Are Oofos Good For Your Feet? [Things To Know Before Buying]

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Oofos- have you ever heard abut this brand?

I won’t be so surprised if your answer is negative. oofos’ footwear is quite suitable, especially for those who have foot injuries. But the brand is not so familiar among the common people.

A few months ago, I bought a pair of OOriginal Nomad Sandals, which was an edition of Oofos, just to explore their features.


It was a fantastic experience and I was amazed by their overall function.

If you wanna know about Oofos in detail, you should keep reading this article. I answered the questions that are necessary to decide whether you should invest money in them or not.

So, let’s dive into Oofos Footwear!

Are Oofos Good For Your Feet?

Yes. Oofos are popular as recovery footwear, so all of its styles are great for feet.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the materials, technology and structure of the footwear so that you can easily understand why and how they’re good for feet.

Oofos utilizes breathable mesh, fiber, eeZee materials and  OOfoam™ technology in their production. All of these materials are durable and shock-absorbent.

The Fibreflex fabric will offer you molding footbeds.

Are you familiar with eeZee material? I guess you’re not. This material is made with a unique 4-way expansion woven canvas-like tech.

Oofos claimed that their shoes absorb 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials for the perfect blend of cushion and stability.

The patented footbed of the shoes will support your whole feet. You won’t have to worry about arch support while you have Oofos footwear in your closet. They’ll ensure natural movement of the feet and quicker recovery.

It reduces energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% compared to competitors’ footwear.

It’s like the craftsmen insert magic in each piece of footwear so that they can reduce your pain in the hip, foot, spine and knees.

So, if you’re thinking of buying Oofos shoes, you should go for them.

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Can You Wear Oofos With Flat Feet?

Yes, you can definitely wear Oofos with flat feet without any pain.

Generally, a flat foot doesn’t have a curved shape at the bottom. That’s why a regular shoe layout is a bad choice for flat feet.

Perfect wear for plane feet should provide artificial arch support, enough toe box and a customized fit.

Oofos shoes include all of these features. Thus, they’re fit for flat feet.


They have various styles, such as sandals, shoes, clogs, and slippers. An evolution of OOriginal is OOahh, you’ll get additional support and comfort with the OOfoam strap in this version.

If you have flat feet and are looking for perfect shoes, add Oofos to your choice list without any delay. They’ll make you feel relaxed.

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Can You Wear Oofos With Wide Feet?

The answer to this question is a little bit complicated. People with wide feet require a spacious toe box for their spreading toes.

But most of Oofos footwear is medium width. It sounds disheartening to wide-feet people, right?

Your toes will bend inside the usual toe box if you have wide feet.

There’s a little bit of hope that Oorignal, Sport thong and Ooahh Sport Flex comes in a range of wide and narrow sizes. The wide designs will offer sufficient room for your spread toes.

Furthermore, there’s the option of getting the proper size of shoes for your narrow feet

The customizable velcro strap of Ooahh Sport Flex makes it good to wear with wide and narrow feet. This specific footwear will offer you a comfortable walk with a padded and contoured footbed.

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Are Oofos Good For Walking?

Yes. Walking is trouble-free and enjoyable with Oofos.

Do you know what features make a shoe good for walking?

A good walking shoe will offer you a smoothly cushioned footbed, fluffiness, adequate arch and ankle support, security with straps, belts or laces, good grip, and plenty of airflow.

In addition, the footwear should be lightweight.

All of the Oofos footwear holds these features that I mentioned above. The overall configuration of the footbed is able to reduce stress on knees, sore feet and back after walking.


So, buying a pair of Oofos sandals for your regular walking is wise.

You can also choose clogs, shoes or slippers according to your preferences for your morning or evening walk.

To get the cushion of a streamlined footbed, you can style with the Oolala edition.

One morning, I was returning from a walk to my home. Suddenly it started to rain in torrents. I was worried and thought my new tie-dye teal Oomg eeZee low shoes would damage. But they were water-resistant and didn’t ruin.

Oofos shoes are suitable for walking on tiles, concrete, rough and uneven surfaces. There’s no chance of slipping with its slip-resistant rubber sole.

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Is It Suitable To Use Oofos With Bunions?

Yes. Oofos shoes bring unmatched comfort for people with bunions.

Just as medicine is needed to recover from any disease, Oofos shoes are also needed to heal the pain in the hip, lower back, knees and foot. When you’ve bunions, you should be careful in shoe selection.

Otherwise, this foot disease will turn into a severe issue.

Podiatrists often recommend Oofos as a recovery from bunions, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and minor foot injury.


This brand gives top priority to users’ feet condition. The manufacturers know that if they make good quality recovery shoes, the customers will automatically return to them.

These shoes have the capability to improve blood circulation, the condition of ligaments and strengthen muscles. It’ll develop the overall state of your entire feet by providing additional support with its padded sole.

The footbed’s accurate design helps to keep the bones in their exact place.

The unisex Thong designs from Oofos are quite effective and popular among individuals with bunions and plantar fasciitis. The patented Oofoam technology and supportive footbed of this sandal are really acceptable to most people.

Though the Oofos shoes are a little pricey, they’re an easy solution to heal you from bunions or other foot diseases noted above.

Do Oofos Come In True-To-Size?

Yes, Oofos footwear runs true to size for most people.

The company offers two main types of sandals: slides and thongs.

You’ll get comfort in walking and hiking with the actual-size shoe. If your purchased pair is a little tight or loose, that won’t be a huge issue.

But if the shoe is too loose or tight, then you should exchange that pair.

If you face any difficulties with sizing and comfort, you can simply return the pair within 30 days. Oofos has free shipping and returns policy.

Generally, this brand comes only in full sizes. But you’ll get limited half sizes in OOmg styles.

If you’re a woman and typically wear a half size, I’ll suggest choosing a size up to the nearest whole size. For men, go for a size down to the whole size.

If you prefer to order online, take a look at their official website for authentic specifications and size guides.

Final Thoughts

Oofos shoes are a great choice for your feet. They have user-friendly features and stunning designs at a medium-range price. For everyday outgoing, walking and casual meetings, they’re nice to wear.

My walking experience with Oofos was outstanding.

If you desire to buy a pair or have already used them, you can share your experience with me in the comment section.

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