Ariat Vs Carhartt [Which Work Boots Supports You Most?]

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Searching for ideal sturdy boots for your tough work schedule is critical because there are numerous brands available; among them, Carhartt & Ariat are famous for their exceptional performance.

As a shoe reviewer, I have tried on various working boots and found Ariat and Carhartt the most reliable pair among them.


In this article, I’ll describe their distinctive feature variations with some basic functional benefits. And this descriptive analysis will also aid you in an easy selection.

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Distinctive Feature Variation Between Ariat & Carhartt

Ariat and Carhartt, both shoes, offer significant features, such as Ariat is famous for its quality materials and performance, while Carhartt comes with noticeable lifetime and security. I’ll elaborate on their offerings in this segment and compare them thoroughly.

It’s time to check the function variation between Ariat & Carhartt:


Ariat boots are manufactured with top-grain leather that American cattle breeders traditionally produce. The protective membrane of this leather makes them waterproof, including a high insulation feature. The boots are specially designed with safety toes, which are essential in work boots to ensure security.

Nonetheless, the brands use rugged durathread rubber soles to make Ariat shoes non-slip yet flexible attributes.

Contrary, the company uses oil-tanned and polyurethane leather to make Carhartt boots upper. The leather has incorporated a waterproof layer that ensures breathability with water resistance in shallows. Carhartt boot’s insoles are contained PU leather with the shock absorbing cushioning footbed.

This gear has a cement-constructed rubber outsole with amazing traction and a lightweight appearance.

Finally, these shoes also have steel toe protection, which protects feet during heavy work. Plus, for their lace lining closure, the boots provide snug fittings.


The starting price range of Ariat and Carhartt is pretty similar, but their maximum pricing tells another story. Starting values of Carhartt shoes are around 100 dollars, and Ariat charges a minimum of $139 per shoe.

When you talk about Ariat’s expensive boots, the models demand more than $350, whereas Carhartt boots’ maximum asking price is $189.


If the quality is more important over budget, then Ariat boots are the best option. These pair protect your feet from other hazardous situations in your work area.


The sturdy leather materials and Goodyear welting make Ariat last longer. After several years of use, I found only small blots on the shoe upper, but the interior and core design are still intact. The full-grain leather offers the best use without any detected damage.

Luckily, they include replaceable insoles, so if you find any worn-out signs, you can insert the new one.

On the other hand, Carhartt polished leather offer durability with comfort. The shoe manufacturing technology presents lifetime support without compromising breathability. The boots work like one man army in your harsh working zone.

Surprisingly, after all the heavy materials, Carhartt manages the weight and comes with a lighter appearance. These boots also include a replaceable insole, so there is no need to worry about small taints in the inner bed.


After using my Carhartt for eight consecutive months during my Apartment site visit, I felt that the boots offered the required performance.

I love wearing my composite Carhartt because they have minimum exterior decoration and lightweight function without compromising mobility. The rubbery outsole also emphasizes the offered traction with flexible movement. The boots are good for other occupations like:

  • Disaster relief.
  • Fishing.
  • Construction.
  • Farming.

On the other side, I always use Black Ariat James in my fishing time; that cowboy pair offers a noticeable grip in shallow waters. Though they are a little heavy, their waterproof quality and cushioned footbed provide limitless comfort. The high shaft consumes the extra weight in Ariat boots.


Nonetheless, some people find them more stable than Carhartt for their weighty features. The vintage look is more suitable for casual wear, such as:

  • Horse riding.
  • Fishing.
  • Carpentry.
  • Personal farming.

Construction & Technology

Construction-wise, both Ariat & Carhartt work boots go through a similar Goodyear welting process. Most of the famous composite boots use these welting procedures to attach their separated parts.

However, the technology they implement in their shoes differs, whereas Ariats uses ATS and 4LR to cushion their insole. Carhartt uses different types of technology to include various features in its workwear, such as:

  • They use rain defenders to make their boots water-repellent.
  • Rugged flex is incorporated to increase motion ranges.
  • The Storm Defender technology allows breathability.

Although, technically, Carhartt added more functions, more or less, both work boots offer similar attributes.

Preferable Season

Ariat and Carhartt are the preferable steel-toe boots that easily blend with every season. If you ask about my experience, I found Ariat good for winter and Carhartt for summer.

The Carhartt has a lightweight and breathable feature, which is mandatory for those who have excessive sweating tendencies like me. The Storm Defender offers dry feet on hot summer days without entering any water.

Meanwhile, the Ariat shoes are best in fall because the large shaft and top standard leather provide warm feet during the snowy environment.

I suggest, before buying any of these boots, select the work environment first.

That’s all the variation that I found in my pairs when I used them during my fishing time and factory visit.

Carhartt Vs Ariat: Pros & Cons

All the features of Carhartt & Ariat carry different perspectives and advantages. Along with their upper hands, both shoes carry some drawbacks too.

So, without further delay, let’s know the benefits and disadvantages of Ariat & Carhartt:

Ariat Boots

  • »Top-grain leather makes them waterproof.
  • »The cushioned replaceable insole makes them comfortable.
  • »Runs true-to-size.
  • »Known as the most durable beast in the boot industry.
  • »A lot of design and color variations.
  • »Comparatively pricey.
  • »Lack of breathability.
  • »Carry more weight than the Carhartt boots.

Carhartt Boots

  • »Comes with an affordable budget.
  • »It perfectly fits true to size.
  • »The defender technology makes them breathable.
  • »Polished leather offer a water-repellent feature.
  • »Offer noticeable lifetime.
  • »Carry minimum weight compared to Ariat boots.
  • »Limited style variations.
  • »Fewer availability options.

Which One Should You Pick? Ariat or Carhartt

After experiencing Ariat & Carhartt, I found both of them amazing. Where Ariat offers the most durable lifespan, and Carhartt proposes airy feelings, so choosing one pair is tough.

But if the budget doesn’t bother you, and you wanna buy a perfect pair for all trails, Ariats is best. The full-grain instep and vamp make them extraordinary and provide a royal feel. The steel composite toe protects your feet from harsh elements and compression.

Additionally, the large shaft offers warm feet during gloomy winter days.

Contrary, if you have to decide on one pair for your first working program, I prefer Carhartt over the other one. These light weights and breathable feature combinations are perfect for regular use.

On top of that, the oil leather shoes charge a minimum, whereas both shoes offer pretty similar functions. Starting a working career with Carhartt is a wise decision.

Takeaway Thoughts

Ariat and Carhartt are like gemstones for their splendid criteria. After reading this well-researched content, you have a clear conception of both shoes. And you can pick any of them based on your requirements.

For further queries about any type of leather boots, let me know via the below box.


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