Ariat Hilo Vs Hey Dude [Root & Branch Comparison 2024]

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Ariat and Hey Dude manufacture different types of shoes, but the Hilo lineup of Ariat is pretty similar to the Hey Dude.


Now you are searching for the differences and similarities between these duos, right?

Fortunately, I have already experienced hey dude and Ariat Hilo, here I’ll describe the facts that I perceive in my pairs. Plus, you will find a descriptive comparison between hey dude & Ariat Hilo through this article.

So, let’s dive in!

Comparison Between Ariat Hilo & Hey Dude

Ariat Hilo and hey dude shoes are identical for their exceptional slip-on silhouettes. And both shoes carry a vast amount of diversity in features for their changing materials.

Let’s see the comparison between Ariat Hilo and Hey Dude:


Ariat Hilo and hey dude use canvas fabric for making their shoe uppers. This canvas material and fabric lining offers high breathability.

But personally, I found hey dude more breathable; the lining is thinner than the Ariat Hilos.

However, the Hilo 360° best-selling pair from the Hilo range incorporates knit fabric that makes them ultra-breathable. breathability


Hey Dudes are famous for their comfy and versatile nature. This shoe actually stands over its lightweight and comfortable appearance. The scratchy suede materials make hey dudes suitable for every environment.

On top of that, the dude uses memory foam to make their outsole more flexible.

Although traditional Ariat boots are good and stiff for their leather substance and need time to get ultimate comfort. But their Hilo lineup is totally different, they include EVA midsole to ensure comfort, along with their shock absorption capability.

Ariat Hilos also offer great stability, which is missing in the hey dude pair. So, in Hilo, you can find security with comfort.


Price-wise, both brands are like the North Pole and the South Pole. Because where Ariat is known for its high price boot shoes, the Hey dudes are popular for their student-friendly budget.

If you compare Hilos with Hey Dude Wallys, there are $20 to 25 dollars pricing variations in each pair.

  • The retail price of Hey Dude Wallys is between $59 to $65.
  • The Ariat Hilos asking price for each pair is $79 to $85.

Ariat has other boat shoe options like hey dudes, but those pairs charge more than $95 which is almost double of hey dude shoes.

Ariat boots are expensive, however, after wearing Ariat Hilos for a couple of times, I found them worthy. Because the features they offer in the Hilo range, are unbeatable.


If you talk about durability, then Ariat blindly wins the race. Because Hey Dudes have a bad reputation for their longevity.

Basically, hey dudes are famous for trendy summer shoes, but there is no surety that they will support you in the full summer.

Conversely, Ariat Hilos offer more durability compared to hey dudes. It will support you for at least 12 months after regular use, whereas hey dude offers the utmost 6 months.

Style and Color

Both Ariat Hilo & Hey Dude has unique seamless style with a variety of color options. But the hey dude offer more than 670 different styles and shade, while Hilo only includes 100 designs in this sneaker silhouette.


Moreover, the Hey Dude embraces vibrant and solid hues options. But the Hilo only cover the solid color to make their iconic boat pair.

In this part, hey dude is the clear winner.


Both lace shoes provide different types of warranties and policies. Hey dude, know their drawbacks, that’s the main reason the shoes come with only a 60-day warranty.

However, Hey Dude also provides an attractive return policy, where they refund full money if their sending product has any manufacturing issue.

When you talk about Ariat, it offers more appealing warranty policies compared to hey dude. Ariat suggests a full 12 months generous warranty for every shoe. You can use the warranty if you identify any defects in the product.

But there is a condition from Ariat, you only can claim the warranty if you buy their products from the original Ariat website or registered retailer store. Otherwise, the warranty doesn’t support you.

These are the major 6 comparisons that make Hilo and Hey Dude exceptional. They carry a lot of mismatches yet look-wise both shoes offer the same.

Genuinely, I love the boat shoe look of both brands. If you are also concerned about it, then you can find other shoes that are similar to Hey Dudes.

Hey Dude Vs Ariat Hilo: Pros and Cons

After the elaborated feature comparison, you already know what the brands offer for their customer. In this segment, I’m going to mention the after-effect and upper hands of both shoes.

So, let’s see the pros and cons of Hey Dude & Ariat Hilo shoes:

Hey Dude

  • »Cost-effective.
  • »Attractive return and refund policy.
  • »A lot of styles and color options.
  • »Extra breathable feature for the canvas upper.
  • »Comfortable from the first use.
  • »Short lifespan.
  • »Only 60-day warranty policy.

Ariat Hilo

  • »More durable compared to Hey Dude.
  • »Breathable, which makes them suitable for summer.
  • »Comfortable from the very first day.
  • »Offer Attractive warranty and return policy.
  • »The price is a bit high.
  • »Minimum color and style option in the Hilo range.

Which One Suits You Better?

Ariat shoes are renowned for their material, durability, top-notch feature, and outlook. If you want to buy one pair that can fulfill all your craves for good quality shoes, just go with Ariat Hilos.

Though the shoes are a bit pricey compared to other ones, the value actually worth it. Because the shoe offers splendid features and attractive warranty instead of this money.

However, if you’re leading a trendy lifestyle and wanna try something vibrant, then go for the hey dudes.

The vast color and aesthetic options of Hey Dude shoes will amaze you. It also charges a little compared to other sneakers. Not only for the outlook, but these shoes also ensure maximum comfort and breathability in their silhouette.

For me, Ariat Hilo is a clear winner, durability, and their warranty policy always works for me.

Parting Thoughts

Eventually, Ariat Hilo & Hey Dude shoes are both best on their own. The features and appearance that they offer make them iconic yet reliable. Pick any of them, you only can perceive the good experience.

For extended information about them, let me know through the below box.

Till then, bye!

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