any foot condition. comfort

Meanwhile, Jadeite features a lifted midsole; hence, it’s quite good for people with high arches.

Well, my brother is one of those people. And as he said, this shoe fits so comfortably that he didn’t even need to add inserts in them.

Note: Both Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite are heavy in weight, and none of them would be ideal if you are looking for a pair of lightweight sneakers.

3. Price

When it comes to the price, Gel Jadeite is less expensive. A pair of Jadeite may cost you $79.95. However, they also have some expensive pairs like, Women’s ASICS Gel Jadeite ‘Sun Coral,’ which may cost you a hefty sum of $287.

Conversely, the overall price for a pair of Gel Kayano is much higher, as it may cost you $160 for a pair. But I think this high price is not worth the performance the shoes give. And considering the price, I would say Gel Jadeite offers more features with a decent overall performance.

Furthermore, the prices of both Asics versions may vary if you buy them from legit sites, like Goat and Amazon.

4. Style Offerings

Gel Kayano is a decade-old line of Asics. Hence, it has a wide range of styles with different features. The Kayano offers 8 to 9 colors for each style with plenty of width options.

So, you can more likely find your suitable style and color from the Gel Kayano. gel-kayano

On the other hand, Gel Jadeite has limited styles with only 4 color options for each.

Moreover, the Asics Gel Kayano and the Jadeite are excellent running shoes with different features and benefits. And you should make your decision after considering all these factors along with their pros and cons.

Yet, if you wanna try other running shoes like Asics, check out the size comparison between running shoe brands to have a clear concept.

Pros and Cons of Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite

Gel Kayano is highly cushioned to provide a protective ride while promoting quick forward motion. On the other hand, Gel Jadiete is a perfect balance of comfort and support for overpronators.

Besides all these great sides, both shoes have some drawbacks as well. And you should know both the negative and positive sides of a pair before making the purchase.

Hence, let’s find out what are the pros and cons Gel Kayano and Gel Jadeite have:

Gel Kayano

  • »Very comfortable.
  • »Breathable upper.
  • »Stylish and futuristic design.
  • »Wide range of styles.
  • »Provides good stability.
  • »More expensive.
  • »Heavyweight.
  • »Fits snugly.
  • »Not good for wide feet.

Gel Jadeite

  • »Breathable.
  • »Flexible rubber outsole.
  • »Good for overpronation.
  • »Supportive for people with high arches.
  • »Minimalistic design.
  • »Limited styles and color options.
  • »Not suitable for extensive runners.
  • »Heavy.


Both shoes have great things to offer. So if you must pick one between them, go according to your preference.

When I ran wearing the Gel-Kayano, it felt sturdy and supportive, with a snug fit that hugged my feet, which is required for running or doing active work.

So, if you are a heavy runner looking for a supportive pair, go with the Gel Kayano.

However, most of the Kayano styles are quite expensive. So if you are short on budget but wanna get a decent running pair, consider going with the Gel Jadeite.

With this shoe, you can get a responsive and bouncy pair for light running yet at an affordable price. Also, it feels light and airy, with a more relaxed fit, making it ideal even for casual use.

Final Thoughts

Asics has introduced its finest technologies for runners through the Gel Kayano and Jadeite models. And this makes it even more difficult to choose one between the two.

But I hope, with this article, you can now do this daunting task with ease.

So, don’t hesitate any more and buy the most suitable one for you.

Lastly, for further queries, drop a comment below!

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