Are Toms Good For Your Feet? [Know the Truth]

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TOMS shoes are like a fashion statement with comfy and easy-to-wear styles. But, while purchasing, their non-grippy designs with no arch support may make you wonder whether TOMS will be a good choice for your feet.

Don’t be troubled!are-toms-good-for-your-feet

After sticking with TOMS for 3 years and reviewing tons of customer opinions, I’ll give answers to all your queries here in this article.

So, keep reading to find out the truth about TOMS shoes!

Are Toms Good for Your Feet?

Yes, TOMS can be good for your feet unless you have any foot condition. Once broken in, they give a snug fit while making your casual walks smoother than ever. Though TOMS don’t offer much arch and heel support, with the wider footbed and cozy material they are a great choice for wide feet.

Let’s check out why TOMS can be a good choice for your feet:


All the TOMS shoes are comfortable to wear in any environmental condition, as they use materials like canvas, suede, hemp, and even recycled cotton. Additionally, the use of elastic gore makes them so easy to fit and wear.

Besides, the rubber outsoles provide good traction with the custom-designed treads, making them easy to walk on slick surfaces.

Special Design

TOMS variations like the classic Alpargata, Slip-ons, or the Earthwise– all of them offer a special flat-footed design. This design alone helps the foot to keep a natural posture, kind of like a barefoot walk.

Additionally, staying in this natural posture for the whole day will aid in strengthening the arch and foot structure. Hence, the design will eventually ease your foot pain and other problems. special-design-toms

Breathable Material

TOMS use canvas, cotton, and suede uppers in most of their shoes which are breathable and flexible. The shoes, allow your feet to move freely and stay cool for the entire day.

Thus, with these soft and comfy fabrics, you can wear the shoes for a variety of activities for hours long.

Comfy Insoles

The use of OrthoLite® EcoLT-Hybrid™ insoles is the main reason for the utmost comfort of TOMS. These ultra-comfy insoles with cushioning provide you with a smooth walk and enhanced airflow.

Interestingly, the insoles are removable as well so that you can hand-wash them easily. comfy-insoles-toms

Moreover, the foot-friendly and comfortable design of TOMS makes them a good choice for your feet.

What are the Drawbacks of TOMS?

Though TOMS can be a great choice for the feet, users often find some unfavorable features in them. This means they got some drawbacks too.

So, let’s disclose what the main downsides of these ultra-comfy TOMS are:

1. Support Issue

If you have any foot condition, TOMS may not be a good choice for you. This is because they don’t offer much cushioning in their shoes. And as with the classic slip-ons, they don’t offer any arch and ankle support, making them a bad choice for long-time wear.

Hence, instead of a comfortable afternoon walk, they may end up aching your feet.

Additionally, stretchy and not-so-firm canvas uppers, don’t give a secure fit and can end up rolling your ankles while walking.

However, you can insert additional insoles with good cushioning to resolve the problem with arch support.

2. Terrible Canvas Durability

Though TOMS shoes are pretty comfy, the ones with canvas uppers have some durability issues. This is because of the nature of the canvas, as they are not as durable as other synthetic materials. Hence, you can’t expect them to wear all year round.

But, if you are really into TOMS but want a durable option, the suede or leather ones can solve your problem. For instance, you can go with Trvl Lite Loafer shoes or with the Navi Boots. terrible-canvas-durability-toms

3. Non-Grippy Outsoles

Except for the sneaker styles, most TOMS shoes offer low to moderate grip with rubber outsoles. Thus, they may become slippery after being worn for a while. So, they won’t be the right option to wear on rainy or snowy days, as you may easily slip on the wet surface. toms-nongrippy-sole

4. Color

A common complaint of TOMS users is that the shoes’ color fades away after a few wears. This often happens with dark-colored TOMS. So, you should give it a thought before buying shoes with a dark-shaded upper.

5. Build-up of Odor

TOMS tend to stink after being worn for a couple of days, and if they get wet, the smell is even worse. As for my Alpargatas, they started to smell when I wore them barefoot for a couple of weeks.

So, if you don’t want your TOMS to stink, never wear them barefoot or without additional insoles.

However, TOMS still is an ultra-comfy casual footwear, despite all these downsides. As a TOMS lover like me, if you wanna go with them, choose a durable variation.

Are Toms Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, with a flat, wide footbed TOMS are quite good for wide feet. Though they come in medium width, going with the standard size will be fine for broad feet. This is because, the canvas and suede materials stretch over time, making the shoes more comfortable for casual walks.

But some of my wide feet friends said they got swollen or ached feet while sticking with Toms for the whole day. This can be because the shoes lack ankle support. Also, if your feet are wide in the toe area, the shoes may feel a little edgy at first. Yet, after breaking in, they will fit like a glove.

Are Toms Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

No, TOMS will not be a good choice if you have Plantar Fasciitis. This foot condition occurs when your feet get pressurized for a long time. And eventually, the tendons break off due to the pressure, leaving you with unbearable pain.

Podiatrists often recommend shoes with great arch and heel support to help you with Plantar Fasciitis.

But, as you know, most TOMS shoes don’t have the cushioning or extra support required to ease the condition. Hence, you should avoid TOMS if you are dealing with Plantar Fasciitis.

Are TOMS Good for Walking on Hard Surfaces?

TOMS can be good for walking even on hard surfaces, depending on how long a walk you are thinking about. As reviewed by many TOMS users, they came out pretty good while taking a short walk on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to take a long walk on hard surfaces, then TOMS may not be a good choice. That’s because, while walking on rough surfaces, your feet require shoes with good heel and arch support.

But, the minimum cushioning in TOMS won’t be enough to support your feet for such long hours.

So, when going for a walk on hard rock surfaces, choose a pair considering your specific needs and condition of walking.

Bottom Line

From sandals to classic slip-ons, TOMS shoes provide you with the ultimate comfort. But other than the comfort, you may want a pair that will be good for your feet as well.

And to know how feet-friendly TOMS can be, hopefully, this article helps you.

So, use the help and make a wise choice, also leave a comment to know more about TOMS.

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