Are Sperrys Business Casual? [Corporate People’s Standpoint]

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You must be thinking to show up in the office with the solid-colored Sperry Boat shoe. Because you’re quite bored with regular formal outfits and wanna jump to the business casual pattern.


But are sperrys included in business casual costumes or are they forbidden just like tattered sneakers?

Let’s stay tuned and get the answer to this query. So that you don’t proceed with any out of bounds apparel and ruin your image.

Are Sperry Shoes Business Casual?

Yes, Sperry shoes are considered business casual attire, but not all of them. Only traditional boat shoes, loafers, boots, and Oxfords are included in the business casual dress code. These pairs provide a smart look between strong professional and too casual.


Prior to describing more about business casual shoes, let’s see what is denoted by the term business casual.

Simply saying, it is a clothing style that blends standard corporate wear and casual outfits. That means you can wear slacks or corduroy pants with a blazer instead of dress pants, a suit coat, or jeans.

And when it comes to selecting footwear, go with solid-colored loafers instead of dress shoes and stilettos.

Therefore, you will get a businesslike impression with an additional stylish tone.

Sperry Business Casual Shoes

To get stability against slippery decks, Paul Sperry invented his first boat shoes in 1935. He got the idea of making a non-slip outsole from his doggy, who was darting effortlessly on ice with grooved paws.

The first editions were strong enough to keep sailors safe on the deck. Consequently, the demand and production of these shoes started to increase, which is still continuing.

Nowadays, individuals are keenly interested to wear Sperry’s boat shoes and loafers in their workplace. I know you’re no exception to this.

So, let’s highlight some popular business casual wear of Sperrys and discuss their features.

1. Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Top-Sider

Fabricated with leather, cotton, metal, and rubber sole. The most interesting part of this footwear is its 18K gold-plated eyelets.


This topsider looks almost similar to Sebago Docksides. The interior delivers all-day comfort with the deerskin lining and triple-density memory foam. It ensures a perfect fit with the 360-degree lacing closure. The outsole provides ultimate traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Two colorways are mostly preferred among corporate guys – navy and brown. Which one is yours?

2. Unisex Cloud Captain’s Oxford


Relatively expensive ($145), but the overall top-notch appearance of this Smoked Elk-colored shoe will make you crazy for it.

Comes with 2 eyelets, a cross-lacing system, and visible white stitching at the upper front. Praiseworthy durability and comfort with the full-grain leather on the upper and footbed.

However, you may not like the thick outsole design. But this elegant pair always remains on my choice list whenever I attend client meetings.

3. Authentic Original Double Sole Penny Loafer


This lightweight and easy-to-wear piece suits well as a business casual. Look what you’ll get in this $110 priced shoe –

Double-layered sole for premium comfort, breathable nubuck upper, and excellent traction with the sturdy outsole.

On top of that, 4 color varieties are available such as: blue, navy, brown, or red. I recommend skipping the red one because it looks weird with formal dress in official meetups.

4. Unisex Cloud Authentic Original 3-Eye Vibram Boat Shoe

The expensive one –  snatch $200 from the user’s wallet. Can you guess the reason behind this hefty price tag?

You’ve guessed it right. It’s the luxurious attitude with a Vibram rubber lug outsole. The shoe is comfortable, long-lasting, and shock-absorbing. Though this Sperry boat runs somewhat big, secure fit and stability can be obtained with the 360-degree lacing and deep heel cup.

Instead of metal eyelets, this design incorporates simple holes to insert the shoelace. So there’s no chance of rust. And this is one of the major differences with other Sperry shoes.

Now, it’s your turn to make a choice of Sperry shoes and grab the versatile pairs.

Is it OK to Wear Sperrys to Work?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with wearing Sperrys to work. The design structure is semi-formal and applicable to wear in the business casual environment. So, if your job site authority permits business casual clothing, just put on Sperrys without any doubt.

However, I think whether you should wear these buoyant pairs at work or not depends upon your fashion essence.

It’s not wise to put on the loafers in the first professional meeting with clients. Rather, a full suit, formal pants, and derby shoes are the perfect pick for this kind of event.

But when you’re in an informal meeting with clients or colleagues, wearing dark-shaded loafers and boat shoes is normal.

You already know which kind of Sperry shoes are suitable for the workspace. Try to wear Sperrys with socks, and they won’t look peculiar at all, however, some people have different opinions.

According to the researchers, more than 61% of employees are more productive when their dress code is more relaxed.

They also find that jobseekers hold a negative notion about the companies that maintain a strict dress code.

So, if you’re someone from the administration section of a company who determines all rules and regulations, consider thinking about the precise formal dress code again!

Bottom Line

Now, you know that most Sperrys are business casual and so you can wear them without any hesitation.

But always make sure the shoes are compatible with your other clothing and the event you’re gonna attend.

If you’ve any further queries, drop them in the comment segment.

Until then, style with trendy Sperrys!

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